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Male Chastity? That's Crazy Talk!

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by RP Chance, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. It has been 9 days since I last touched my penis. That's not that long,is it? ...is it? It feels much longer.

    How did we get on this path? It helps to know my dear wife and I have always had a loving and open relationship. She has long had the freedom to do as she likes, and has had a collection of lovers and many sissies over the years. That would sound like a Cuck relationship and in retrospect has many of the same attributes.

    But how did male chastity get into the picture, you ask?

    My wife has long had an interest in dominating sissy boys, not something I could help her with. I look gawd awful in a skirt and high heals and have no strong interest in that particular fetish. At one point several years ago, she had a fair sized stable of these fellows that would come over while I was at work and be punished, humiliated and then used for sex. The punishment/humiliation thing always sounded appealing but makeup and dressing up didn't really get me there.

    Fast forward to this year and 4 months ago. In some way I'm not completely clear on now, this idea of confinement and punishment came to the surface. I found the idea very appealing it downright excited my dear lady. Then started the quest for the "Holy Grill", the wearable lockup device. It's been a frustrating and sometimes painful search, with a happy ending. We spent a fair amount, no make that an obscene amount, of money trying one device after another. They were too hard to use, too easy for my balls to escape from, too hard to wear and none of them offered a practical 24/7 solution.

    Why was this necessary? Why 24/7? After just a few failures and more than one day when I had to leave for work without some kind of cage on, my wife realized just how deeply this need to have me locked went. The first time we had a failure and I couldn't wear the thing to work, she found herself actually angry and deeply disappointed. The depth of this feeling surprised even her. Since I have this deep desire to please her sexually and emotionally, I shared her need.

    We talked about this surprising revelation and mutually understood this life style choice was resonating with both of us and a mutually desirable way. She has a long-held desire to be in control and dominate sexually and I have an equally deep desire to be dominated, humiliated and used sexually.

    Those pieces of our sexuality dovetailed perfectly. I want to make the point that going into this we had and still have a very strong and fulfilling relationship emotionally and mentally. We both were fortunate to marry out bset friend, that is each other. This journey we are on doesn't fill a void but instead satisfies a hunger. Our sexual and emotional wants and needs around this don't extend deeply into our overall relationship.

    But it is oh so much more than simple recreation. My Lady is very much in control and the consummate Key Holder. I am clear on my place in this and feel the reality of being at her mercy.

    It helps to know we did finally find that perfect device, a Mature Metals Jail Bird. As of today, I have been under constant lock and key for 9 days. The reality of 7/24 confinement came very real after a few days. I can't escape from my prison, I can't touch my own penis, my erections are easily contained and defeated and I have to sit to pee. Prior to this, we might make a week without some release for me, but we have moved beyond that. As of this morning I still have no clue if or when I will see some release. My wife allows as how I might get my hand job if I serve her well. Yesterday we laid down for a nap and she teased me up for quite some time. At the end of it, precum was running out of my cock and she was laughing and smearing it on my face and lips.

    Then she turned over and went to sleep. What sweet and humiliating torture that was.

    Maybe today? Maybe...

    More to follow, we look forward to sharing this experience with you. My Lady is a member as well, her screen name is "Pinkie". She would love to talk to other women here about their experiences and share hers.

    Men, you would need to be exceptional and non-guy like to get any attention from her.

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    Welcome both to CM. Enjoy.
  3. Let's see, where are we? My schedule doesn't allow me a lot of time during the week, so I will try to check in at least on the weekends.

    I'm on my 7th day of 24/7 lock down, save for brief moments for clean up. After my first period of constant lock, I found some areas that needed attention and weren't easily accessed. Even though I'm circumcised, the caging process left the area around the head of my cock exposed to constant moisture, hence a naughty little yeast colony was trying to set up residence. That is now under control and we are beginning the process of stretching the uninterrupted lock down period. We found good old fashioned Desinex with zinc oxide does the trick. If it works for a baby's butt, it works for a penis.

    Enough of that, but something anyone starting this process should be aware of.

    The process that is occurring, normalizing wearing a chastity device, is both interesting and exciting. I am simply not allowed to go out without my Jail Bird firmly in place. I work in it, sleep in it, relax around the house, shop in it, it's just there all the time. The reality is, I can no longer touch my own penis. We didn't start this commitment because I had a problem masturbating too much or tom catting around the neighborhood, but the reality of not being able to touch your own penis had to be experienced for me to understand what that would be like. Now, the only time it is touched at all is if and when my dear wife decides to uncage it and bless me with a quick hand job, after which it is immediately caged again.

