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Male Chastity? That's Crazy Talk!

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by RP Chance, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. Nothing new really, just a note to self here to count the days. My Love is a bit frustrated, both her current men have had some sort of minor injury that is keeping them on the sidelines this week. It's been busy this week, so no change. It's day 36 since we started with full-time lockup and 13 days since any kind of release. No record setters, but the longest for us so far. As the time passes, the buildup grows, so to speak. I'm constantly horny and wake up in the early morning with very, very hard morning wood. Nothing to be done, can't touch, can't masturbate, my dear wife isn't hinting at any kind of release. I've become used to having steel hang between my legs, but it's still fascinating to see and try to comprehend.

    My wife has a penis, it just happens to be on me...
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  2. At this very moment my dear wife is most certainly naked. Her man of the moment is thrusting his hard, thick cock deep in her wet, hungry womanness. She likes to be taken from behind.
    This evening I will hear about his manhood and the job it did that my tiny penis can't do. I hope to be allowed to service her wants with my tongue.
    Perhaps the denial will continue, it's a perverse special treat.
  3. Last night was as I might have guessed, even hoped. My dear wife had her play date and her man performed beyond expectation, they went twice. His first attempt was quick and left her without orgasm. They spent time relaxing, naked, talking and enjoying. As she got ready to leave he pointed out his cock was ready for a second trip into the tunnel. That fuck lasted a good long while and the elusive orgasm made a visit to her. All this I heard just before an epic tease up, my cock harder than ever and leaking juice. After a time I was used to give her oral pleasure, it was clear her excitement level was very high.

    There was a difference this time, the cage stayed on.

    It has been 38 days since the start of 24/7 lockup. The last 15 days has been constant with no release, either in the sexual sense or in cage off time. From the beginning there have been 2 brief hand jobs. My Love does not set times to release, goals, tasks or give any hint what will happen next. The next release could be today or a day from now or...? She is always happy and kind, and our relationship is otherwise unaffected by the fact she sexually controls me and my sorry little penis.

    The biggest difference last night was, for the first time, I felt truly sexually replaced by another man. She very much likes this man and he makes her feel emotionally and physically happy. She was happy to tell me about her meeting, she laughed as she teased me up and greatly enjoyed using me for her satisfaction in the end. I half expected there would be a happy ending after all that, instead I was left hard and pulsing for hours after. This morning was much the same, starting with a case of morning wood that is just now abating.

    I know not what might come next, yesterday took things to another higher level of mental and sexual punishment and denial. Perhaps some leftovers will come my way? I begin to wonder, if the cage comes off any time soon will there be a release or just something to increase the frustration? I would have bet on release a week ago, now it's the big unknown.

    It seems sure she has reached a new level of happiness with one of her men. Yes, she currently has 2 men to play with, and looking for a 3rd to fill in the empty days in between. That doesn't count the man who visits her current man monthly for a 3 way with her.

    She has all the cards, and she's not sharing what's next.
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  4. Yesterday, after 39 days of 24/7 lockdown and 16 days since a release, My Love saw fit to give me a release. As is the process, she uncaged my little cocllett and using her lovely fingers and a little lube, she gave me a handjob to completion. She laughed as my tiny thing shot a rather large messy load. After a short time out for cleaning and grooming, back into the cage. No more days off, no thought of going without her cage for more than a short time now.

    I woke up this morning with a hard on, things seem to be staring sooner than expected. All I can see is steel between my legs.
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  5. yes that's cos you got a cage lock on you.
  6. I do believe jemima has really said it best. The simple reason I can't masturbate is, my junk is locked up. My dear wife has exclusive control to entry and does not permit removal of her cage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...with rare exception. Simple enough, I'm locked up for good and for all. Tuesday my dear wife felt the urge and I was lucky to go home for lunch to service her. My reward was a nice tease up. So, the new normal is constant lockup. My little useless cocklett is truly useless, even to me.
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  7. Another day in adventure land! I came home early and got to wait by myself while my dear wife went to meet one of her men. This time at his office for an adventure fuck on the coffee table, then a repeat on the couch. He loves her on her hands and knees, entered from behind and that's her fave position as well. She's not shy to complement him on his large, thick cock and how he uses it. She is equally happy to point out how much she likes seeing my little useless cocklett locked up and out of the way. I did clean up duty and got a nice tease up with no release.

