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Lost key

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Sporty08, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. After I locked up I thought I lost the key!!! Moment of panic. Found it the next day. Hoping to stay locked until Tuesday...new record for me. Will be a week. Using CB6Ks but need a shorter cage. Wife not to into this so it's all my doing. Here goes nothing....
  2. Just froze one key and will leave the other at work...don't go back until next Tuesday. Three hour wait be if I need key at home.
  3. They do sell breakable lock boxes if you search online sex stores. I feel for you but chastity's is built upon a transfer of power/control. All else flows from that and you are missing it. I would suggest that you get the wife involved. Many guys show up with their junk in a hunk of plastic and surprise their wives with it. Rarely works. I found that simply introducing teasing and denial so that I will have a more intense orgasm, easy to sell. Honey, next time we have sex do not let me cum, only you. We will make it all about your pleasure so that next time my orgasm will be much more intense. Not kinky sounding at all. Did that a few times and then suggested we skip the next two orgasms and so forth until my wife got to like having sex focus on her orgasms only. When I did orgasm I made sure that my wife saw a fireworks show that made her want to deny me a few weeks again. Only when my wife wanted to try for orgasm denial for 3 weeks did I show her a picture online of the CB6000s and explain it will enable me to wait even longer for a much better orgasm. Baby steps. When I wanted to get our girlfriend into S&M I did not show up with a whip and handcuffs. We did a playful spanking for a few weeks which turned into a paddling when I laughed at her girly spankings and her hand would hurt. Then the handcuffs came out to keep me from blocking my but with my hands and having them hit with the paddle. Then blindfolding so I could not tell when the blows were going to happen. I think you get it. It took me a year but I took a very vanilla woman and had her ballsbusting and whipping me full force. At the end of two years she was choking me and putting lit cigarettes out on my penis. This method has worked for me over the last 47 years of fetish play and I have gotten women to do some stuff that they now look back on and ask themselves how in heck did they do those things. Incremental positive reinforcement, that's how. :)

    You will enjoy the initial excitement of just locking up but to be honest, guys who self lock disappear after the initial excitement wears off because you are missing out on the sexual teasing, exquisite edging, sharing your wife's orgasm, etc.. that make it all worthwhile. Locked up with no sex is called celibacy, not chastity. Chastity involves sex but no orgasm. Just labels and both fun things to do, but your experience will be unlike most of ours. Check out the free forum fetlife.com. Their chastity forums have a lot of guys who self lock and you may gets some good tips and info there as well as here. Just have fun no matter how you do it. I lived in the pre internet times and we had to make up our own fetish play. Never knew if we were doing it like others but we did know that we are doing it in a way that made it fun for us. The "us" is usually the key to fun though, not so much the mechanics of the fetish.
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  5. Thanks for the info. My situation is not normal as wife lost her desire for any type of sex or intimacy about 15 years ago...blames her meds. So... I've been masturbating since. I'm a guy. I still love her but I have needs. So the Chastity is my sense of denial. I realize it's not the same but it's what I have.
  6. W
    Well, made it a week before removing my CB6k. Only had to unlock, sort of, to pull one my boys back out. Quickly relocked and no more problems. Waiting on shorter Chinese knock off with urtheral sound. Can't believe how much I want to be locked back up!!!