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Male Chastity? That's Crazy Talk!

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by RP Chance, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. It is Saturday morning here in Las Vegas, things are quiet and I'm waiting for the coffee to brew. This past week was quiet, work and home life were routine if not pleasant and enjoyable.

    The only sign anything is out of the ordinary is a stainless steel cage locked around my genitals.

    However routine life is otherwise, being caged is a constant reminder things are not the same. Pinkie loves the look of my little cock and big balls locked in metal. She has shared with me that she much prefers that look to my bare cock, which she has taken to calling "Teenie Weenie". Now that I have the ins and outs of hygiene in hand, there is almost no reason to remove the cage, so she doesn't. Except for Sunday of course, and Sunday is coming. In the past, Pinkie would uncage me, leave the base ring in place and give me a hand job to completion. After that, I was allowed a few hours to go "barefoot", since she had no concern I might touch myself or masturbate. Now the options are different. I may receive a ruined orgasm, she may remove the cage, play with my cock and just stop or do nothing. In that case, the cage must go back on to prevent my finishing the job.

    Pinkie has found a lover. She calls them playmates, and that is more accurate because she doesn't love the men she fucks. She hopes to see him soon, she is hungry to be penetrated by a cock big enough to satisfy her. We are both excited, I'm looking forward to that feeling that that can only come from the reality of your wife having sex with another man.

    In the past I have enjoyed actually seeing her do the deed. Her plan now is to deny me that pleasure and have sex with her lover when I'm not here or to have me in the room bound and blindfolded. I would hear the act but never see it, that indeed is a tortured thought. She is particularly fond of the idea of having me tied naked, caged and arms over head held to the ceiling. She had me put a hook in the ceiling so she could keep me standing while she flogs me, and plans on taking time to humiliate me in front of her new friend. He will be able to see my little penis and bulging balls caged safely away from getting pleasure.

    Yep, just a normal week. Pinkie plans on fucking and teasing me today.

    Sunday is coming.
  2. You aren't here right now - you are out shopping dear RP. If you were here you would see the smile that spread across my face and is still there :) after reading today's entry in your journal.
    New playmate is coming next week. And yes, finally looks like someone I can keep for awhile. I am excited by everything that surrounds this -- up to and including the look on his face when he sees you suspended from the ceiling. It appears to appeal to him that you will be there but will be there strictly for teasing. He has no issues with my kinks.
    I am looking forward to time spent naked with you today. Its been a normal week - but its also been a week you've not been feeling well and I've been low on energy myself. Today there is time and energy for me to have my way with you.
    And yes... Sunday is coming :p
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  3. Sunday has come and gone, another of Pinkies envelopes was drawn out of the magic box. How lucky! RUINED orgasm, which Pinkie performed expertly. Lots of cum flowing but Mr Penis says he is still horny. It is my prior experience that when cum flows a feeling of satisfaction follows. Instead, laughter followed from Pinkie and I'm all the more horny and frustrated. Pinkie is going to make it up to me soon by tieing and blindfolding me and making me listen while she has sex with her playmate. She assures me it's all in fun and she will make sure to tell me how good it feels when he slides,his cock inside her. Oh, and she will also remind me I'm not ever going to fuck her again because my penis is too small.

    I can't wait, no really.

    There's always next sunday!
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  4. It's been a quiet week, life being what it is. The after effects of this flu thing we've had are slowly dwindling. Work gets in the way as it likes to do. So, nothing much to report, day 11 is upon us.

    Pinkie has shared a revelation, she realized she is a sadist! LOL! Yes, and a good thing too, since I'm a bit of a masochist. She has been sitting with this since last Sunday when she delivered a ruined orgasm that left me on the brink and panting for more. For Pinkie that is the best of both worlds. She gets to see the water works of an ejaculation and is happy in the thought I got little to no pleasure in it.

    So, out of the magic box has come a "released" followed by a "ruined", both descriptive and final. It strikes me, if I draw a "dealers choice" this Sunday which Pinkie will win, the Sadist who wants me to be tortured or the Lover who takes pity and allows me to release?

    More to follow...
  5. So it has come to pass, Pinkie has started our Anniversary out with a bang, and I mean a bang. She had told me her plans were to tie me up suspended from the ceiling blindfolded and have sex with her playmate. And so she did. I was manacled, hooded and blindfolded and strung up to the hook in our bedroom ceiling. after a time, she returned with her man in tow and a good eating and fucking was had...by them. I could hear the action, I could guess at the details but it wasn't for me to watch. I only know he ate her and fucked her then came all over her tits. He left, I was compelled to clean her tits and provide oral service. I got a good teasing up, a good laughing at, no release, and now we get ready for dinner. Tomorrow is the drawing, and that may still leave the release just a memory. Pinkie's sadist side is out to play.

