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Male Chastity? That's Crazy Talk!

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by RP Chance, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. My Love met with her man on Friday and he brought a number of toys with him, purchased for the occasion. My wife was quite amused and they spent time using various implements on her. He told her he had never face fucked a woman before so she laid on the bed with her head hanging over the edge and he proceeded to live out his fantasy in her mouth. She told him she needed PIV and they had a nice fuck session. For a finish he asked to do her in her mouth and she told him to finish in her mouth and she would swallow his load...and did.

    This I am told while laying next to her with my little cock pulsing in its cage. I no longer get PIV, oral or even hand at this point so news that she is providing that to her man was particularly humiliating and frustrating. I kept imagining him plunging in and out of her mouth then dumping his load for her to swallow. She worked me up to a peak then had me take care of her orally.

    The end. No release for me, just a pounding hard on.

    Then yesterday we took a short nap and she woke me up by teasing a hard on out of me fondling my nipples. Then magic, she unlocks my little penis! Oh! Some play time and it's only been a week! She tosses me a glove, but that's OK, I finished in the allotted time last time. She slathers on some lube and has me work it in and says "OK, you have 1 minute" and I start to work on myself, but something is wrong. I'm very hard but the feeling isn't coming and my wife is laughing. She has put numbing cream on my penis instead of lube. The minutes passes and nothing. I'm still hard but I can't get anything to happen. She is laughing all the harder and tells me to take another minute if I want so I do, but nothing, just a persistent hard on and no cum. I must have worked on it 2 minutes more and I think she would have let me go on, but it was pointless.

    So, I am told to clean up and take a shower with my slowly wilting erection and then back in the cage.The effects of the numbing cream have worn off and I'm extremely horny this morning.

    That was frustrating and humiliating. The good news for my wife is her sex life is very good and she surely has my full attention.
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  2. My Love was busy yesterday. She had arranged to meet with her man who had arranged to have another man join them. He had told his friend she was very wiling to take them both orally. After she had arrived there she texted me to tell me to prepare for abuse and get myself ready to be pegged. I got cleaned up, inserted a butt plug and waited. She returned some time later with stories about her mouth being used by both men for their pleasure. Her mans friend had never cum in the face of a woman and did so, both finished using her mouth. She was excited and in need of release, and she went to her strap on right after she flogged my nipples and ass. She is able to cum while using her strap on and got busy pounding my ass and moaning with excitement.

    She had a nice orgasm, rested for awhile with her cock still in my bottom and then had me roll over. Good news! She unlocked me, lubed me up and began to stroke and laugh. My little cocklett amuses her and she loves to see me get hard and excited. She stroked, stopped, stroked and brought things nearly to completion. As I reached the final moments before orgasm, she withdrew her hand and gave a painfully great ruined orgasm. This amuses her a great deal as she likes to see me cum and is just as happy if I don't get any real pleasure from it. While I normally squirt, she related that it just dribbled cum.

    I did a good clean up and have a rare night out of the cage. I will be back in this morning when she gets up and has her coffee.
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  3. Being caged constantly has its own interesting effects. It is a proof to me my dear wife has complete control and I know she enjoys that. When she has sex with her man and his friends and comes home to tease and taunt my locked tiny penis it is a demonstration of how much she enjoys herself without my cock. She is happy to tell me how hard, big and thick his member is and how well he uses it. On the other hand, she has also been happy to stop having intercourse with me, to no longer give me oral and to delay my orgasms for long periods. Last release, she ruined my orgasm and the ejaculate just dribbled out. She was delighted, I was still horny.

    Although I am told my coclklett is smaller than ever I didn't know how small. I took a look last time I was out and laid my little wiener on my hand while it was still erect. A measure of my hand later tells me I am at 3 1/2" fully erect! I am not certain how this shrinkage has occurred (I was once 6"), but I know why My Love laughs when she sees it out of its cage. I am lucky she will do anything to it at all. No woman wants a tiny penis to play with.