    It's great when a plan works out, I wonder what it will be...
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  8. Nothing to report really, just keeping my hand in so to speak. It's day 47 since I was started on full-time lockup. It's 8 days since my last release so the uncomfortable morning hard on's have started to get more intense. It seems the pattern is 2 week cycles. After week 1 the intensity of erections starts to build and with it the feeling of desperation. It seems my dear wife is on a 2 week cycle, so I have come to count on a release around then. There is the unknown of what happens after 2 weeks, but it seems it will remain unknowable. Just another week and I am likely to feel those wonderful fingers stroking my little hard cock. It makes it all easier knowing what's next.

    More to follow...
  9. Last night was well worth mentioning. My Love spent the morning with one of her men and told me about her time with him in glowing terms. Stripped naked with my cock safely locked away, she told me about his hard, thick cock and how he used it on her. She was happy to note she worked his hard cock over with her mouth, something she never does with my miserable little cocklett anymore. They went twice and she spent the morning lounging about and chatting while playing with his cock. She did give me a grand teasing up and left me with a throbbing hard on. She tells me his friend may be in town soon so she is looking forward to another 3-way.

    We are on day 51 since Pinkie started keeping me locked 24/7. During that time there have been a few releases, usually about every 2 weeks. After a release and a good cleaning, she returns me to lockup. Of course I service her orally, as I did last night. This morning started with a raging hard on with, of course, no way to release. No word from My Love if she is contemplating a release for me. If not, it will be a record breaker.

    More to follow...
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  10. Exactly the same thing happens to me. I'm 73 and when I'm locked my cock decides to get hard. But, I could have written your post, except I don't have a KH.
  11. Pinkie, my Dear Love, had a meet with her man yesterday. When I got home she had just returned and was still wet and excited, so I was pressed into service immediately. She started with a major tease up, causing me to have a major and painful erection in my cage. It is day 55 since she started keeping me locked all the time, and day 16 since any release, This all made her laugh as my cocklett spasmed in its cage and leaked precum. I was told to clean her up and her lovely lady parts were still wet and swollen from repeated penetrations from her mans thick cock.

    Their plan is to meet at least 2 more times this week. Her plan is to not release me, use me for clean up and let me know just how much her man has replaced me in bed. She is hinting of "plans" she has for me this weekend. I have no idea what she has cooked up, we shall see if I am still not given a release.

    More to follow, I would surely like to be able to jerk off right now.
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  12. LOL Well, you know, I do not want to be so predictable. Besides, waiting makes you so very horny - and I love that!
  13. Saturday saw the end of a 20 day dry spell, so to speak. Pinkie had something in mind and I found out what it was. She had found herself a silicone pussy and that was my sex partner for the big reveal. I've never had that particular experience, but after a few minutes trying to get my short little cock to stay in she gave me a mind shattering orgasm. This made her laugh and reminded me she has been promising not to use her sweet little hand on my nasty little penis anymore. The down side for her is she couldn't see me shoot, so she promises next time she will ruin my orgasm so she can see me squirt.

    While she was doing me with her fake pussy she revealed her man has asked her if she would like to do 3 men. He has a buddy she has already shared, he has a friend. It is possible she will do her first "gang bang" this week. She is very excited and it added to my already high state of need to cum. I didn't last very long, the fake pussy did its job. I'm back in lockup after a day "barefoot", waiting to see what happens this week. I've not cleaned up after 3 men before.
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  14. As promised, Pinkie had her men yesterday, 3 at once and her first gang bang. When she came home she was happy and excited and I was told to go to the bedroom and strip down. My little cock was already pulsing in its cage and as she began to tell me her story she teased me up.relentlessly. They all got together in a local motel and each man in turn got a nice blow job and penetrated her. At one point she was sucking and being fucked at the same time. Each man in turn eventually came, leaving her happy and excited. To make sure I was humiliated she showed the group pictures of my caged cock and laughed as they stared in disbelief. I serviced her orally and she came again, leaving me with no release and a nasty hard on. Being just a week from my last release I feel more like it's been a month this morning. I had a raging and somewhat painful morning hard on that very much wanted to be stroked. Not happening....

