Male Multiple Orgasm Training as a tool for Ejaculatory Control

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by FreefromBondage, Jul 30, 2016.

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    In many tease and denial scenarios, the husband is A) not allowed to cum, B) is punished somehow if he cums, or C) must announce when he approaches the point of no return so he can stop himself. In theory this sounds great, but having been living a chastity lifestyle for about 3.5 months this iteration, I find that my "dick control" is totally shot, pun intended.

    When not practicing chastity, I generally last around three minutes which is usually enough for my wife to experience a vaginal orgasm. Six minutes is what I consider a nice long fuck. (My record was 20 minutes while I was on an antidepressant; she came 8 times. At the other extreme, when we were first married, I recall one time where I was so keyed up, I came on her belly before we even made genital contact.) Right now, I'm not sure I even make it to one minute, and I don't recall her having an orgasm from penetration since we restarted chastity.

    I have the Audible audio version of How to Make Love All Night (and Drive a Woman Wild) by Dr. Barbara Keesling and I just ordered a hard copy. The book talks about Male Multiple Orgasm (MMO) and teaches men and their partners how to control ejaculation by first strengthening and training, and later contracting the PC muscles around the prostate to prevent ejaculatory climax. The man experiences dry orgasms until he stops contracting at the point of no return. On the one hand if total orgasm denial is the goal then this isn't going to help, unless he announces when the dry orgasm is going to happen. However, if the goal is for the woman to experience penetrative orgasm before her husband copulates then it seems like this could be the trick. Additionally, many of the exercises have you stop before you ejaculate, so this would get me worked up without allowing ejaculation. Finally, I wonder if by working on control in this way, I can get the timing of my initial orgasm back to the point where she climaxes before me, at which point she could simply tell me to pull out.

    I'm curious if anyone has tried this and how it has worked in the context of chastity/FLR.

    As far as alternatives, for us personally, my wife is not going to cuckold me, so I'm her only potential source for a penetrative orgasm. We haven't found a sheath that she likes. (I'm long enough already.) but this is another possible option, if we could find one she likes. (Recommendations?) Similarly, we haven't found a strap-on dildo she likes. (We made a Clone-a-willy, but she hated the hardness and texture.) We haven't tried multiple condoms (with or without Lidocaine), yet, but this could be another option. Are their other alternatives that allow for vaginal intercourse but prevent the man from cumming?

    I'm curious to hear your thoughts.
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