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Longtime lurker

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by MissAmanda, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. Hello all. I've been lurking for a while now - first as a complete outsider and then a year ago I did create a profile. I suppose it's time to say hello now.

    I've been hovering around the kink community for several years. Going to munches and various events, just to meet people and with the hopes that I'd get to watch some stuff. I am very much a voyeur. Not just sexually - I like to people watch in all types of venues. My tendency to love talking to people, as well, often gets in the way of watching, but what can you do?

    What I'm primarily interested in, eventually, is a loving relationship with open communication. If it involves kink, all the better. For now, though, I've decided to suspend the search for a lifemate and start experiencing some of this wonderful world of kink that I've been peeping on for so long.

    As you may have guessed, since I'm here at Chastity Mansion, chastity is one of my interests. Others include D/s (Mine/his), bondage - and more voyeurism.

    Because my voyeurism isn't only about the physical acts themselves, I love places like this. For here I can read about the motivations, emotions and rewards of those physical acts. Why we do the things we do is fascinating to me.

    Anyway, that's a little about me. I figured it was time to finally say hello. Thank you all for your posts in the various forums. They've been helpful to me as I learn about this wonderful world!

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  2. Welcome @MissAmanda@MissAmanda . I hope you find what your looking for. I seen you post not to long ago about getting your first key. How is that going for you so far?
  3. Welcome to the discussion
  4. Welcome to the Mansion!
  5. Thanks everyone!

    @ineverknew@ineverknew, that may be dissolving already. We'll see. I'm still hopeful.
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  6. Welcome Amanda, there's not many females here, so you are extra welcome.
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  7. Thank you, @Joan.t@Joan.t - it sure can be fun to be a girl, don't ya think? ;)
  8. Amanda,
    I'm confident you have found that there are many more males wanting someone else to be in control than there are ladies, such as yourself who want to be in control.
    That puts you in a very powerful position!
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  9. well you are in charge. Just don't give the keys back ha ha.
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