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Looking for fellow enema loving Sissies who want to share 'the love'

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Precarious PET, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. That is great news! glad you are getting getting he hang of it. It is all in flow rate… temperature and your 'recipe'
    I just 'plugged' into bag #1 of a 2 bag series that I will be enjoying for the next hour and a half!
    Then i will be clean, relaxed and motivated to take on all my chores!

    And ditto @valonaquest@valonaquest said… a yummy retention nozzle makes a world of difference!
  2. I wonder if people think it's a one go situation.

    You really need to set aside maybe 2 or 3 hours for a session and then have nice long calming time afterwards.

    So you start off with a pint or two hold it and release. Then have another go and you may find its easier to take a little bit more. Also position makes a big difference . Maybe start on all fours or on left side knees up .
    Then on your back and roll onto your right hand side . This position can result in a rather deep enema that might keep some water quite high inside that takes time to come out. It's why I prefer to use just warm water in second and subsequent fillings . Even if you have used some thing extra in the first .

    Xx Wendy
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  3. well said Wendy! Great advice!
    Me… knees up as I type… enjoying the warmth and fullness of two quarts as I work my hips on my yummy custom nozzle..
    I cold not be more relaxed
  4. If you first take a out 1 quart and let it out, the second enema can be twice as much volume and can be held longer without as much difficulty.
    Using a double bulb tube enables you to simply suffer without having to practice self control.
    Great fun with wife administering the enema!
  5. I need some help on this. i want to give BF punishment enemas, so I looked up a few things.

    I found some inflatable nozzles, but the most common one and the one I think I'd like best has 2 balloons and it's made by a company called Cleanstream. According to what I read, Cleanstream is the only one that sells what used to be called a Bardex nozzle. While it looks like it would be just what I want, the reviews are real bad. Most of them say the quality is pretty bad. It seems like alot of money for something that doesn't work or falls apart.

    There's another one on another site that has only 1 balloon. It has a thingy with it called an "inflation pillow" or something like that. I watched the video and it shows you squeeze the pillow and instant blow up. It looks pretty big. But then, the site has a caution on it about inflating the balloon too much or too fast and it can hurt the sub. This one doesn't cost as much but seems to be better quality.

    There's another one that looks like a penis and you can blow it up with a squeeze bulb. It gets mixed reviews.

    Does anyone know who makes a good inflatable retention nozzles?

    I saw a 4 quart bag on Amazon, but I read you shouldn't give any more than 2 quarts unless the sub is real experienced. I thought I'd get it anyhow and since these are going to be punishment enemas, I'll put in 2 quarts and some ice cubes. The cold water should keep the soap from mixing in all the way so the sting will be more.

    Amazon has a flow wheel, too, so I want to get that so he can watch it flow in him.

    Has anybody here tried any of those blow up nozzles (or the penis one) or the bags or flow wheel? What happened?

    I want to use this both as punishment and a preparation for figging BF. I read about figging and they tell you not to use lube, so I figured if I cleaned him out good, he'll get the full effect of the ginger root. The idea of the figging is the old keep him from clenching his butt cheeks when he gets spanked so he can get the full effect of that, too. But I'll ask about figging on another thread.
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  6. I honestly had never heard of figging until I read this. It sounds like an extremely effective punishment. What a fiendishly ingenious thing to do to force him from clenching during your spankings. You are scary smart! I would never ever misbehave if I was him. No amount of sexual frustration is worth disobeying you (whining about chastity) and running the risk of that punishment.
  7. Hi

    Be very careful with the cold water leave the soap out at least for the first few , and the ice cubes.

    Once the water gets down to say 15 °c you will find it can start to produce some quite uncomfortable cramps . Get down to 10°c and just like drinking cold water no fun to very nasty .
    So just take it easy and if you get into deep ish and say 3 lts or more your sub may get to feel quite chilled. Not dangerous but very uncomfortable.
    Inflatable nozzles are notorious for popping or coming unglued . The best were German silicone ones but £150 ish .

    However I would say enemas are lots of fun can be very punishing and everything in between.

    One thing I would say don't go far from a loo for 4-6 hrs after you think your sub is empty !!

