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Male chastity’s greatest proponent: Mother Nature herself

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by danlocked, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. It is a fact that when nature brings the need for sexual release into our lives in our early teens, it is almost always considerably more insistent in males than in females. It is well known that boys have to masturbate all the time. It is equally a fact that as time goes by, the balance of need shifts remorselessly away from the male and toward the female. In late middle-age sexual release remains a natural and desirable act for women that should be encouraged. But for men in late middle-age, sexual release has become a destructive force working against their sexual pleasure and fulfillment. It should be avoided.

    Nature chose to make women multi-orgasmic so that they would have multiple orgasms. Nature also chose to have women keep this multi-orgasmic ability as they age. By comparison, nature chose to limit post-adolescent men to single orgasms and to increase the refractory period between those orgasms significantly as they age. Nature’s message could not be clearer. She intends women to cum as frequently as they desire until the end of their lives. She intends men to steadily reduce the frequency of their ejaculation from their twenties to sometime in their late fifties to early sixties, after which she does not intend men to ejaculate anymore.

    This is not the bad news for men that it might seem at first glance. For most men this period of their lives has the potential to be the most exciting and rewarding phase of their sex lives. Freed from the urgent need to ejaculate followed by the immediate loss of all sexual interest, the mature man in chastity should now aim for abundant, frequent, creative sexual activity, possibly lasting for many hours at a time, engaging with women and/or other men, depending on sexual preference. At last, everything is possible, just so long as it does not involve stimulating the man’s penis to the point where ejaculation occurs, which would bring his sexual activity to a screeching halt, for days or maybe even for weeks. The mature man in chastity can go on and on in a manner that would win the admiration of the most sexually active teenager.

    Thus nature keeps the balance between the mature male kept in chastity and the multi-orgasmic female, allowing them to play together for as long and as often as they like. It provides the same endurance benefit for those whose preference is gay sex. Many take pride in living in harmony with nature. If you are one of them, make sure that the men in your life are locked up so that they will be able to enjoy the rich and fulfilling sex lives that they deserve.
  2. Interesting take on things...
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  3. Interesting reading
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    Ohh, I quite like this thought :)
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  5. It has noticed what Dan has brought up, and completely agrees with this. It has thought these same thoughts over many years.
  6. @danlocked@danlocked Very well written, interesting thought, will share this writing with my wife and see how she looks at this..
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  7. Wow what a great way of thinking - it really makes some great points
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  8. very thought provoking post. thanks. ;)
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  9. I fully agree. There is much to support this notion. I would also add that cuckolding is similarly supported by Nature using the same logic. The woman is multi-orgasmic so she can enjoy multiple attempts to impregnate her.......her body accepting the strongest, most deeply implanted sperm.

    Induced male chastity is only helping Mother Nature along.
  10. Evolution made us the way we are. Despite the refractory period, men can impregnate several women a day which greatly increases the odds of a cave baby surviving long enough to pass those genes on to the next generation. People died before they were 30 not too long ago so men did not need to have use of their penis longer than that. I am 66 and can still orgasm 4-5 times a day. Don't sell us short.

    Women had orgasms because cavewomen had no idea of when they were fertile so those who were able to have orgsams all the time got to pass their genes along more than those who did not. Also, the ability to orgasm after getting pregnant enabled to keep a man around to protect and provide them and their children. Since that also favored increasing the odds of passing along their genes, those women who still desired sex even when pregnant got to survive longer than than those who did not.

    Despite religions and philosophy, the purpose of life as far as nature is concerned is to pass along our genes. Nature/evolution favors any behavior or trait that furthers that goal. It is the single thing that if we stop, ends our species. All else is man made reasons to avoid thinking that we are merely meat wagons that transport and deliver our genes. Our genes control us. They are in charge and the immortal ones. While our brains can fight against genetically driven drives and urges, there is no amount of thinking that can prevent cancer and other deadly diseases that cut our life short. Not yet anyway. I was born sterile. There is no way I can fertilize an egg. My sperm are genetically defective and misshapen. I will never pass on my genes no matter how big my brain is.

    Those are the reasons why we are what we are. We are here because our ancestors successfully passed on their genes. Although a lot of what we do, like women seeking out alpha men to protect and provide for them, is no longer necessary, nature does not get rid of genes that no longer serve a purpose if they are not harmful to anyone. If if they were, it takes thousands and thousands of years to breed out genes without the help of science.

    Women also have lots of orgasms because it enables them to have sex with many different men which provides us with genetic diversity that drive changes in humans to enable them to adapt to changing conditions. It would not be good if a woman stayed with just one mate who was weak and unable to protect the family. This is why we are all attracted to other people and we cheat a lot. A lot more do not get caught cheating than do. It is in our nature to be attracted to new mates and have intercourse with them despite birth control.
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  11. More and more I am starting to believe that orgasm is pointless for men if reproduction isn't the goal. A man's orgasm is clearly designed to be triggered by thrusting into a vagina which is the method for impregnating.

    But a woman can orgasm from from methods that have nothing to do with penetration. The clitoris is typically located far enough away from the vagina that penetration isn't doesn't provide sufficient stimulation to produce an orgasm. In fact, penetration is probably the least productive method for clitoral stimulation.

    Many women can orgasm from erogenous zone stimulation, or just by fantasizing about the right things. I have yet to meet a man that can do either of those things.

    I'm starting to be of the opinion that the female orgasm is designed for recreation and enjoyment by both parties, and the male orgasm is really only good for making babies.

    Just my two cents. I'm sure many would disagree, but after having 5 kids in 7 years I view my orgasms mostly as a source of frustration and difficulty.
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  12. I've always enjoyed the religious aspect applied to male chastity. If your not making babies then no reason to orgasm. Its god's will. Who can argue with that? lol
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  13. Er - cos he doesnt exist? And it's fun? Why would it be fun if you weren't supposed to do it as much as possible?

    Why would we want to be locked if it wasnt for the enjoyment of striving for the thing that is fun? It's got little to do with making babies as far as the male is concerned!

  14. I beg to disagree on his existence but the rest was said jokingly.
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  15. Human sexuality is a very exciting and mysterious thing. Why in the world would anyone want to deprive himself of An Orgasm? We all do this my self included for a deeper more meaningful feeling. Human Sexuality
  16. Very interesting. You defimetly got people thinking. good Job
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