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    I love to write, but whenever I try to write I feel a need to say so much at the beginning that I shrink from the task and never get on with it. So enough of that.

    Speaking of shrinking, I'm a smallish man whose first chastity purchase was the Curve back around 2001 or 2. Silly man.

    Last Monday I could no longer resist close-out prices on hot pink CB2k's with free shipping and, even better, POI's tossed in for free, and by Thursday, Voila! Tiny pecker in tiny cage with little plastic daggers threatening any movement of desire.

    This, after a week of edging as continuous as I could manage.

    So I've fiddled and fiddled (but haven't diddled), and this afternoon I seemed to find a tolerable long-term setup using the medium POI's with the CB2K.

    If I'm not miserable I'm not happy - the masochist's dilemma. Hopefully by about 2AM I'll be blissfully miserable but, you know, just miserable enough.

    I mean to ensure that by putting the key in my partner's car which she'll be driving to her night shift job.

    Even masochists, after all, go running for the key, if it's available, by 3AM when the night's second spontaneous erection moves things from funishment to punishment.
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