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Discussion in 'Personal ads - Looking for a keyholder or sub?' started by labbies, Mar 12, 2010.

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    Hello all! Im finally ready to take the plunge.:happy0192: After a year of off and on chastity with my girlfriend, Im ready to find a mistress (she likes me in/has pretty much kept me in constant chastity, she just doesn't want to be a mistress outside of the bedroom, and she has agreed to me finding a mistress)

    I am currently in the curve chastity device and the longest I have been without release is a month. Im eighteen and currently in college and am open to either long distance (because thats what my girlfriend and I have been doing, sending the key back and forth), or local (i live in Waltham MA, right outside of Boston.) If any other info is needed or your interested, PM me. I only have two requests. First I am willing to submit to pretty much everything other than cuckolding and public humiliation. The second is that because I'm at college, id prefer if nothing terribly impacted my studies and such. Thank you!
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