    She will keep me locked in this 1" cage and she will have no problem getting all the sex she needs. At least she still lets me service her orally. She reminds me that no woman, including her, would want a tiny cock in her as it would not satisfy. Stopping oral was very painful since she is happy to allow her man to use her mouth for his pleasure. She was delighted when she came home form a visit last week to tell me she had serviced both him and a friend orally to completion and then provided me with a ruined hand job.

    No intercourse for me, no sucking...
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  4. I am deeply satisfied this morning, not because I had a big release yesterday but because I was used with the sole purpose of providing satisfaction for my dear wife.

    She had a meeting with her man yesterday and had messaged me to get ready for her return. I was to strip, lay out her flogger and some rope and lube up and insert a butt plug. On her return she found me laying on the bed naked and the first thing she did was take a picture of me. She had told her man about what she was going to do to me when she got home and he asked her to take the pic to show to him. He will see me naked and ready to be used when next they meet.

    Of course there was the story telling about what he did to her this time. It was a small vibe up her ass and him screwing her, finally cumming in her mouth. I was in for a good flogging and dear wife made my butt red and tender. She teased me up for a bit and then tied the rope to the head of the bed and wrapped it around my neck several times to keep me in place. She had put on her strap on and proceeded to fuck me until she had an orgasm. She likes the feel of an orgasm as she fucks me and she lay satisfied for a time with her cock in my hole.

    At that, she got up, patted me on the butt, unwrapped the rope from my neck and was ready for the rest of the day. No uncaging, no interest in providing a release for me. She mentioned she and her man might meet this week again and I should be prepared to be used for her satisfaction. She loves coming home after a good romp and punishing me.

    Beyond any want to have my little penis made happy is the deep satisfaction at being used sexually for my wife's sexual satisfaction. Used and casually left without a release with the promise she will soon use me again is the ultimate.

    The feelings this moment created are beyond any mere orgasm and today I have the added torture of being very horny. Perfect...
  5. Super hot but please be careful of rope around the neck!
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  6. Today is the day after, yesterday clarified the future. My Love visited her man for a quickie, she just wanted to feel him in her. She had it in mind I make myself available to her for a good fucking to satisfy her. And satisfy herself she did, with her biggest strap on, a very thick 8" that goes in with some work and a lot of lube. She teased me up when she got home and without any pretense told me I wasn't getting any release and proceeded to fuck me until she came.

    There was some chat and I allowed as how I would like very much to face fuck her. I imagined this is play and I can change the rules but all she did was laugh and say "Nooooo! Your little cock is tooooo small!" I insisted i wanted to put it in her warm mouth, the mouth that had just been used by her man for the same purpose. A laugh again, and a big NO. Never no, no PIV and no oral, my cock is toooo small for her. Her mouth is only for her man. I can kiss her of course, but can't have sex with her in any way. Maybe, just maybe, I will feel her hand sometime...maybe.

    I've not heard no with such finality, and it's no. Today I have a recurring erection and some substantial leakage, but that isn't getting any pity points either. It's the idea that I can't make it with my wife when another man just finished fucking her that's in play now.

    It isn't pretend...have a nice day.
  7. Things are much the same, My dear wife visited her man, got a nice lay and he finished in her mouth. She came home and told all, teasing me up in the process. I remained caged. She put on her biggest strap on and proceeded to have her way with my ass while pinching my nipples and with a nice cum for her in the end.

    She had 3 encounters yesterday all told. She had me give her head in the morning, visited with her Man in the early afternoon and with me just after that, having a half dozen orgasms in the process.

    I remained locked and with no release.

    My ace in the hole has been that My Love has a weakness for seeing me squirt, so no lockup went more than a month (with one exception over the last 6 months) until now.. Clever person that she is, she has worked out that seeing ANY man squirt is good enough, and she can always get a man willing to be jerked off.

