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Medical Examinations -What Do you wear?

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Miss Lesley, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. As someone who is rather genderfluid, and reading another post on the site today where a member wore a bra to a medical appointment - it set methinking.
    When having a medical examination do members of this site remove their Chastity devices?
    Those of us who are more feminine - do we replace female articles of apparel with male for the Doctor Visit.
    Personally I am fully shaved and wear big navy knickers fulltime . I always have my condom catheter and leg bag - although I have been known to wear a big pad (and sometimes plastic pants).
    I always use female deodorant and my GP is aware of my gender fluid state . I have seen other helathcare professionals and nurses and they have made no comment -BUT What do other people do when they go for a medical examination?
  2. I guess it depends on the type of examination.....I've been lots of times to docs and hospital appointments in my steel cage, but it was never for anything below the belt.
  3. My wife managed to find a female Doctor who is lifestyle understanding. My wife explained to the Doctor that I wear a chastity device and the Doctor indicated that she saw no problem with the device. My wife attends most of my appointments and removes the cage if it is necessary. I have even spent 4 days in hospital with a back problem while wearing the device with the Doctor's knowledge and approval...
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  4. Don't involve other people in your sex life.

    If you're wearing clothing of the opposite gender because it makes you feel like a normal person, no problems.

    If you're wearing clothing of the opposite gender because it's a cheap thrill, that's not a problem but keep it to yourself please.
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  5. My wife did keep 1 pair of mens underwear for doctor visits
  6. Went once to the doctor whilst being locked. Doctor didn't make any remark ...
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  7. i went as well to see the doctor and my cage was lock on me but the Lady doctor was somebody that Mistress knowed.
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  8. Always in the Lori's, the Doctor always checks my prostate as she is aware of the very long denial periods D demands even if it's just a flue or other ailment.
  9. Nappy yes cock cage no.