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Looking for fellow enema loving Sissies who want to share 'the love'

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Precarious PET, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. Hello out there…
    PET here a total wet bottom slut.
    I have seen post where fellow sissies have mentioned enemas…. mostly just practice aspect cleaning our pussy for play or use by our KH…
    But I wanted to start a thread to meet and share with fellow big nozzle whores like myself.
    Besides cleaning for play and all the added health benefits of a good detox…. I enjoy my bi-weekly (at least) enemas for the sheer relaxing pleasure they bring me and the on top of the world euphoria that follows.

    As I type this I am working my hips on one of my yummy custom nozzles pretty much the only pleasure I am allowed anymore outside of that given by my Queen… the nozzle working on my 'G' spot… and feeling my body taken over drip by drip…. YUM! done at the feet of my Queen my she laughs and toys with me…. HEAVEN!

    I know I am not alone here…. hoping to meet fellow 'E' lovers to share with!
    Wet bottom Hugs

  2. That's a nicely shaved bottom.
    I only use my enema kit occasionally because its a lot of hassle cleaning up, but it is a great feeling of relief.
  3. I do not find clean up a hassle… I jet view it as one of my many sissy chores and it makes it enjoyable actually!
    I view it as cleaning my toys before I pt them away.. which only makes me look forward to playing with them again all the more!
  4. I'm sure Catherine is proud of you...cute butt, and nicely shaved. Raise the bag and let things flow. One must be clean before Mistress starts having fun !!!
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  5. WELL SAID! THANK YOU dsinbraces for the kind words… I take great pride in keeping my sissy bottom smooth clean and ready anytime my Queen chooses to use me… or have me used! :)
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  6. Definitely lots of fun and very good for your inner health. Also essential before sticking anything up your bum .
    . Xx Wendy
  7. Miss Catherine does like a smooth bottom..but she is not happy with Her sissy sharing without her permission.
  8. Hi Catherine I'm new to Chasity Mansion. Waiting on my first chastity device to come in the mail. I've always been a sissy enema whore even in my early years. I came across my mom's kit growing up, and it turned into an addiction. Nothing turns me on more, relaxing, gets me in touch to my feminine side. I did have a partner that I was able to share my kink with, but unfortunately she passed away! Challenging to find others with the same interest. Catherine your so lucky to have a Queen! Maybe I'll have a Mistress someday too, and she'll make me her bitch! LOL!
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    As wendygirl states, enemas are essential for anal play. @Waterluv@Waterluv your bottle needs to be higher up.
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  10. Thanks Mistress B.! I couldn't agree more! Always better a little bit higher to get things flowing... I intentionally put it lower to cover my face for the photo. Had fun taking pictures!
  11. Oh my God water love I think you and I are going to be very good friends!!!

    Thank you for sharing… I look forward to getting to know you much better!
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  12. OI Hi Charles, Am wearing a catheter in this pic.. :)
  13. Is that something you do regularly and if so do you find you get bladder infections occasionally?
  14. Thanks Cathrine's PET for your kind words! Feel free to write anytime! I suspect there's a lot more people out there that share the same e kink. I like the school girl look too! Nothing hotter! If you know you a queen that's looking to train a sissy, just let me know? It wouldn't take too much training for me.... I'm almost pre trained...
  15. Not something I do too much since I'm always concerned about bladder infections too! So far, no issues; however, I always take a lot of
  16. Have tried enemas to clean things out back there before using a plug, but never really tried them for anything else. I know some sissies love them thought.
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  17. When done properly they can be extremely erotic and very good for you! My favorite way to start a fun filled relaxing weekend! image.jpg
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  18. Sounds like a fun idea, starting the weekend by being locked and getting an enema sounds kinda exciting.
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  19. No water bottle compares to the spray head attachment on a sink. Once u get used to feeling your guts be truly cleaned and filled the bottle becomes somewhat of a bore imo.
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  20. And i dont mean the kitchen faucets that extend out, i mean the side ones like many wet bar sinks have or how many older kitchens have. These fit nicely in ur boipussy and u have endless power, temperature and instant refill. Of course you gotta go easy and in cleanout stages. Just when u think ur super clean you fill up the colon a few more times and u get another round of Hersheys syrup. Now after all that you are literally 100% ready to take on a full gangbang if u wanted to with zero messies.
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  21. Nice thigh high boots Miss Catherines Pet! Very naughty, but super cute! ;-) Enemas can be super erotic; however, some people shy away from them because of a past negative experience. I can't much blame them.. Maybe they had a bad hospital experience, or negative experience at home growing up? As someone who's been into this most my life, there are ways to make it quite pleasurable. Best thing is to orgasm ,or have sex after you're totally cleaned! Incredibly super intense! The secret is to use either distilled water, or take the time to boil home water first to kill off any bacteria. ****Of course, let it cool back down to room temperature before using it! Some people add small amounts (2-3 tsp) salt per gallon to avoid electrolyte leaching. There's all sorts of stuff out there that you can add to your water if you do some online searching. ***The biggest significant difference is matching your body temperature to the temperature of the water. The colder the water the more pain & cramping.. This is why most people have an unpleasant experience (Unless you have a kink for pain? Then by all means use cooler water! LOL! ) If your body temperature is 96 degrees, go up a 2-3 degrees since it will cool off by the time you get the bag filled.. If you've mastered matching the body temperature, it will be the most pleasant relaxing experience you've ever had :)
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  22. Great advice @Waterluv@Waterluv! ChasteSissyBoi I am usually never the one to play 'kiink police' or 'Dr. Downer' but since I started the thread I have to tell you what you describe is very unsafe and can result in anything from ruptured colon to bad infections. As Waterluv said you should never put anything in your body that is not purified and temperature closely monitored.. ok… that said.. to each her own… be careful.

    My favorite gold standard recipe for fun, pleasure and health…
    night before… boil four quarts of cold water better yet purified water (never use hot water out of water heater). After three minute rolling boil ad 7 heaping teaspoons of freshly ground organic coffee. remove from heat and let brew while you sleep and dream of what's to come.

    In the morning strain your first two quarts into a tea kettle or another clean pot. ad one table spoon of sea salt to two quarts. Stir till dissolved then fill your favorite bag… insert your favorite nozzle (I prefer custom retention nozzles) select your flow setting and let the good times flow!

    I hold bag # 1 for +/- half hour … then evacuate the mess… After a few trips to the potty I prepare bag #2.

    Bag # 2: I prepare the same way but ad a tablespoon of organic un-sulphered molasses to aid absorption …
    I call bag 2 my 'pleasure bag'… which I will savor on a slow drip then hold of an hour while I chat with friends on CM, shop on eBay.. or if I am really lucky … serve my QUeen on my knees while she sips her morning coffee.

    FYI as I type this I have my favorite nozzle 'Big Red' inside me holding two quarts working my hips in ecstasy as I type!
  23. I think its official, you've made enemas a fully fledged hobby :)
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