    I have been in 7/24 lockup for over 5 months, with some regular releases. This started changing 2 months ago when she unlocked me, gave me rubber glove and 1 minute to cum. I was so worked up I made it, somewhat a surprise to her. Next time I was unlocked, given a rubber glove and 1 minute and she applied her special lube to "help", which turned out to be numbing lotion. This gave her a great laugh and after the minute came and went, she told me to take all the time I wanted as she squirted more "lube" to numb my cock.

    Nothing happened.

    Next time she used her lovely hand, stroked me up to a near cum, then ruined that orgasm...and I mean ruined. The cum just dribbled out while I begged for her to put her hand back and finish me...nope...

    Now, no release in over 4 weeks, no certain reason there will be as my wife has options on the squirting front and I'm hearing hints of future abuse and frustration I can only guess at.

    So, no PIV ever again, she will not allow me oral from her although her man and his friends get it regularly and now not even her sweet hand or an unlock. I will be allowed to continue to give her oral attention when she wants it however.

    The morning hard on's are fierce.
  8. Yesterday was her day to see her man, and so she did. He had invited a friend to join so she was glowing when she returned home with stories of being taken mouth and pussy at the same time...doggy style her favorite. I was of course locked and madly horny as she had teased me up before she left and was doing the same as she told me about her fun. To finish, she had them both face fuck her and cum in her mouth. She enjoys telling me this in particular as she no longer allows me PIV or oral sex, much less face fucking. Her fun here was to peg me with her largest strap on and finish with a big orgasm.

    No uncaging, no touching my little cock with her lovely little hand...no hint that might happen soon. My Love does not set a time for events, she just does what strikes her at the time. In recent days she has become more convinced she doesn't really need to see my little dick all that much. she has always liked to see it squirt, but as I said earlier, she realized as some point she has the option of making other men do that when she wants.

    We are nearing week 5 of 7/24 lock with no release. All totaled, it has been 6 months with limited uncaging, perhaps 6 times. If there there were 4 complete releases, 1 failed attempt when she used numbing cream and the last was a ruined orgasm. While she is friendly and happy, her kind nature is not extended to giving me a release. What little she does say on the subject leads me to believe there will not be any unqualified orgasms for me at all. Maybe a ruined if I'm very well behaved.

    I have no idea if this is true, but she has become accustomed to not needing to let me out for fun while enjoying her full sex life.

    I know I still have a penis, but I have no proof by direct contact.
  9. There is always a day, yesterday was it. After 5 weeks, my dear wife teased me up, used me for her satisfaction then uncaged me. Her first words were "Oh My". What Oh My? "You are smaller yet, it looks like 3 inches and it's hard." My Love doesn't plan times or what she will do and as I lay there I hear a rubber glove going on. She tells me I'm going to squirt for her but she doesn't want to tough my little cock with her bare hand anymore...and it isn't super hard like her man's penis gets (she laughs as she says "BOINNNG", to empathize his erection).

    I have not cum for 5 weeks, but somehow all this new abusive information has dimmed my excitement, along with the rubber glove on her pretty little hand. She gets a bit impatient because it's taking too long and my explaining my struggle only makes her laugh. Finally, the finish with a good amount of squirt. She said something about how long it took just to get to "the show". She likes to see a man squirt but didn't expect to have to take that long.

    This morning I ask if she really meant she wasn't touching me without a glove from now on and she laughed. She said she does what she wants so anything can change so maybe next time she will wear TWO gloves....more laughing. So she makes my penis small and then doesn't want to touch it because its...too small. Talk about ironic...

    So back in lock up, my wife is happy, I'm still horny...just the way she wants it.

    It occurs to me, My Love differs from many in that she actually enjoys the punishment she gives out. She makes no pretense that its "punishment" as I've done nothing wrong. All the more exciting she says, punishing your loved one for the sheer joy of it.

    ...and she isn't done yet.
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  10. And the beat
    And the beat goes on LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't been here for awhile. It was lovely to read about your humiliation and pain while remembering the fun!
  11. It's just 2 weeks on since my last post, and yesterday was the most exciting and the most humiliating and punishing yet. My Love had a visit with her man, he had invited his friend to join so she was particularly happy. My thinking is, she will uncage me and stroke me. I do enjoy hearing her stories and getting a nice hand job.

