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Lubricant or not?

Discussion in 'Other fetishes' started by rebeccacd404, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. I am in to day 4 of my Chastity session and so far so good, except last night I inspected myself as I do regularly and found my cage to be very dirty. I hadn't asked for permission to open my cage so with cotton buds and clean cloths I spent about an hour cleaning myself. I am clean once again without taking my device off and so happy not to have stopped my session. I think my problem might be because I have been using a hemp body butter to lubricate and moisturizer myself. But now I no lube on, should I live or not, and what should I use? I have also thought about sudacream.
    I would welcome any advice as I still have 9 days to go.
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  2. Baby oil gel seems to last awhile and works well. As far as cleaning goes, it depends on your device. An open design like a typical cage is easy enough to soap up and use the nozzle of shower head to rinse off. If you don’t own a hand nozzle...shame on you, your partner is missing out;).

    If you are not pierced, this is a very easy fix, pull out the back, wash and slide back in when finished...no cheating :rolleyes:. Apply your lube to your freshly washed privates and another day is in the books.

    Totally enclosed devices are out of my wheel house, I’ve never gotten one for this very reason. I try to keep everything in tip top shape, would hate her first reaction to me being unlocked, to be grossed out.
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  3. As I was cleaning my cb3000 last night I found I could pull and push to get a little cleaning room....
  4. Cb3000? Oh buddy, that thing looks like a torture device. I didn’t even know they still produced them!
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  5. Start off with one of the squirt bottles you will find here and buy one at a cosmetic store.

    Then go to Amazon and search for this:
    Swab-its 5" Rectangular Foam Swab for Cleaning and Detailing: 71-4501 (Bag of 50 Swabs) as they are much cheaper than on the Kept for her website. Each is said to last a month but what I do is take one square of toilet paper and wrap it around the end of the swap and it lasts for months like that. For travel cut the stick and use my toilet paper method to twist it on. I am real good at it. I have been doing this for over 4 years without a single issue. You can also mix some cheap mint mouthwash in with the water at about 10-20% of total volume so it does not burn. It keeps your cage minty fresh longer. Also a handheld showerhead helps a lot.

    First squirt front of cage. Then dry with toilet paper. Use the swap for detail work and you are done. I can get this done real quick since it is my normal routine after I pee. Carry the shortened swab in your pocket when away from home. Your keyhold can also use the swab to apply some Tiger Balm, Ben Gay and similar. I use them to clean my guns and other things. Very handy little things. BTW, you can masturbate with them too. :)
  6. Also, if you coat the inside of your cage with a silicon lubricant it will repel water/pee. I use only silicon lubricants with my cage and general area since they do not break down in water and last a very long time making them cost effective in the long run. A metal cage with openings like a Jailbird, are great for hygiene. I have yet to have a hygiene related problem or my wife say that my cage smelled in 4 years. WIth the Plastic ones, they smelled all the time and the ones that were solid colors did not allow me to see where I was cleaning unless I took them off. Even the clear silicon/plastic ones have small openings and you have to clean the entire inside surface which is a lot more surface than a Jail Bird. I am into Chastity as an ongoing thing so I am very practical about what will work in the long run. Not interested in what looks cool, is the in cage of the month, looks most secure, heaviest or has spikes all around that are so long they will poke the guy standing next to you at the urinal. :)
  7. I never understood the whole lube the cage thing. I use the sock method to get the cage on. Can someone enlighten me on the point of the lube? I am uncut if that matters. And wearing a metal “open” cage.
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  8. I'd agree, no lube, keep things as dry as possible, wearing a pad can really help with this.
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  9. A panty liner.
  10. I use a squirt of hand disinfectant as a lube. It makes the tube easy to slip into and dries very quickly and I like the idea of disinfecting the cage and the penis simultaneously. (I used to tell people that I washed my hands before I pee rather than afterward because I knew where my penis had been a lot better than what my hands had come in contact with! LOL)
  11. All I'll say is. @Nicoftime@Nicoftime said everything I would have. Thanks
  12. What's the sock method?

    Hand sanitizer? Care to elaborate? Just squirt a bunch in the cage and on him then slip him in?

    Silicone seems to be a bad idea for him as that is my preferred toy material and the silicon lubes would mess up my toys.
  13. never tried anything else so I can't compare, just thought it was ment to hurt and be slightly uncomfortable....lol
  14. I will give you props for not concentrating on the gear! So many options out there now, just think of being able to wear a device without pain!
  15. Some cages, like the CB3000, aren't easy to get your cock into. If you take a stocking or a sock you can pull part of it through the tip of the cage and insert the cock in the rest of the stocking/sock with the cage. As you pull the sock out of the tip of the cage it pulls the penis into the cage.