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Measuring and Getting a Cage

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by TheMistressAmanda, May 4, 2017.

  1. My toy and I want to get a cage and lock him up. We are both excited about doing this. I want to order a cage for him this weekend so we will have it before we go away on a trip for our anniversary in a few weeks. We would like a metal one, not plastic. I don't want to start with a short one - I would rather start with a longer one. So what I need to know is how do I measure my toy for a cage and can you also recommend some metal ones at decent prices and where to order from? Thank you for the information.
  2. O.K First off make sure it is stainless steel and not some plated metal , also the back ring needs in my opinion to be solid not hinged ,as hinged rings just lead to more pinching . AS to size measurement must be taken when totally flaccid , measure around the ball sack and penis to get the back ring size this needs to be snug but not tight , as to length of cage the usual measurement is flaccid length less 1/4 inch , diameter should again be snug but not tight when flaccid . these sizes can be taken using string or similar , Were to buy ? without going custom build you will probably find what you want on ebay, amazon and DH gate , I am in the UK so places to buy may be a little different , hope this makes sense , if anything isn't clear please feel free to message me and I will try to clarify a little better for you , I must say though for a first device measuring and wearing can sometimes be different in reality , and in any event it will take some time to get used to the device even if the fit is good, I have said on here before your body needs time to learn and wearing these devices for the first time can for some be difficult , so good luck and please don't hesitate to contact me if I can help further
  3. Can't wait to get it
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  4. I use the cb6000s and found the shorter length to be much better to wear esp at night. I know you want metal, just saying this about the length.
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  5. Well it looks as if your wait will soon be over , and you can then start to enjoy being locked , you may find wearing your device difficult at first but given time you should start to appreciate the rewards it has to offer , giving your mistress control of your orgasms is a wonderful experience . which I am sure you will enjoy
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  7. For beginners its always best to get the CB chastity device or someting similar that have different size rings and spacers so you would know which setting works best for your toy before you get a custom made one or somethng off the sheft.
  8. How do I measure him for a cage? Is it best to measure after he has came and is completely soft or when he gets out of the shower or when is best? Also how do I do it? From the middle of his balls to the tip of his penis? I have read different ideas on this and I don't know which one is right? Can one of you tell me how to do it so I can do it and get his cage ordered? I want to get him in it asap!
  9. I think it's really cool you want to order this for him. That being said it would be a lot easier if he did it. He knows his penis much better than anyone else, when it's the shortest etc.

    Here are the measurements you want to make an educated guess at his needs.

    1. Base ring- the ring he pushes his balls and penis thru and the ring the cage is attached.
    .... should be loose enough not to cut off circulation yet tight enough not to slip down the sack. Rule of thumb is when he puts a finger in from the top, it should only go down to his knuckle. Most start out with. 2" (50cm) ring but end up with a 17/8 inch (45cm) ring. I have found a thick base ring helps.

    2. Cage- measure from the top of penis to the tip. Also measure from tip to where it meets the sack underneath. Both when completely flacid. Most devices have a picture or dimensions of overall cage length (top measurement) and insert length (bottom measurement).
    ....this dimension is highly debated, some say smaller the better, some like a little room to grow. In my opinion the closest you can get to its most flacid state the better but not cramming it in there.

    3. Inside diameter-- in my opinion not a real big deal if getting this wrong, and is fairly standard if ordering a device that isn't custom.

    4. Gap- the space between cage and ring that balls are held by. This can make or break a fit. In my opinion make it as large as possible and not letting balls or penis to slip out of. Again, on non custom models you get what it is. I think 3/4 is pushing your luck and risk balls slipping out. Would stick with 3/8 or 1/2 inch. And if it's too tight a vice and prybar can open it up a bit.

    Good luck
  10. Thank you Nicoftime. I appreciate the information. Maybe I will let him measure himself and I will just be there to make sure he does it right.
  11. Lol, sounds like fun! Subtract from the length if you are going to be anywhere near him lol!
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  12. Do you have an idea how long he is when soft? You can probably get a device on a rough estimate if you are getting a steel one from Amazon.

    They usually come in three basic sizes
    35 mm
    And super short 30mm

    And most come with an option on base ring between 50cm and 45cm

    Gap and inside diameter is set
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  13. He is around 5" soft.
  14. That is a pretty decent size cage, stainless, and cheap. If nothing else it will give you a better idea about what you need after putting it on. There really isn't a substitute for trial and error.

    Good luck
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  15. Thank you that looks like good place to start. Appreciate the help.
  16. I want to say thank you Wanna Be Mistress Amanda for ordering the cage for me. Will be here Friday and just hope it fits right
  17. It will fit right and I am going to enjoy locking you up and putting that key around my neck.
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  18. If you want superior quality in metal, excellent customer service and uber-fast turn around time, contact Mark at Male Chastity Now. He is not inexpensive, but you will not find finer service in custom-made male chastity devices.
  19. that cant be right lol, if its true he is over 8" or 9" erect
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  20. He is a little over 8" when he is hard. Lucky me!
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  21. Very lucky
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  22. Yes I am. Good thing I like it to hurt some. :)
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  23. Which cage have you decided to get
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  24. We went with a metal one from Amazon. It is supposed to be here tomorrow. I can't wait to get him in it this weekend and get that key around my neck.
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