    So she returned and I was waiting on the bed, caged, naked and in her fave undies when she came home. Her story was incredibly exciting. Not only had she given extensive head to both men, but she also allowed her man's visitor to have anal sex with her...a first. She had teased me up and was hesitating to uncage me, she felt I wasn't getting hard enough. I think this was a result from our last outing as she was quite direct about her displeasure with my little cock. It felt like a bit of anxiety but I felt it would go away so she uncaged me. First thing she says "you aren't hard, what's wrong?" She was poking at it and displeased so she decided to give me a spray with the new numbing spray. This wasn't my first choice as I was looking forward to a nice cum.

    My dear wife is not one to try a little and see what happens, so she doused my cock with half a dozen doses of numbing spray (lidocaine @ 10%) and the effect was almost immediate. My little pecker was numb and going limp. This caused her great joy and she began laughing while encouraging me to try and jerk off. I've never experienced such a total limp dick in my life, along with NO feeling at all. This stuff is meant to be used sparingly to help with premature ejaculation and I've go a lot more than that.

    I ask for lube and she laughs and gives my numb cocklett another half dozen sprays and tosses me the lube. The laughing never stopped, along with "what's the matter?" and other choice comments like "your dick is like a limp noodle, and it's small AND thin". Nothing happened, really nothing at all. Couldn't get it hard or excited so after some time I just gave it up. I showered up and she caged me right away, still numb. The effects lasted some time into the evening and were just wearing off this morning. My wife plans on using this spray liberally to keep me controlled and unable to release. She allowed as how this will let her have me naked for an "airing out" with NO danger I will try to sneak off and masturbate. She has actually made my little dick useless, even to me. She has chemical handcuffs and combined with all else she has total control over my sex.

    - I am not allowed to do PIV
    - No oral with her, ever
    - Maybe a hand job, likely with a glove, assuming I can get an erection again. She dislikes playing with limp dicks.
    - A strong possibility that if I am let out for any period of time, my penis will be numbed to prevent any fun happening.

    I am under complete control, I really always was. As the feeling slowly returns to my penis I am seriously wondering if and when I may have an orgasm.
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  12. Way back when a gf and I played with those sprays.
    As you learned they can really make you not feel anything.
    Next time see if you can think dirty thoughts. I was able to stay hard that way. (Well at least for a little bit until I lost concentration) Even cooler was having sex and not being able to feel it. It's really a mind fuck. But be sure to wear a condom or she'll become numb too and that gets really weird (and funny)
    So see if you can convince her that if you get hard, she'll let you have sex. If she does it'll be the biggest most frustrating mind fuck you ever have. I promise you you'll both have a lot of fun. Her frustrating you and you being frustrated.
  13. I will start by saying, our sex as it is is consensual but not fictional and won't be set aside so I can have a bit of fun. Currently My Love forbids me PIV, any oral contact, does not allow me to masturbate without permission and revels in things like numbing spray as a method to deny me any orgasm at all. She has no need for my little cocklett and has a robust sex life. In the past, she would play with her men, come home and tell me a great exciting story and then give me an orgasm from time to time, that was my voyeuristic pleasure. She has begun to deny me that release as well and her use of numbing spray was intentionally excessive. The large amount of spray caused the failure of my erection and left me with the limpest cock I have ever experienced, much to her amusement and joy.

    I have been told to order more, she will be using it any time I am let out for a break or when she wants too see me naked. No amount of begging will stop what is happening. The only thing I can do is use my safe word, but that will only stop what is happening and will not get me an orgasm.

    I have no control over what happens to my penis. I am hopeful I will someday have an orgasm but that isn't a promise or a certainty. When we agreed to this life, I never anticipated this reality, but I agreed. It isn't a playful thing I can call off for a nick Fuck, sex is forbidden for me.

