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Looking for enema recipes....

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by lockankeyed, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. now that I'm secured, for how long I don't know, I was self locked buy when i decided to show off to my GF, she told me she loved it, and put a tiny padlock through my Prince Albert and the bar at the end of my cage. she informed me that now ONLY she can release me, and she has the keys. since I've been in a cage, we've been using my tongue, fingers and dildos to satisfy her. She wants to peg me, introduce me to being fucked by our dildo, but she's also into enemas.
    We're looking for not just the soap and water enemas, we've used my pee and hers, different lotions and lubes but we both want to intensify things....so far we've tried (pumped into me....)
    various lotions and lube
    diluted BenGay, stronger and stronger
    Icy Hot
    kethup and mustard
    salt and pepper
    last night it was a whole can of Edge gel shaving creme....
    Always looking for new ideas....she just ordered my first butt plug to hold things in a while...... and an 18" dildo for me.
  2. I hope that you have researched this a bit. The main function of the colon is to absorb water and can be easily irritated. Using things like coffee or alcohol can result in death because it is absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly. Also, the intestinal lining is very delicate and can be easily damaged. I don't know a whole lot more than that but given the opportunity for things to go wrong, I would visit a site with practicing members. I've seen a couple people mention it here but didn't follow the thread or see any practical advice.

    This may be a good place to start > MedicalToys.com
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  3. My GF and I ordered a black butt plug for me from amazon, got it today, hmmmmmm, I've been wearing a couple inch or so diameter chromed steel ball bearings we found at a swap meet, wish we had more, they're incredibly heavy and the "game" is to see how long I can hold things while up and around the house, the fun thing about the ball bearings is that I have to stay clenched to hold them in...we've done cucumbers, golf and ping pong balls, before, I can hold a 9 inch cucumber totally inside me for about 2 hours before it wants out...I'm not going to eat tomorrow, do a couple enemas, and take on the butt plug!
  4. Our girlfriend often gave me an enema and then a butt plug to hold it so I would cramp up. That girl loved to cause pain for men. Her husband also was the target of her sadism. We used wine before we knew the danger since your colon is like a mucus membrane and absorbs things fast like cocaine for instance. How do I know that? We used various fruit juices but some of them burned due to the citric acid in them. Ben Gay and Icy Hot were reserved for my penis and testicles. Once in a while my wife would insert a finger coated with the stuff but unlike my man bits, I could not wash it off with aloe, not water as that makes it worse. I had to endure the pain for about 15 minutes and keep giving myself a fleet enema with very soapy water mixed with Aloe.

    Then I got an anal fissure from a too big strap on and some vigorous pegging. Combined by whatever we were using for enamas, it got severely infected and I had to have surgery to fix it. Since then, nothing goes into my butt anymore, except my doctor but he writes my prescriptions for my feel good drugs. :0

    I have been on the receiving end of the release of an enema though. Not the same, not the same at all.
  5. WHOA!....when I got home today, she was waiting with the butt plug. I took a shower and gave myself several easy enemas with our shower hose attachment, and on my knees in the living room. I wanted to insert it myself but she insisted that she wanted to watch it go in. I guess it was bigger than I thought. I'm sitting here about 15 minutes with it in my butt and it feels like a watermelon. DAMN, this thing is big...because it's my first plug in a while. (I think I'm starting to like
    She asked me if I can wear it all night, I asked her do I have a choice?....she just smiled and said NO and not to bother getting dressed tonight.
    I'm all warm and fuzzy feeling inside, it doesn't hurt, I just feel so full! I am soooo horny right now, the plug seems to intensify that somehow. She just gave me a big hug and informed me that this weekend, she was going to "let me" wear it from Friday night until Sunday night unless the 18" dildo she ordered arrives,

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  6. I have found wearing a large butt plug all night to be very enjoyable. I remove it before work and reinsert right after work for the last 4 days! It has helped to relieve some of the straining in the cage and takes some of the focus off being locked!
    Good luck and enjoy!
  7. I watched the show 1000 ways to die...and you guessed it, someone died.

    They gave themselves a vodka enema, never woke up. Also saw something about a coffee enema killing someone.

    Not the way I wanna check out
  8. GEE, thanx everyone for the attention and the advice....I've heard (years ago) that coffee enemas were bad, and hard booze was a definite no no...I rarely drink anything but a beer now and then, never tried it and won't in my butt! I usually use the shower hose with an attachment for my enemas, it's easier and quicker. I'm more into how much I can take and hold than anything I'm not sure about...I did try adding cinnamon to a warm water enema recently...wow....nice little sizzle action!
    I was more interested in recipes people have tried and liked....still my favorite is golf and ping pong balls, and of course my new and still in....butt plug!
  9. Oh I didn't mean to be a buzz kill :D. I just thought I would point out something me dangers, since something that is normally consumed can be bad, I am even more skeptical of any chemicals.

    Sounds like you enjoy the new plug!
    Have fun
  10. Given that the rectum is a sensitive mucus membrane, much of that list is potentially dangerous (i.e. chemical burns, electrolyte imbalance, or even tumours developing in a few decades). Your choice!
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    As others have mentioned, you should be very wary of using anything from a can, like your shaving creme.

    That said, you mentioned cinnamon and Ben Gay, if you liked that effect you should try using a strong tea of fresh ginger root. Take a very large lump, peel it, and chop it into match sticks - don't grate it. Put it in a very large pan of cold water and bring to a simmer, then keeping the pan uncovered, simmer till the liquid has reduced to one third it's original volume. Let it cool and strain it. It will be a dark golden colour and should have quite an interesting effect. Experiment with the quantity of ginger, amount of water used, and how much you reduce the liquid. If you want it hotter add crushed black pepper.

    If you like solid things up there, try bulbs of peeled fresh root ginger. Just don't lose them up there! ;)

    Far better to use spices than chemicals.

    The above recipe is at least several thousand years old, and the following is taken from one found written on a tablet as advice to a wife from a brothel owner in Ancient Greece. Take some fat (Crisco, or Ghee, or Coconut oil) and mix into it a large amount of freshly crushed black pepper and nettle juice. Put the mixture somewhere cold to harden, the freezer will be ideal. Make balls of the hardened mixture with either a melon baller, or ice cream scoop as you prefer and set aside in the freezer ready for playtime.
    When you're ready to play, let the balls warm a little before inserting as many as you like, before plugging with any solid plug, acetyl, glass, steel etc.
    Once the balls melt you'll be prelubed and ready to take that 18" strap on.

    Have fun! :D