    Of course, my balls are exposed and can be touched. But without their friend Mr. Penis exposed it isn't quite the same. I have rather large testicles, so the visual is nice and they are under constant tension when locked up. This is particularly problematic in the morning when my balls want to retract inward as my scrotum shrinks. A morning biological function I imagine most men experience is changed entirely by the JB. As the process progresses, the skin of my ball sack tightens, trying to pull my balls inwards. Instead, my large balls meet the unyielding steel of the base ring and cage and stop there. Already prominent, my balls jut out even more and separate as they try and find their way between the narrow gap formed by the cage and base ring. There is that hint of pain that grows, that feeling like you've been hit in the balls just a bit too hard. The skin at the base of my scrotum pulls across the base ring and a burning sensation begins from the stress.

    Because I no longer have control of my most intimate parts, I can't stop the process. I can do a little adjusting, relieve a little stress, and the rest just happens. I've given up the ability to control that, my genitals and what happens to them are in my wife's hands, er, cage. It is after all her cage, I'm just required to wear it.

    There are of course the erections to deal with, or rather not deal with. I am an older guy, so those rock hard erections haven't been an issue. Strangely, since our journey started, the quality and frequency of my erections has increased. Figures, huh? I can't do anything about it, and my penis gets real hard. So, I wake up in the morning and my cock is stiff and firmly confined by the short 2" cage I wear. The head bulges out around the bars of the cage, I can feel each bar as they press into the sensitive flesh of my cock head. There is some discomfort and pain involved, IE, when my cock bulges our around the bars of the cage, contact with what is normally the soft material of our sheets feels like sand paper. No pleasure there, it is irritating and painful so I avoid it. My touching that area only makes the hard on harder and more difficult to endure.

    My wife smiles and waves the key around her neck in my face. "Heavy Sigh".

    So, I'm sitting here before breakfast doing a little update. In addition to my pitiful little cock complaining, my nipples are hurting like the furies. I suction them every morning to keep them sensitive for my lady to use as a tease and torture device. When she rubs them, I get a hard on to beat the band. She just loves doing this over and over. So, after 30 minutes of constant suction, my nipples have extruded nearly 3/4" into the tubes of the devices. It's getting quite painful, so this is my time to sign off and start the day.
  4. It is day 11 since I was last released or touched in any intimate way. The concept of 24/7 has become more a reality every day. This past weekend I had made the mistake of telling My Love what I wanted to have happen. We were both surprised at the forcefulness of her feelings and her response. Her immediate action was to detail in an email her displeasure and the choice of "playing" at this or my agreeing she is in total control.

    Total control it is,

    I have been told to expect some form of punishment, as of yet unknown to me, and not to suggest I be given any release...she will decide when and where. Good to her word, she pounded my ass last night with her strap on until satisfied. She then took great delight in teasing me up by playing with my nipples, which gives me a hard on. After a good deal of this, she laughed, waved her key to my cage at me, and got out of bed.

    I know not what is next, she warns that she can be very cruel sexually and intends to do exactly what SHE wants to do. I thought I had figured out this denial/chastity thing, but this latest turn of events makes it all very real.

    Now I've got what I asked for, I no longer control what happens to my penis or anything about our physical relationship.
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  5. eeeek. you don't ever want to tell Her what you wants to happen cos then it wont and something else will.
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  6. It is day 12 of lockup, today included a teasing session during which I almost came, even in my cage. My Love teased up my cock by playing with my nipples, rubbing and pulling my balls and slipping her fingers inside my cock cage bars and doing a very effective "finger job". After several minutes I got the dreaded smile and pat on the tummy, meaning the fun was over. If I thought begging would work I'd be there. Instead, I will prepare dinner and walk the dog and hope for some release sometime soon.

    I am well and truly trapped in this cage. If I wasn't I would have gladly jerked off, I don't think it would have taken a minute. My Love has the control she loves to have. The mere act of my going out the door to walk the dog with my cage on gives her great excitement. The mere act of me walking out the door with my cage on causes me great denial and frustration.

    Hey, it's better than tight shoes:( The fantasy of a hand job to completion is now the best sex I've had in days. I nearly cry at the thought of more teasing, unfinished hand jobs or the horror of a ruined orgasm.