    I am here simply for her pleasure, so my hope is she will decide giving me a cum sounds fun...someday.
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  14. It is just day 2 of week 4 counting the last time I was out of her cage. Actually it is going on week 6 since I have had a release, as my last time out was a numbing spray party and I couldn't cum. I pointed this out the my dear wife:
    Me: "Actually it's been over 5 weeks since I had a release"
    She: "You were out of your cage just 3 weeks ago"
    Me: "But I didn't cum"
    She: "That's not my fault"
    Me: "You sprayed the hell out of my cock with numbing spray, how is that not your fault?"
    She: "I let you masturbate"
    Me: "I couldn't feel anything because you used so much spray and my dick was totally limp!"
    She laughs, conversation over, no indication release is coming soon.

    Is this the fun part? Answer, it depends on who you are.
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  15. Since my last entry I have been unlocked, and again sprayed with numbing spray...but not as much. After the usual round of laughing, my dear wife allows me to masturbate. This time I can feel just the faintest response and I have an erection. After several minutes I'm extremely frustrated and about to give up when she takes over with her lovely little bare hand. I can just feel her working on my little cock, her hand firmly wrapped around it and stroking. After several minutes I manage to reach an orgasm,, which I can just feel through the numbing effects of the spray. It is likely one of the most intense cums I have ever had. It is not the best feeling as I am numbed, but it is intense and seems to come from deep down. I clean up and she has me "air out" until the next morning. When this happens, I momentarily think perhaps she won't recage me. That doesn't happen, I was back in my cage early the next morning.

    I wake up every morning with the Early Morning Hard On of a 15 year old boy. I am caged, teased and humiliated. I don't have "normal" orgasms anymore when I'm let out, there is some tormenting element like numbing or a ruined or nothing at all. Most frustrating and humiliating of all, the sex with her other man. She knows I miss oral sex most of all and therefor allows her man and his friends to use her mouth for sex and asks them to finish in her mouth. She is happy to tell me this when she returns. My only relief for the most part is being allowed to tend to her pussy with my tongue and fingers. If I ask to stick my little cock in her mouth, she just laughs and says no.

    I could count on her impulsive nature to occasionally uncage me and stroke me off, but that is fading and being replaced by a bigger desire to see me locked all the time.

    I sit here this morning, coffee in hand and cock securely locked away.

    What great fun....
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  16. This morning was particularly difficult as I had a major hard on trying to happen in her cage and she had a great time yesterday with her man. She had consented to allow him to have anal sex with her at some point and yesterday was it. I find it particularly difficult when she gives other men what I so desperately want and I get...nothing, nothing but a raging erection that makes her laugh.

    Yesterday was no exception. she came home glowing and began a major tease up that left me nearly cumming in my cage and shaking with frustration and humiliation. She tells me she first gave him oral sex until he came in her mouth. I so love oral and it is denied me forever. She wanted him to not cum too soon when having anal and he is a repeater. So she tells me they lay around naked for a time and then she works him up orally and he then uses a set of graduated dildos to slowly stretch her ass so his large cock can get in her ass without hurting her. Meanwhile, he fucks her pussy to keep things going. PIV, something else I am not allowed, ever. Then when she was ready he slowly pushed his cock into her ass. With what she described as a nice slow pace, he did her ass. She liked it very much and was happy to describe the whole event while I writhed in frustration next to her.

    It was an epic tease-up with no release at the end. It used to be my dear wife liked to see me squirt but seeing me frustrated and in my cage has replaced that as her fave thing to do to me.

    This all caused her to laugh and revel in my humiliation and tortured state. I am told I will get out...someday.
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  17. Yesterday was the most sexually intense and frustrating day ever, as in ever I can remember. My Love had a romp with her man and came home happy and immediately had me strip. She told her story that started with her giving him a blow job that turned into a face fuck. She carefully explained the moment he released his load into her mouth, laughing because she knows how much I would love to do the same.