    Pinkie tells me she has found yet another man to see during the week. For her, having sex only makes her want to have more. Since I'm of no use to her for penetration, she is compelled to find more men to take care of her needs. One of her regulars hurt himself working out, so she is recruiting for more. For my part, I'm looking at a potentially long, dry spell. Being this spun up so early in lockdown promises some real frustration. My little cock is already sensitive from constant pushing against her cage.

    More to follow,
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  15. Since my last entry it has been 28 days in lockup with no release. There have been a few hours out for cleanup but no play and no release. We have been very busy here, much to do and much distraction. Here we are at another weekend and I'm wondering if my little penis will be touched any time soon. It has been 3 months since we started full-time lockup, it has become the norm. During my short rest and cleanups I still feel the cage even when it's off.

    I have no idea what awaits.
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  16. This week, after a month with no release, My Love uncaged me. She shared the detail of her latest meeting with her man and told me I had 3 minutes to finish myself. She didn't touch me and watched while I stroked myself to completion. She gave me 3 minutes, I only needed 2. This all amused her very much watching me work on beating the clock. I am told next time it won't be as easy and I expect I won't be given as long. She tells me from now on I will have to wear rubber gloves and I will be timed.

    This seems to be the next step in her gradual humiliation of me. First it was no more penetration sex, she only does that with other men. Then it was no more oral. I was only getting hand jobs and now it seems I will be allowed to jerk off only and she intends to make that difficult. She tells her man all this and is delighted to tell me how much he enjoys it. So, if I don't finish myself, I will be locked up again without release. Meanwhile she is having a satisfying relationship with her man and is happy to tell me so.

    I have no idea how long it will be and what will happen. I do know she doesn't have to touch my little useless penis at all.
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  17. After over 3 weeks in lock up my dear wife has again seen her man for sex, with a wonderful twist. We have been very busy and she has not seen her sex buddy for awhile. I was told yesterday she was meeting and he told her he had a "surprise". She could not imagine what that could be and left to see him in great anticipation. I waited at home wondering what might be happening.

    She returned laughing and smiling and took me to the bedroom and had me strip. While lying there she tells me he had invited a couple to join them! It seems the male of that couple had revealed he would like to be made to watch his wife have sex with another man. She had told him she didn't want to do a total stranger, but liked my wifes sex buddy as they knew each other. He agreed, and my wife was indeed to see them there! Everyone got naked and the woman of the couple told my wife that she had been told by her fuck buddy that she was familiar with punishment, bondage, spanking and denial...which she surely is. So the woman had many questions about what to do to her man. She had bought toys to try out and did so, with my wife's help. At one point she put on her new strap on and began to peg her husband while my wife stroked his hard cock and told him to man up and take it.

    The woman had never touched another female sexually and even though it isn't my wife's thing, she let her touch and feel and lick her. She returned the favor and then told her man it was time to take care of her. He was of course hard and excited and proceeded to bang her while the couple watched. When she left she told her man that he now had to service the woman of the couple as that is why she was there. I'm leaving a lot out, there was a good deal of poking and sucking in between all this.

    At this point l'm laying on the bed pulsing and harder than I've ever been and still of course caged. My dear lady proceeds to tease me up by tweaking my nipples and rubbing my balls and exposed areas of my cock. It was unbearably exciting as my cock pulsed and dripped, but I figure I would see a release. I was told to get busy on her pussy and provided oral until she orgasmed again. She had cum several times with her friends, this was just to release after telling me her adventures.

    At that point she rolled over, smiled and said "maybe Friday" and left me locked and helpless to do anything about my condition. There is a "but", assuming I am let out at all. I will be made to wear rubber gloves and timed as I attempt to masturbate. She isn't going to touch my little penis. If I don't make it, I will be returned to lockup for some unspecified time.