    It's good to be used, I'm basking in the afterglow!
  6. This past weekend was festive, after much teasing on Sunday the cage came off and Pinkies lovely fingers began to work on my bare cock. She stroked, stopped, commented on how little my cock had become and slowly worked me up to a fever pitch. Then, just as my penis contracted for the final moment, she removed her fingers from my cock. It was a perfectly timed ruined orgasm. The cum flowed, making the mess she so loves to watch, but no feeling of release at all.

    After just a minute, she started in again. The feeling of yet another oncoming orgasm came on instantly. She stroked, stopped, stroked... At the last moment she allowed me a release and stroked through the final moment.

    Even though there was a finish this time, what Pinkie now knows is she can chain ruined orgasms one after the other.

    "So, instead of giving a release, I could have just ruined the second one too?" she said.

    Then she laughed her Pinkie laugh...
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  7. It's been awhile, we've been crazy busy around the place. Pinkie is working to prep for a big trip she is taking in the next week. This has made the last month very interesting as I have been locked 24/7 except for the Sunday hygiene break. Pinkie has delivered 3 ruined orgasms in a row over the last 3 weeks and I'm not expecting anything different. She has me service her, then whips off the cage and strokes my little cock to the nearly done stage and removes her hand. I cum, but no relief from that constant feeling of horny. I'm not expecting anything different until after she returns in early October, and then not so sure as she seems to have become fond of ruining my orgasms and laughs with delight every time she does it.

    We shall see...
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  8. Besides the cuck stuff, I think my KH would get along with yours just fine.

    Has openly told me she enjoys seeing me caged and frustrated,struggling, and bulging. Has begun to like calling it little or tiny. Has 0 issues having me get her off, tease me, and go to sleep, and has become quite good at being able to ruin an orgasm.

    I was always under the impression that if that much came out it wasn't ruined, but a full O. Now I know different.
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  9. It can still get worse. My loving wife loves nothing more than to have Me restrained so I can't get away. Then after a release She absolutely loves rubbing And stroking the head while it is oh so sensitive causing me to squirm trying to get away from her overestimation.
    That is pure torture. She smiles, laughs, and just has a good old time at my frustrations doing that.
    On a bright side, I won't be going through that for quite a while since I won't be out of my jailbird until thanksgiving at the earliest
  10. I have been enjoying our Sundays :p ... The rest of the week I have been too busy/worn out from busy to want to do much -- and so I save those Sundays like precious gold. And don't forget your new nipple torture device! So much fun!!! rp paladin nipple shock ws.jpg
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  11. Ah, there does seem to be commonality there
  12. Zap! OWWW!!
  13. Well Sunday came and went, Pinkie has a playmate so things have taken a turn. No service for her, she was saving it for her boyfriend on Monday. As an extra special taunting, she teased me up something crazy then pulled of the cage, and for several minutes edged me over and over. This amuses her greatly, and as she smiled and laughed, she replaced the cage. I was still hard, so she had to push and smash my erection into my cage.

    Monday has come and gone, Pinkie has got a great whacking fuck from her man. She tells me his wonderful hard cock did an excellent job of satisfying her need for a real, hard cock inside her. She showed him a picture of my caged and tiny cock before they fucked and told him she needed a hard big cock like his because I'm just too small. When I got out of the shower yesterday after work she was waiting on the bed naked, legs spread. I was directed to take care of her orally, which of course I did. As a "reward" she teased me up while telling me about her wonderful date.

    No touching for me, no uncaging, just frustration and humiliation. She has begun to enjoy the idea of denial and not giving release more and more. The last time was 2 weeks ago and that was a ruined orgasm that left me horned up all week. Then this weekend with no release at all and no uncaging for a break. I don't expect anything will happen during the week, so the coming weekend will be interesting indeed.
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  14. It's been forever since I've posted, there have been several ups and downs in the world of caging here. it just didn't seem like we were going to find a cage I could wear for more than a few days without some kind of trouble. My last attempt late last year resulted in some significant problems and I was out of chastity for a couple of weeks.. I was resigned to having to take the cage off every night. I had been looking at the idea of a very short 1" cage and though "what the hell" and ordered one. I have become fascinated with the idea of my little cock being smashed into a small cage with no room to grow.

