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    Fifteen days now in chast!!! I had to go clean Mistresses house today it took only four hours. She made me do it in a dress and High heels!!!! Then Mistress came over last night and put me in the stockade upon Her arrival. That was a new experience being there chast. I have the straingest penis in the world, it can go back inside of it self and in that position thats what it wanted to do. but it couldnt in the chastity device so it pulled on the piercing till i was sore!!!!! Mistress let me out after about an hour, usually im there for three hours.Then She let me out of the chastity device to clean up and examine my penis and tease me and milk me, I have the most wonderful Mistress in the world, Im doing a crockpot dinner for Her tonight,As she wants to play when She gets here!!!!!! I cant wait. Scotty1
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