    I do have one promise from My Love...she isn't done yet.:oops:
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  7. giggle, i always doing that but my Mistress delete them for me and if i rembers i will asks Her to delete your one as well. :)
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    Maids can be helpful, at times. :)
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  9. This is day 14. I have been caged and locked for 14 days with no release. Pinkie has taken pleasure in teasing me up until precum drips out of my cage and then stopping with a smile and a wave of her key. We had an extended session with her strap on that satisfied her and left me without even the opportunity to give her oral. She achieves orgasm just by fucking me repeatedly.

    She has mentioned this weekend "we will play". I was very excited at the thought, but the realization has struck that "play" may not necessarily mean I am given any kind of ultimate release. She has made clear the thought that more punishment is still on the table fro my transgression of last weekend. My Love is not the type to be mean or vindictive but she does remember her promises. What is her plan? I dare not ask. Edging until near orgasam with another smile and the wave of her key?

    There have been many times I have gone without sex or release more than 2 weeks, but the act of being denied the option and having your cock locked in steel to assure it leaves me in almost constant anticipation and frequently excitement. It's taken some time to grasp, but I've been denied the simple act of touching my penis and only Pinkie can change that.

    Our relationship doesn't include a lot of meanness or verbal abuse. My Love simply loves having me caged and has become more and more insistent that I stay under lock and key 24/7. As she tells it, the mere act of my going to the market or walking the dog with my junk locked up excites her. After my attempt to tell her what I wanted, she had reminded me that she can be very sexually cruel. I have to say, the biggest torture so far this week is the "normal" existence we share outside my being locked. This has been made more uneventful as we both have been feeling the effect of some kind of crappy flu bug, that sideswiped both of us. So, I get up locked, spend a fair amount of time on grooming and hygiene, go to work, eat dinner, shower and clean again, then...go to bed. It sometimes takes on a sort of Twilight Zone quality. I'm the only one with my cock locked up and nobody thinks that's unusual.

    The next 2 days will tell all I suppose. Will there be mercy and an orgasm? Will Pinkie find a new way to impose frustration and denial? With all I've read here, the ways and means of imposing sexual torture and delayed or partial pleasure are many.

    The next 2 days will be revealing. Whatever the outcome, I sit here with a pulsing erection, my cock pushing on it's cage. One thing for sure, having my cock caged has reignited my adolescent obsession with the state of my constant erection and ways to give it what it wants. On the other hand, I don't control that outcome. Ah, I hadn't considered that, I have less control over my penis now than when I was 12.

    No masturbation for you my penis.
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  10. Yesterday was rewarding for both. My Love saw fit to allow me my release, and what a release. We have had an adventurous sex life together and many exciting moments, but after a mere 2 weeks in denial and lockup the few minutes of attention from her lovely hand culminated in a crashing great orgasm. It was literally be best sex I ever had. Not because of the great moment of climax but, to a much greater degree, the 2 weeks of foreplay and denial of orgasm that preceded it. Adding to it is that constant background stimulation that I feel from my Jail Bird cage and its sensual contact with my penis and the way it confines and stretches my testicles.

    I know not what Pinkie has in mind for the coming weeks, but if this is any indication the sweet punishment of denial of pleasure will be worth every bit of waiting.
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  11. LOL. Indeed.
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  12. Yesterday was much fun for me. As we are still coughing like hags and not getting enough sleep it was a toned down version I went with simply because I didn't have the energy for more. Next time....
  13. please Miss Pinkie i hope you get better quick, curtsy.
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  14. Pinkie has had a frank discussion with me and has made it clear I am her sub and she is my Domme or there isn't any point in playing around. I have of course agreed and have turned myself over to her completely. She has also made clear that my cock has shrunk to a point that it is no longer useful to her for penetration.

    She said, and I quote from her email:
    "Short, stubby cocks always beg me quietly for spankings, floggings and fuckings – because that is where I want to go when I see them. I know there won’t be any satisfaction from them with penetration. Which really makes me want to fuck the ass on the other end of that short piece of meat."


    She had been careful not to mention my now 4" penis, but the gloves are off. Being caged has actually contributed to the hardness of my erections and sensitivity of my cock. Pinkie likes that and particularly likes that I now cum very soon after she starts her hand job. My last release was accomplished with just her fingers rubbing the head of my cock. I was done in less than 2 minutes. Cage off, cum, cage back on.
    She will find creative ways to torture me and increase my longing for release. This last was 2 weeks in the making. We have just had some talk about ruined orgasms which may suit her, as she like to see me cum but wants to control and restrict how often I am satisfied. We watched a few videos of this torture, and she laughed as each man convulsed, shooting cum and finding no release. She will sit with this idea, she isn't one to act impulsively.

