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    Nov 3, 2009
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    Well, a strange thing happened the other night, strange in its context anyway, my beautiful key holder, expressed the need for full sex, which is always a good thing, apart from the fact that, as I have said during other threads, I have only just nicely undergone a vasectomy, and therefore a little tender in that region, But just the mention of it, had me dribbling like a pathetic, virgin school boy, yes the mind was willing, but heres the million dollar question, would the remnants of her vasectomized penis be ? Also my keyholder by her own admission isnt the randiest person in the world, so why would she, knowing the state I was In, and her usually compassionate demeanour, being cast aside, desire such a performance.1. Because she was horny, maybe. 2. Because she wanted to take my mind off the pain, possibly . 3. Because, like me she wanted to know if I could still perform. I think so!, Well heres what happened, after many attempts , to encourage, tantilise , stimulate, nothing ! it just hung there recumbently, So she reassured me, that with time she was sure everything would be o.k., we cuddled and she let me pleasure her with her favourite, (and may I add) her largest dildo Tristan , and as she drifted off to sleep, I felt my position, somewhere between, her less favoured hand, and that dildo that hasnt worked properly, since we used it in the bath, all those years ago, (when we had an equally for filling sex life)The next night she attempted to give me a hand job, under the pretence of wanting to know what my cum would look like, now. Unfortunately this was not to be, as there he hung lifeless as before, Read as above for the following few nights, And this is how it would become, my key holder becoming more and more wanton, with myself, working my socks off to ensure her satisfaction, until one night, she goes out with the girls, quite innocently, but with a latent, dormant desire, and after a few drinks, these feelings rise to the top. Exposing themselves, to someone else with the same determination, and at that moment, my standing will plummet, to something between her ineffectual servant, and a past memory. well this is my fantasy, actually we had incredible sex as always, and I think I satisfied her, but then again maybe I didnt, maybe she has the same detorted fantasies as me.
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