    She sees her man again on Wednesday, I see only lock up in return.
  18. My Love saw her man yesterday as planned. She came home all smiles, having been penetrated twice with two very nice orgasms. She had me strip and she joined naked and glowing and full of praise for her man and his hard, thick cock and how well he used it on her. All this as she teased me up to fever pitch. I was begging to be touched, for her to take off the cage and free my little pulsing penis.

    That didn't happen, not even close. I sit here this morning having had a night of one caged erection after another. She used me for oral satisfaction and had one more orgasm. I had the satisfaction of serving her, my little cock had nothing. She is enjoying my suffering more than ever and told me she will meet with her man again on Friday. She told him she was keeping me locked and horny, which excites him I am told.

    There is no schedule, my wife simply does what strikes her at the moment. She does allow as how I shouldn't expect any release soon, she is enjoying my suffering too much. Besides, her sex life is perfect. She has an attentive man with a large, hard cock to penetrate her and an attentive man at home to provide frequent oral release. And as a bonus, her previously hidden sadistic nature now has an outlet. She is free to punish, humiliate and deny me for no reason other than she wants to.

    In other words, her sex life is great and she sees no reason to change. I am left with the certainty I will never penetrate a woman again, I will not feel a mouth on my little useless penis ever again and it's in doubt now she will ever use her bare hand to give me a release with the extra bonus she gets to enjoy my emotional and physical distress and unfulfilled sexual desires.

    Why not, her sex life is great.
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  19. I understand to some extent how you feel. You've given up a lot for her. That is something for sure. It was recently disclosed to me by my KH why she doesn't really like or want to give me oral sex. While her lips around my cock was already a rare event, now that she has actually admitted to me why she doesn't like putting a cock in her mouth, I am very sure I will never see or feel the receiving end of any oral sex again. I feel a bit sad about that from time to time, as being on the receiving end of oral was my very favorite. And of course it has been my submission to her which helped bring this truth out. I am doing my best to focus on her rather than think about anything for myself. If she is happy, then I presume this is the way it will be for me.
  20. Sound
    Sounds like yours is too.
  21. Yes, it is clear you won't be seeing oral anymore. My wife made it clear she still sucks cock, just not mine. She makes a point to let me know it's MY cock she doesn't want inside her or in her mouth.
  22. Exactly the same for me. However, having my head buried in her vulva covered in her juices and really feeling her multiple orgasms is way better for me.
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  23. Just the opposite has occured for me. Being under strict orgasm denial has opened my wife up to actually enjoying giving blowjobs. No chance of shooting cum in her or on her let her realize how much she likes to orgasm with my hard cock in her mouth.
  24. Indeed just the opposite: my wife likes to orgasm with my hard cock in its cage.
  25. Friday was a nice day. My wife returned from a meeting with her fuck buddy happy and satisfied and had me get naked. As it had been early a month, I was in a state of very high excitement. She did a tease up that was agonizingly exciting and had me service her orally. Then she decided it was time to let me out. She drops something on my chest and I see a pair of rubber gloves. She told me to put them on while she slowly pulled of my cage. She briefly touched my little cock to apply some lube and the feeling was agonizingly exciting. With that, she gave me 1 minute to masturbate. I was in such a state of excitement I managed to shoot my load with just a second or 2 to spare. A big laugh from her as I finished myself. I don't think she had thought I was going to be able to finish, and neither did I. She had previously warned me she might be done touching me herself and at least this time it was true. I wonder if she is thinking about how to make it even harder for me to release, she never shares her ideas she just does them later.

    Things with her man continue to be good. He is now sharing his bucket list of sex acts with her and he will likely get his wish. At some point she told me she stopped him talking and said it was time for him to stuff her pussy. He got some nice head and a couple of shots at her pussy and she came home satisfied. I'm not being told what he has in mind. She just says that will give her fun stories to tell when she is taunting me and teasing me up. I'm suspecting I won't get a release so easy next time.The one thing that is sure is, she will do what she wants when she wants it. I might have a release a week from now or a month, she doesn't have a schedule. I'm left to imagine what her sex buddy has in mind, it's hard to imagine. Or more accurately, I'm hard while imagining it.
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