    After a few weeks the little guy showed up, so I put it on to show My Love. She loved the way it looked so we started experimenting. It didn't take long to realize this cage was wearable for at least a few days at a time and the effect is has on my little dick is even better than I imagined. With some growing confidence, My Love started a long term confinement attempt. That was over 2 weeks ago (17 days to be exact) and save for 1 very short release, it's been on ever since. The look of it just gives her a thrill and she has become used to seeing me locked all the time, and likes it. She likes it much more than I expected... I had anticipated she would still be letting me out and giving some sort of release, but she has been quite happy to keep me caged constantly. I continue to serve her wants and needs sexually, in return she teases me up and leaves me caged. She has told me with great happiness that she has 2 meetings for sex with her men next week. I'm reminded they have thick, hard cocks for her while I have nothing to offer in that department. In the past I could expect she would have her fun and let me out to play, but that seems to be shifting towards more confinement. These last weeks I have wondered if having me caged has become more fun than seeing me squirt. Next week will tell. So far it's become clear that hinting, stories of the health benefits of prostate milking and plain old looking horny aren't winning the day.

    For my side, the short cage and 7/24 lockup is quite an experience. I had imagined what it might be like, but the emotions and physical aspects are intense. One thing I realized is I was disconnected from my penis in a very real way. I now truly have no control over it and cannot even touch it with a bare hand. When I was let out to clean up, that brief period was great to feel my penis again. That is one of the effects of constant confinement that I have only just begun to realize and accept and actually there are many,
    - I have no control over when or if this cage is removed.
    - As such, I can't act to relieve my sexual tension, IE, I can't masturbate. Any man can masturbate, I cannot.
    - What I want and think I need will not change anything. My sex is owned by someone else.
    - My Love is free to please herself, be pleased by me when she wishes and to take other men when she wants to.

    Much of that was just an idea a few weeks ago,now it is a reality.

    To add to all this, I find this short cage actually causes me to be more sensitive to stimulation and hornier more often. I imagine part of that is you want what you can't have. The physical and real issue is, the short cage is always in contact with the head of my tiny penis. It leaves me with that "ache" to release, but I can't jerk off and I can't expect any release from my dear wife. While the short cage prevents a true erection, the shaft that is pushed back into my body gets very rigid and the head of my cock tries to push through the bars of the cage. In the end, nothing really visible happens. In the morning there is often one of those early hard on's that result in my current form of an erection, rhythmic pulsing and sometimes large amount of emissions, I'm assuming proverbial pre-cum. At times during the day I will find myself getting an erection and the cycle starting again. Luckily the cage is short and nothing shows to the rest of the world.

    The physical part is exciting, but the most powerful thing is that my sex is totally controlled by My Love. She loves the look of the thing, she loves the reality of 24/7 lockup, and knowing I am denied turns her on. Every relationship is different, ours is no exception. We have a robust love and friendship relationship, our sex and her control over me is kept largely to that realm. She is loving, tender and my best friend. When it comes to sex I've given over all control and she happily takes the role as my tormentor and uses me to her exclusive satisfaction. That mental torture, combined with the obvious aspects of physical confinement, is just wonderful.

    That brings us up to date. I have to say, I didn't really appreciate or understand the reality of constant confinement, but I am quickly gaining an understanding of its pleasures and demands.
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  15. Day 21, I am still locked down. My Love doesn't share how long it will be and promises nothing, except to assure me she is having fun and enjoying the moment. I realized recently that my lock genitals have become a sort of interesting decoration for her to enjoy looking at. She isn't touching any more, just taking a peek when I'm in the shower or undressing for bed. It excites her and she tells me she uses that image when she pleasures herself or has sex with one of her men.

    Today is play day, one of her sex buddies will come to the house and she will take her pleasures while I'm gone at work. She won't make it a secret how much she enjoyed getting what I can't give her. I'm not even allowed to try, my little cock is too small to please her so no penetration for me and she will no longer do oral either. A lucky day would be a hand job.

    This is by far the longest I have ever been kept locked. Other cages had caused problems, but this current very short cage does not. Once My Love was convinced this was true I have been on constant lock down, save for less than an hour for cleanup some days ago. I'm actually surprised, I thought she would let me out to play as she did in the past, but so far she seems perfetly content to leave me locked and ignore my frustrations.

