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Discussion in 'Female led relationships' started by Kali, Jul 6, 2010.

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    Friday she started off with a lunch date with a new potential lover. He knew she was in a long term relationship and was hesitant, but when she was kissing him goodbye he could feel the corset she was wearing, and when asked, she told him that I had picked her clothes and laced up the corset. His response was "Wow! I guess you really are serious." She thought that was pretty funny.

    Because I have a few weeks without family obligations she decided that I deserved a treat. She took me to a large mall and had a complete set of artificial nails done on me. The technician basically said she does men all the time. She did balk a bit when Madam told her to make the nails a half inch past my fingertips, but didn't say anything. She argued with Madam over the pink nail color she had selected for me (it would have matched my toes), and Madam agreed to go with a more "natural" color.

    This is the first time I've had long fingernails (my own don't grow that well and the stick-on type are too small for my hands) and I am finding they are quite a challenge.

    While she always has me dress in wonen's clothes, complete with breast forms, she usually allows me to wear androgynous clothes and small forms when we go out. I am completely unpassable, and even a blind person would know I was male. For our trips out over the weekend, and there were many, she had me in more obviously women's clothing, with large breast forms, over which she had me wear a light Hawaiian shirt.

    She basically told me that people only see what they expect to see, and to prove her point, one night we ordered pizza and she had me answer the door and pay the delivery guy wearing large beast forms, a skin-tight ruffled blouse, and tight short shorts. He gave no indication he even noticed.

    It was a fun weekend and very nice to have so much of Madam's attention. It was a good break from our normal, day to day lives, even though she had me spending a few hours each day doing heavy cleaning before we started out on the day's adventure. I tried to make sure I was up by 6 AM every day to get three hours of cleaning in before she woke.
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