    There was the confirmation that he is indeed a repeater and she got fucked for a good long time by his large and thick cock. For good measure, she tells me that she is meeting him again on Thursday and he has invited a friend of his to join. She is very excited she is going to get another multiple meeting. and at this point I'm so excited I nearly have an orgasm in my cage...but not quite.

    So, no unlocking, no release while hearing her tales of sex, just a sustained embarrassing, humiliating and frustrating erection in her cage. My dear wife has become quite happy leaving me caged. I told her she was going to break my little cock and maybe it won't work anymore, she is good with that. It all ended with me doing cleanup and giving her yet another orgasm.

    This morning a woke with another erection...goody.
  18. Yesterday was most cruel, and today and Sunday will be more sadistic than that. My Love had me undress and told me ahead of time she would not let me give her oral as she was saving herself for Friday. She started teasing me up and let me know her man had arranged to have one of his male friends visiting town to join. I was somewhat surprised some time ago to find she likes having multiple men at one time exciting,so she is looking forward to today. But that's not all, our anniversary is Sunday and she tells me she will be taking time out before our night out to take her fun with her 2 men again...on our anniversary.

    I was begging for release and she was laughing and happy to see me in distress. She took out her little vibrator and began to work my cock and balls over, cage still on. Well an in-cage release was fine with me! She applied the vibe and took it away until I was at my peak and ready to cum and I was thinking "how nice!". Then, without warning, I hear the distinctive spritzing sound of numbing spray and the cool mist on my cock and balls. She brought me to the brink, precum leaking out and cocklett throbbing, then ripped ti away at the last second. No orgasm, no feeling at all in my cock, just frustration and a precum mess to clean up. She was happy and excited.

    I don't know what may happen after today and Sunday, but it almost certainly won't include an orgasm for me. Many for her I'm sure, both with her men and during my oral clean up of her pussy after.

    I have passed the point where I thought I couldn't bear it, and take it I will. Begging, sobbing and hoping aren't working. My erection was so intense yesterday was so intense her cage has left marks on the head of my penis.

    She's hoping they don't go away.

    I'm hoping my penis still works when I finally get out if this cage.
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  19. Yesterday was as promised, my dear wife had her 2 men. To make sure it was especially painful she had them both fuck her face and cum in her mouth to start. She particularly likes telling me this because that is my favorite thing to do and I am never to have it again. They both went for a double and did her doggy style, which she particularly likes. For my reward I got an incredibly exciting and painful tease up with no release. Lots of precum but no orgasm. She was also so kind as to allow me to clean her up and give her another orgasm. Sunday is still on, she will return to them both for a repeat.

    This is a very difficult lock up and she shows no sign of unlocking me or giving me a release. I have asked, she just laughs and says "NO!". I am at a virtual sexual frenzy and she is holding me on the brink.

    We have a loving and friendly relationship, which makes the sexual denial even more difficult. She sees no blur in those lines so her friendly loving nature doesn't give me any advantage when it comes to getting a release. She has her sadistic side that needs feeding and my frustration and suffering is providing the lunch and dinner for that demon.

    I never imagined the depth of frustration and humiliation I would feel, but no matter, that only makes her demon happier. I do have a safe word, I can call off everything, but I am assured while this might get me unlocked it won't get me sex. So, I MIGHT get something if I stay locked but I absolutely WON'T get anything if I call it off. Not nothing for awhile, nothing forever.

    Great choice, think I'll just stay locked.
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  20. Sunday ended this round of play with My Loves 2 men. As expected, they both piled on and she had a good old time. Wonder of wonders, when she returned and finished teasing me up the cage came off!! Not so great news, she didn't want to touch my little cock so she gave me a minute and a half (she was feeling generous) to jerk off. I was done in 30 seconds. I got a night off without the cage and wonder of wonders, I was allowed to jerk off again in the morning!

    So this seems to be it, reduced to masturbation like a 15 year old boy while fantasizing about my wife having sex with other men.