    I hadn't fully understood the frustrations and humiliations that would come with full time lock up. I truly am her sex servant and I no longer have any personal choice. The next few days may be tough, she has her man today and a possible for tomorrow. I'm simply not in the picture. Maybe some leftovers for me?

    I have no idea and not a hint of what is to be.
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  16. It's day 22 of lockup, last night was exciting. My Love had been with one of her playmates and had a nice fuck. He had only time for a quick one in his office, so she was happy and still horny. I was used by her for an oral release and left pulsing and horny. Today promises to be even more horny making. Another of her men will be coming over hate this morning for an extended session. I will take an early lunch and come home. She will have me strip and she will chain me with a heavy steel chain to the safety rail in the guest bathroom down the hall from our bedroom where I will have to listen while they have sex in our bedroom. The chain will be padlocked around my neck and short enough that I can't see what goes on.

    When they are all done, she will visit me, laugh and unlock me so she can use me for cleanup. There will still be no release for me.

    My dear wife tells me her other man has asked her back to his office on Friday as he has more time and wants a replay. It's shaping up to be a busy and punishing week for me.
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  17. I've just read and really enjoyed this thread. I too am "enjoying" my longest ever 24/7 lockup -- at the end of day 25 right now. Our previous record was 19 days, and it appears we are set to destroy it by a big margin, because especially this time she often tells me just how much she likes having me locked up and my little, worthless penis hid away from her. We are set to go see a sexy movie ("50 Shades Darker," her choice not mine, though I don't mind it) on Sunday, and she told me how excited she is knowing that I'll have been locked for exactly 4 weeks that day and will be dripping pre-cum into my panties the whole movie.

    I envy you the cuckolding element. My wife and I only do fantasy / role-play cuckolding with her dildo. I can only imagine how much more aroused and frustrated I would be if she locked me in the other room and made me listen to her getting a good fuck and then clean up!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing! I hope to read more.
  18. Thanks back at you b_quark. today was quite exciting and all one could hope. I managed to get home for my wife's meeting with her play man. Although I'm not allowed to watch or participate, My Love enjoys having me in the bathroom down the hall, door open, with me naked and chained to a sturdy safetly rail. It's a fairly heavy chain, which she padlocks around my neck. No escape, and I'm forced to listen down the hall while the festivities are in motion, and much motion and noise there was. I am told a good time was had by all.

    After the penis donor left, I was released and compelled to clean up my wife's wet neither regions as they leaked man juice. She was happy with my efforts and came again. I did not, however, cum but I was relentlessly teased up via some fierce nipple play that left me hard, frustrated and dripping bodily fluids.

    No release, no hint of one or when, we move to day 23. She has one of her men lined up for a possible tomorrow, she is on a roll. Today she has told me she needs a few more men in the wings. If she finds enough men to keep her happy and content, my lockup may not end any time soon.
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  19. Things changed with a bang on Friday. When I got home from work My Love had me shower and lie on the bed. She teased me up until I was unbearably hard then unlocked my cage. This took some time, with her threatening to put the cage back on. Suddenly it was off and her lovely little fingers began to stroke my hard little penis. She was laughing, as she does when she sees my little tiny member and how excited I get, and kept up the beat until I had an unbelievable cum. Lots of output and so intense I thought I might pass out. BIG BONUS, she gave me the night off uncaged! I was returned to my tiny cage Saturday morning.

    What I can count on with my lovely wife and tormentor is I can't bet on what will happen next. She never commits to a particular course of action, so I could be locked for a week, or a month or who knows. I suspect she is plotting her next move so my future unlock my hold some surprises. She gives a wicked ruined orgasm and has mentioned interest in making me try to get myself off with rubber gloves on or a rubber pussy after she has applied numbing cream to my little penis, for instance. I have no Idea if that is my fate, she makes no threats or promises.

    We shall see, we shall eventually see.
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  20. Well, this is day 26 with a release or day 3 since my last release, either way I'm locked again. The sexual tension is building already, it seems a release is soon forgotten. Last night My Love was horny. i had sent her a cock pic of a man I had been talking on line with and it seemed to get her going. So, I was told to shower and lie down on the bed. When she went for her shower, she handed me one of her fave butt plugs and told me to get going. When she returned, the plug was in place. I was told to roll over on my side and she got out one of her many dildos, pulled out the butt plug and proceeded to savage my ass. She was worked up and not being gentle, ramming it in to its full length repeatedly and for a long time. When she was done with that, she told me to get busy between her legs and give her some of my best oral. After her cum, she began to work my nipples, causing a raging hard on and much precum and a lot of frustration. She hadn't had enough head yet, so back between her legs I went. The evening ended with some more teasing that abruptly ended with me hard and leaking.

