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Marks of devotion

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by Mascara^Snake, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. I used to flinch a bit when my lovers device came off and there were visible marks left by it.
    I didn't like it at all. I thought it was ugly and painful looking and I felt responsible for them.

    Now all these years later I feel differently about it. I don't know when it happened. It just did.
    They look to me like marks of devotion now.
    Some are visible while a device is being worn some are apparent only when it's off.
    Some marks fade within minutes after unlocking. Some remain.

    One of the submissives I coached sent me a locked photo yesterday. Lttle creases were evident in the skin around the base ring. Time and constant wear have pleated the skin there.
    I found it quite endearing.
  2. Marks of devotion, Ms.
  3. Makes me happy when I see the marks left by the neosteel hip band :)

    Kind Regards,
  4. There are permanent marks where the base ring sits. Constant wear has made hair growth there non existent, with an indent of where it sits.

    The bars on the tip are fleeting and disappear within an hour or so. I’ve seen her smile when she sees them so I believe she thinks of them in a similar fashion.
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  5. That´s lovely, Ms Amanda.

    As long as it's not bleeding or extremely raw, i wear my marks with pride. on the other occasions Mistress grants me healing.time.
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  6. Sort of like the mark of devotion left by a wedding ring. You can take the ring off but there is always a visible mark for all to see :)
  7. The remnants of Lady's lipstick on my face is what I would call devotion.
  8. Windy have you also started crossdressing now?
  9. Unless the cage is causing a serious skin irritation than the small marks of Devotion are just that simple marks that show your Devotion. I said this to my Mistress many years ago after she Discilpined me and I had marks on my backside. They are just marks to show my Devotion to you.
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  10. I saw a picture only yesterday of what Cybill Troy had done to someone in session .....I was in awe. If you can with stand an attack from her, you deserve the highest of praise. I'm all for it
  11. Marks of devotion. That's a lovely way of putting it. I was bitching to my Mistress whilst she was driving about how the new chastity is making me really small the other day. She just patted my leg and smiled. That's the end of me trying to have an influence on all things chastity related. These changes are a sign of my commitment to her and if/when she lets me out I couldn't care less if it's smaller and marked. I just think how lucky I am.
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  12. Paulie, you absolutely have the right idea.
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  13. Is it safe to
    Is it safe to say Ms Amanda likes "bar scars" left by cages?
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  14. Holy words! There couldn't be a better definition and a more appropriate sign of submission.
  16. Have you also observed the decrease in size? and if so do you also find that type of devotion endearing?
  17. I have yes. Minor withering. Just like any muscle or limb etc from lack of use.
    It's not a permanent change though.

  18. Do you think extended time in very short cages could permanently shorten?
  19. After reading your post a few times I have to ask myself. What would your Holy Words be?
  20. It may seem like your permanently shortened your self. But if you were unlocked for a few days it would respond back to normal. The question is what does extended time mean a month, a year, 5 years. I would think that the longer your locked with no time for growth your chance at getting a full erection would be decreased. I do t think anyone has done along term study on this topic YET
  21. Holy words like this:"Can any woman be more blessed than me?"
    Or: " As Iook your marks, can't help but feeling them in my heart also"
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  22. Thanks for responding. I know what you mean. The feel of your hand goes all the way to my Heart.
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  23. I can only wonder, if i had someone like you inside my heart, what my life would be like :)
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  24. I Sense you have alitte emptyness in your heart.

    If I could touch your Heart and bring it Joy I would

    If I could caress your body and bring you Peace I would

    May you find what your looking for in the Ocean of Love
  25. That's a lovely way of putting it, and makes it easier to accept when you have them! I have a pretty mark left by my cage, I will think of this as my Mistresses mark and embrace it! She is miles away but has touched me! I have a visible ring and a a heart that has been filled with her love, I hope she knows just how much she is effecting me and how much she means to me!