Looking for people in El Mirage/Surprise (all genders may apply)

Discussion in 'Personal ads - Looking for a keyholder or sub?' started by zwadstheiguana, Aug 30, 2018.

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    Hey, you could probably tell by the title that I'm looking for a keyholder that lives in el mirage/ surprise. To be more specific I'm looking for someone I can meet up with in person. Gender and age (as long as you're at least my age or older that being 20) don't really matter. Looking to do whatever, we can do anything from the usual dom/sub stuff, to having me clean around the house for you, to even just being a buddy on demand. If anything the best thing in the world would be to just sit down with someone and be able to chat about chastity, our hobbies, and basically just shoot the shit. Like a friend except I'm like you know, locked in a chastity cage and you're in charge of if I'm getting out or not. One big thing though is I have a boyfriend he doesn't really mind if I do the chastity thing and If I get a holder (he'd prefer that my holder be some brawny man looking to rail me and record a video of it for him, he's a perv just like me <^^,>) Any really sexual acts will be done with some sort of protection if possible. Will only DM IRL pictures of myself on request and no nudes until we've met face to face at least once.
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