    I will pay for that release on Friday, over and over. No idea when another day out will be, and even that may hold some wicked surprises. The downside of that release is, the clock starts over and time drags. For my wife, my duty as her sexual servant is done for the moment.
  21. My dear wife's man visits today when I'm at work. She so loves getting penetrated, something I can't do for her and she won't allow. She laughs if the subject comes up, my little sorry penis isn't allowed in her vagina or her mouth any more. I will hear the stories of her great shagging and her satisfying release when I get home from work. It seems unlikely I will get a release, more likely I will be teased up and told to do clean up and make her cum.

    She does love the thick hard cock on her man, and loves it inside her taking care of business.

    This weekend was an adventure, My Love worked me over with her favorite dildo, teased me up and had me bring her to orgasm twice. The act of violating me and working me up excites her.

    After my release of Friday, and it was a great one, I felt a calm and satisfaction that had lasted for a good 2 days. That is gone, and the frustrating and painful morning wood is back. I would have rubbed one out if this cage would slip off my balls. The excitement of what My Love will do today is intense.

    No release, no reason to believe one is in my near future.
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  22. Great journal!
  23. Thanks for your kind words and interest Caged.
    Yesterday was a delight. My wife got a special extra good screwing from her man. He got her legs over his shoulders, one of her faves, and proceeded to work on her with his extra hard thick cock. He made it last awhile before a great cum for both of them. When she sent me the email describing the moments, I got an intense hard on in my little cage and just couldn't wait to see her laer. It was lunch time, so I jumped in my truck and beat it for home. We both stripped and she started with a wicked tease up for me, causing much excitement and precum. I was told to clean her up and starting at her lush breasts, I worked my way down to the prize of her wet, cum filled pussy. I did my best clean up and gave her another orgasm. She made sure I knew just how much she had enjoyed her mans cock.

    I of course, got no release. My useless little penis is still throbbing this morning. On the other hand, My Love is quite content and happy. I am pleased to be used as her sexual servant. The 24/7 caging is a small price to pay.
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  24. Business as usual, I'm out of bed for another day and my junk is still locked up. It's a high water mark of sorts, this is day 30 of 24/7 lock up. Full disclosure: that is when My Love began keeping me locked day and night with 2 full releases at her beautiful fingers. I have no say or when, it's completely at her desire and whim. The first release (release meaning I was given an orgasm and ejaculation} was 14 day in, the second a week ago. The first release was followed by a clean up, and inspection and and a quick lock up. The last was followed by a "barefoot" break for the evening, relocked in the morning.

    My Love has made it entirely clear she will do just what she wants, no more and no less. Nothing I say will encourage her to keep me locked OR to let me out. She doesn't set specific times for how long I will be locked or when I might expect some relief from my lockup. Being locked constantly has become a sort of "new normal". My dear wife is kind and loving, which makes my being locked all the more unpredictable. She has recently made it known that she has sadistic thoughts and impulses that she feels more and more free to express. She is quite correct in believing this unpredictable process is in itself a kind of wicked torture.

    Her answer to all this is "I'm only going to do what I want to do".

    And so she has, and I have stayed locked.
  25. The new normal, it's all about me having no control. I laid down for a little nap yesterday, my dear wife joining at some point. The nap alarm went off, and shortly there after My Love began teasing me up, working my nipples with her hands and mouth. I was at the peak of excitement when she whispered "I'm seeing one of my men tomorrow". At that the teasing stopped, she laughed, and we rolled out of bed.

    I got up to use the bathroom and when I came out there was a pair of rubber gloves and her keys on the bed. What's this? Why gloves? She had decided it was clean-up day, but I was not to be allowed to touch myself with a bare hand. I'm given to believe it will be this way from now on, no touching myself without gloves on. I cleaned up, my little useless cock hard and stiff and my gloved hands keeping me from pleasuring myself.

    Right back into my cage when I was done, no touching, no hand job. She's saving her horny for her man, so not even a chance to pleasure her. This evening will tell. I am sure I will be used for her pleasure. In the past My Love has relented and given me pleasure after a visit to one of her men, I am not so sure now.