    Maybe next time, whenever that may be, I can beg a hand job?? That would be a step up from jerking off...
  21. This past week was different in that we were on a road trip to see the kids. As such, she thought it most practical for me to be uncaged. Yes! Five days out of my prison with a free-range penis! I had immediate thoughts of maybe getting up close and slipping my hard little cocklett into her one morning, but no, that didn't happen. every morning she would play with my junk and do some stroking, then giggle and stop. No hand to completion and no masturbating for me.

    On day 3 a miracle happened, a wonderful hand job to completion! I lay there with my cum running down my body feeling really good.

    On our return I was allowed one last night without her cage. In the morning it was back to business as usual and the cage went on. Strangely, I was hornier than ever with my little penis getting instantly hard in its cage. Time out had only served to give me a taste of freedom. It seems the hand job had been like foreplay with an ejaculation. Yesterday she was back on her game with a visit to her man. He was particularly horny as she had been gone and unavailable so she told me she started having him face fuck her and leaving his load in her mouth. She likes this and particularly loves coming home and telling me as she knows how much I want to do that. Not to worry she said, he had plenty of horny left and after a short rest she sucked him up again and he penetrated her for a good old orgasm she wanted.

    Of course I was teased up and directed to use my mouth to clean her up and give her another cum. She then told me she had told her man what she had done on the trip, that she had given me a quickie hand job. She was laughing at my little cock and telling me her man had responded with "funny but horrible" when I realized the hand job was meant to embarrass as I was free and still didn't get to have sex with her.

    Here's your hand job you pitiful tiny-cocked man who can't fuck me. Here it is, have fun with that.

    I am told she has 3 new candidates for someone to come over and fuck her in our bed. She particularly likes chaining me up in the guest bathroom and leaving to door open so I can hear her making wild sex with her men. She told me yesterday how much she loves making me clean up the mess when it's really fresh, that it excites her. I'm hoping she may let me watch, but so far that isn't in the plan.

    After all, it isn't about what I want...
  22. My dear wife has found herself a young man and their first meeting was yesterday. This one she invited to the house to have sex in our bed. As such, I was chained and locked in the guest bathroom so as not to bother her during the act. She met him at a local spot and was back at the house almost right away. I could hear their voices as the bedroom door closed and had enough slack in the chain to listen down the hallway.

    First friendly voices and the rustle of clothing as they got naked. Then the sounds of growing passion, the moaning, her encouraging "YES, OHHHH" as he began to fuck her and the sounds of love making that said it all.

    After he left, my dear came to the bathroom to release me. She was smiling and all aglow and the sight of me chained and naked made her laugh and say "His cum is running down my thighs".. She was wet, very happy and in need of a good cleanup, so we returned to the bed where just a moment ago her young man had rutted her. She lay down and did a very quick tease, as yesterday was about her not me. She spread her legs and I was told to get busy cleaning up her young mans mess. In spite of having had an orgasm just moments ago, she was still very excited and very wet, so my oral service gave her another orgasm.

    It''s very clear I've been replaced at every level sexually, she said he even kisses great. I am emotionally crushed, totally reduced to her cleanup boy. In the past, before caging, she would have sex with a man and it was my pleasure to penetrate her last and have an outlet for my sexual needs. I think this would also establish my dominance in my mind.
    No more, no sex for me, just burning humiliation and an excitement with no outlet.
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  23. Yesterday was another ultra satisfying day for my Dear Wife, and equally frustrating for me. She met with her man and he had invited 2 of his friends to join in. She did her usual thing and had 2 of her men cum in her mouth. She loves the feeling of their cum filling her mouth and it gives her the satisfaction of making sure she rubs it in, as I don't get oral anymore. There was plenty of humping and when she got home she she teased me up until I nearly fainted. Then of course, I was urged to take care of her orally until she couldn't cum anymore.

    That should last a day or 2, maybe. Her man wants another visit soon, he would do it today if she would agree. More likely Wednesday she says.

    I'll be dripping inside my cage until then, no release for me.