    After my last release the teasing started right away. I'm already experiencing frequent erections inside my cage and that sense of longing in the pit of my stomach after less than 2 days.

    My Love is in complete control, what does happen is entirely up to her.
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  15. Thank You Jemima. Every day I am feeling a bit better. :)
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  16. I think I need to replace that backhoe you have with a teaspoon Dear RP. Showing me those videos with ruined orgasms -- oh my. I already had plans, but this just pours it on bucket style. :rolleyes: :p LOL
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  17. awesome story, I really miss it happening to me.

    Has she told you yet that she doesn't care if you ever get to cum? My wife told me that several times, hottest words ever out of her mouth really.
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  18. Hmmm, yes, luckily I'm a masochist and she is a Domme. Tonite I had my first ruined orgasm. It's a very intense feeling without completion. It's been mere minutes since and I still have a hard on. Pinkie is a quick study, her technique was mind blowing. Her hand left my penis at just the right time as I was seconds from orgasm. My little cock just kept going by itself and cum was a flying, yet strangely, I am just about as horny as before. The cage is back on, My Love is laughing and smiling and thinking about how often she can use that new found torture. The way my cock feels, she could do it again now.
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  19. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. This is a brilliant series of updates that I have very much enjoyed reading. I love the fact that your pleasure is now very much controlled by your wife. This is exactly what I am experiencing and the way it is making me love and respect my Wife in ever greater ways is one of the reasons this is how we will continue to live.
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  21. Thank you for the great comments! It is a journey.
  22. I'm still giggling RP. That was soooooo much fun!!!
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  23. Isn't it great when we get a mistress who cannot stop laughing and giggling at our predicament? It signifies their full involvement in our ongoing chastity and are willing participants in making it interesting, fun and exciting. Those women who find it all a bit of a drag and boring need to be shown how much fun it can be for them.
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  24. As I commented earlier, Pinkie give me my first ruined orgasm last night. As described by so many others, she brought me up to the verge, wthdrew her hand and giggled and clapped as my cock continued on without her and delivered a load of cum. It was made all the more exciting as she was busy laughing at my tiny cock and making fun of me. She had started this process with a good round of butt fucking and then teasing up my erection before the cage came off.

    If I had any doubts that a ruined orgasm was real and frustrating, I have none now. The frustration level was high last night and this morning I woke up with the hardest of hard ons and no way to relieve myself. Being far from a teenager, I am not generally visited by the classic raging hard on these days, but this morning demonstrated that it's still possible. My cock was pulsing and straining to stretch out in the impossibly small confines of it's cage and it felt like it was in the spasm cycle of intense sexual stimulation. Any man can tell you about that wonderful cycle of increasing excitement and those delicious spasms and contractions of his penis as it becomes super hard and sensitive as he nears completion.

    Of course, now this cycle is contained in solid stainless steel and can't be coaxed to allow a finish. At this moment my erection has just started to subside, but the head of my penis is still tingling from the stimulation and begging for attention. In prior weeks, the cycle of increasing frustration ramped up steadily over time. Now, only a few days since my last release, the frustration level is at its peak and my cock feels like it is still pulsing from this mornings hard on. Even though my penis has returned to more or less soft, the feeling of intense horniness is still there. I would venture most men have experienced that classic morning wood thing and most would admit, when it's particularly intense a trip to the privacy of the bathroom for a quick jerk off would be in order. In this case of course, I can do nothing to relieve these feelings of intense longing for release.

    Does another ruined orgasm simply increase these intense physical and mental feelings? That's hard to imagine. Considering My Love, as she tells it, awoke this morning so excited she relieved herself, I imagine i will find out just how intense it can get. Pinkie loves to see a cock squirt, it excites her. Until now, she had to give me an orgasm to see the cum machine run. Now she gets the best of both worlds. She gets to taunt and rub my little penis to near completion and then sit back and laugh as it spasms and squrts fruitlessly.

    So, my theory that all men were lying about ruined orgasms as a way to get off has been proven horribly wrong. It truly is a tool of ultimate frustration for any Domme to have in her arsenal.

    I'm thinking of a program of creative and pitiful begging and pleading and remembering what a completed orgasm felt like. Fat chance that will work.
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  25. :p This makes me so happy!
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