    Xx Wendy
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  8. I don't understand anything about how enemas work and why you'd use them. Could someone please explain to this naive person? It would be very appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Well you may want to use the search engine of your choice for a more detailed description.
    However here goes !

    You introduce a liquid preferably plain warm water into your bottom . When you feel full up you sit on the loo.
    This can be repeated till you feel nice and clean inside . The most often used adjective use is light odd but very right to describe how you feel afterwards.

    If you are going to stick anything up your bottom ememas are advised to keep the fun clean .

    Xx Wendy
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  10. Thank you. It sounds like a way to clean out your insides, but I don't understand how it's used as a punishment. Sorry for my ignorance.
  11. Mistress B

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    Enemas are both healthy and good for you. Both myself and jemima have them regularly. They are used as a punishment as Wendy has said, cold enemas can be extremely uncomfortable.
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  12. I have the cleanstream nozzle and so far,no problems at all. Another option is the inflatable plug type, I have 2 reg, and large, next e toy will be ex-large. I rather enjoy large volume enemas, but I am a pleasure seeker, not really into the punishment enema style. Check medicaltoys.com/ kpr the 3 plug type inflatables :cool::cool:
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  13. Thank you for explaining Misstress B.
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  14. Hello PET here…
    @Cecilia B
    Back to you original question …. Been enjoying enemas for many years for health and pleasure.
    My advice is all you need is a good retention enema. You do not need the ridicilious double inflatable contraptions.
    All you need is a good retention nozzle .. many reasonalble options available on eBay I will share a couple links.. and if you get into it and want to send some more money you just can not beat a custom made nozzle! If you want to discuss in detail feel free to PM me and I will do my best to answer any questions you have. I also have have fun ideas for safe and healthy 'punishment enemas' (Many recipes available on the Internet).

    Check these out.. all you need to get started! Good Luck!



    compare the price to the double inflatable!?!

  15. please @Miss Catherine's PET@Miss Catherine's PET does them ones with the big roundy bit in the middle stop them from coming out.
  16. Yes Jemima… But the inflatable ones are costly and totally not necessary.
    You have see my custom made nozzles right?
  17. no i aint seen them Roxy, please did you make them.
  18. @jemima@jemima .... PET here .... Using Miss C's account

    Here are a couple photos of my custom 'turned' nozzles... And decisions of my favorite 'Big Red'!

    You can see it nicely seated ... Goes no where when in place! YUM!
  19. oooh I bets that don't come out.
  20. Enemas can be beneficial, and also fun, if made into a ritual.
    Soap is an irritant - that is the idea, aids expulsion - and some people go for a more gentle one, with salt and baking powder (you can google for the amounts).
    Someone asked earlier about frequency. Well, many people find that it takes the body a day or 2 to resume normal bowel activity, so you may want to make once a week your max. But some do them more often, of course, and some might do them once a month, as a simulated period.
  21. Hey Supple
    Welcome to the site and thank you for sharing!
    As I type this I am enjoying 2 yummy quarts of organic coffee on a slow drip!
    I will retain for 40 minutes for a good cleanse and detox then release.
    my favorite way to start the day!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all
  22. I remember being introduced to erotic enemas many years ago by a man I was playing sissy for. He used a double bardex on me, and the sensation of the two balloons gripping my sphincter was as exciting as the water flowing into me.
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  23. Nice pics
    I love enemas
    I also love the creative ways some play with them so love this thread
  24. When Mistress first brought up the subject of enemas, I found the idea revolting. So then, when She went forward and purchased the gear and had me assume the position (all fours, naked but for the cage) and insert the enema, I felt even more controlled, degraded and humiliated. I was promised a pegging reward afterwards, so that is all I could think of while full. It really felt strange to have the nozzle inside while she toyed with my clitty. That seemed to turn the enema into a sexual thing.

    That was a couple of years ago and now She cleans me out regularly. Having my bowels cleaned out has also improved my health and regularity, which is a concern for us older girls. Sometimes, after my "rinsing out", She goes one step further and milks me once everything there is more sanitary. I am then left very relaxed, docile and feeling very submissive!
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