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Looking for the best device

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by BibiSud, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. Hi everybody,

    I am a french guy so first : sorry for my bad english...

    I have been reading about chastity devices for a long time, talking about it with my wife which is interested (yeah !) in this idea.
    I have bought four devices at this moment on the internet : a CB6000, a CB3000, a "black jack" (similar to CB6000 but with a black jack sign on it) and a steel-made one found.
    So far, the black jack is the most satisfying : I can fit my penis inside, unlike the CB3000 and CB6000 (my penis is "short and thick", when soft its diameter is 4.5cm, and most of the devices have an inner diameter of 3.5cm which prevent me from getting inside. The black jack has several possible sizes, and the wider is 4cm so I can fit in it without too much effort)

    But I have another issue : my balls are low hanging so when I am getting hard, the device doesn't prevent my penis from getting longer, actually only the tip of my penis stay in the device, even if the device is long. My penis is very short so I don't need a long device.

    I know two solutions : first is another device that will make a space between my balls and the chastity device, to prevent it from gaining space here. But I thibk the whole thing will look more weird to my wife when she will see it the first time. The second solution would be a kind of small belt that will keep the device close to my belly. I am looking for dedicated belt but can't find it.

    Maybe you can help me...
  2. Hi BibiSud,

    Welcome to Chastity Mansion. Your English is good. As far as belts go, the best one made is the Neosteel. They are made in the UK, so they might be convenient for you to visit for measurements. With any device you consider, measurements are VERY important. If you want to wear your device for more then a few days, do not get a rear testicle ring. A Prince Albert piercing is the most secure way to go. I have a personal preference for the Ms Lori devices. Look at the #8A. If you go to the MALL section of Chastity Mansion there are a lot more reviews. Have Fun!
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  3. Various devices have wider base rings.

    Here's a double base ring from Custom Chastity:

    Ghost-Magic-Lock-Double-Ring-White-non-lock-side-300x300 (1).jpeg

    Here's a wide base ring Key Holder Dream (KHD):


    I think there are other manufacturers who offer wide base rings.
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  4. Thank you for your kind answer. My issue is not the base ring but the cage tube itself : most of the devices have a tube that is way too thin for me. But with the black jack device it was ok. I am still looking for a device with a tube inner diameter of 4,5cm which allow my wife to put the cage by herself.

    Now my main issue is to prevent my penis from getting out of the cage, like this guy on reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/chastity/comments/6wknsb/problem_with_low_hanging_balls/
  5. Thank you for your kind answer. For the moment I would like to persist and find a way to use a cb-style chastity device, because it matches my erotic thoughts, because the woman can still see the penis, and watch it struggle in vain, so she can easily tease me.

    When I was talking about a belt it was more an additional very thin and small belt (or a chain ?), in leather for example, that I would pass through the base ring, and close behind my back, so that the cage cannot move and slip on the penis when it's hard...
  6. She can use the "stocking method" to get you into almost anything!

    However, if you *need* a 4.5cm device, then I'm afraid you want a custom one. Custom Chastity (surgical nylon), Mature Metal (steel), and KHD (3D printed - @pedro69@pedro69 on these boards runs that).

    Low hanging balls?

    A wider base ring will deal with that.
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  7. Thanks a lot for all the answers. The stocking methode is interesting, I will try it!
    3D printed is really good idea too, now that I know exactly what I want..

    A wider base ring won't deal with my issue because it won't grip my penis enough. A tighter ring would, but it completely blocks the blood and is unbearable for me.
  8. A wider ring will help, I think. The tension on the scrotum will keep your penis in place.
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  9. Ok, I may have misunderstood what "wider" means (I am not a native english speaker), I thought it meant "larger", so "with more space", and thus "with less tension" on the penis.

    Anyway, I have tried several base rings and here are my results :
    5cm diameter is OK (my erect penis diameter is 6cm)
    4,5cm diameter is uncomfortable, and once erect I feel the blood pressure hurting
    4cm diameter is unbearable : the blood pressure hurts bad, I can even feel it in my head at the rythm of the heart.
  10. ooooh. @BibiSud@BibiSud i wudnt have a 4cm one then if i was as big as you am. Having your head hurting is not good.
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  11. Sorry. Wider as in "broader" or "longer"!
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  12. Got it !! I had never thought about this dimension. Thank you !
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  14. I have wasted a lot of money trying to buy the best this or that in my life. It is a long, costly and fruitless search since there always seems to be something better. I went through 60 guns looking for the best target and competition gun. Even then, I just settled. I went through 12 amateur radios looking for the best and ended up with 3 since no one is best. I used to buy two new cars a year looking for the best in my price range. I am on my 9th house and each of the last were the bests. Shoes, sneakers, TVs, audio systems, etc.. There is no best as it is very subjective and seldom 100% perfect for you. Even if you find that Holy Grail, in a few months there will be something better. Just find one that is comfortable. That is what I did and have worn it a long time.
  15. Ha ha while your choice of shoes would be black, brown, lace up or slip on then it's hardly likely you're going to find anything special.

    The best ones are always the ones you just bought anyway.
    You cant arrive at Best Vinny.
    Like happiness, it's not a destination you can alight at. You're just passing through.
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