Lori #7 using two captive rings

Discussion in 'Lori Devices' started by chastrated, Dec 27, 2009.

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    We have the Lori #7. We started with both Lori locks and using the post through my PA. I'm in my 50's and after a couple of months in the Lori #7 there was too much stress on my piercing from shrinking too much. Both locks were like an ultimate denial. But... for us its about being captured.

    We don't bother with the top lock. I wouldn't take it apart even with the tool right in front of me. We use the original captive PA ring and a second captive ring to hold it to the front of the tube. I add KY Sensual Silk to lubricate my cock so it can slide in and out of the tube. If I don't easily slide back in then I sometimes get a hardon outside the tube which is a pain. Inside the tube its always warm and restrictive. A lock instead of the second captive ring works but it hangs down a lot and gets in the way of peeing. My wife keeps hold of the captive ring expander tool. See my picture album.

    Another thing I discovered early on was the large trap ring could be turned around on ours and it presented a downward angle on the cage that both tightly trapped my balls and points the cage downward. It seems more like the #6 than #7 in that my cock is always forced pointing downwards. I ended up gently smoothing things a little with a Dremel tool to make the fit tighter and to round out the edges where my balls slide into the joint area. Don't get me wrong, Lori's craftsman/artist made a wonderful device for us but I just added a little more rounding on some edges going into the cage and around the ring and for me made it extremely comfortable for long term wearing.

    Often times I find that I don't even peak out into the cage anymore. I wonder if a Lori cage that was no longer than the solid part and a bit smaller in diameter would be better for me now. When exited, I still fill the cage we have but wonder wonder wonder....
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