Love eggs.

Discussion in 'Chastity device discussions and reviews' started by PuppyMastersPet, Oct 18, 2008.

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    Master and I finally got round to buying a set of love eggs. We have hardly touched the remote vibrating butt plug we bought. I have to say that the eggs are much better.

    They use a simple system, two balls attached by string with balls inside them. Every time you walk the inner balls move around causing the love eggs to vibrate slightly.

    They dont give you huge amounts of pleasure but I at least was constantly aware of them specially when walking on hard surfaces.

    I accidentally had them in for hours toady when Master and I had to rush out. For the whole time I felt no pain or discomfort but I knew I had them in.

    These would be great for sub to wear outside to remind them of their status or for a Dom to wear for a bit of fun. Designed more for female anatomy but just as good when used analy and they didnt get lost :happy0158:.

    Remote vibrating ones are avialable. No web site sorry, bought from a shop but a quick search on google and I'm sure you'll find plenty.
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