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Long time chastity lurker, first time wearer

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by 4everanedger, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. A hearty hello to anyone reading!

    I have not spent much time on Chastity Mansion but I have accumulated many years on tease sites such as Milovana and searching for more and more JOI videos honing my skills in self orgasm control. After ages of edging and denying myself I finally took the plunge into chastity.

    I was so nervous the first day wearing my device, well, it was more of a anxious/excited hybrid. My body trembled and my heart raced. My first day wearing it at school was thrilling! I brought my key for safety and wore it on my belt loop. One of the girls I'm into said "what's that" and touched my key ring asking about a yoga studio FOB attached to the key ring. Her finger was centimeters away from my locked cock and she was touching my keys! My mind went numb from excitement and embarrassment.

    The cage doesn't really make me feel emasculated, I use it to strive to be more productive. I think about what I'm doing when I'm wearing it and begin to contemplate, could I be spending my time more wisely? My exercise regimen has become enhanced and has my tidiness. I'm hoping with finals coming up it also helps keep me studying.

    I cannot wear the cage over night yet, I do however have the self control to not ejaculate while unlocked (most of the time). Last night I wore it until 5:30am when it became to much. I can wear it all day at school and at work with no issues.

    I'm hoping to learn from you more experienced folk to either help control my orgasms or as moral support amongst other solo players to stay strong.

    *Fun Fact* My roommate found out I got a chastity device, I had mentioned I was interested in it to him before. We chatted about it and he was so interested he decided to cash in on the same black Friday sale. He should be receiving his shortly.
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  2. Welcome! I'm sure that you will find lots of camaraderie here and many kindred spirits. Congratulations on your arrival. Your commitment to discipline says a lot. And congratulations to your roommate, too! My goodness, that would be awesome if you both had the same Keyholder! Right? Assuming, of course, that is what you are looking for. ;)
  3. That would be interesting indeed! I have a feeling it will begin with being each others key holder and escalate from there.
  4. Welcome. thats what we are here for ;). After you've gotten used to your device for awhile you and your room mate could swap keys? Just an idea lol Or you could just ask the nice girl who almost touched it to hang on to it for you :D
  5. Welcome!

    Great to have you hear!
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  6. I have another lovely lady in mind to ask to hang onto the key for me. We have already engaged in sexual activities and I told her I was into tease and denial.

    Thanks for the warm greetings :)
  7. well what are you waiting for? lol
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  8. I feel like I need to slowly show her my kinky side and not jump to the extreme right away. I have many toys I would like to show her before my cage ;)
  9. I have to agree with @ineverknew@ineverknew why wait? Just make sure she's securely tied to the bed first. :p
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  10. "Caged-Cock Roomies". Sounds like that could be on Showtime.

    Welcome, from a fellow newbie.
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  11. So the sooner the better?
  12. I mean there are several ways you can go about this but regardless you have already let the cat out of the bag since you told her about tease and denial. So since she knows sit her down and bring that up. Say I want to explore this with you, treat it as a fun sex game. Its not some hardcore kink. its a just short term game, maybe for a night. Maybe for a few hours. Women love it when your honest and up front with them. And they love when someone asks them to be a part of something. Well i'm just guessing on those last two, women are truly a mystery lol. But they do love honesty. ;)
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  13. This is a good point, I still need to get the point of sleeping in my device. I'm nearly there I think!
  14. I wouldn't worry about that especially if you tell the girl. You two can figure it out together. Just tell her your not ready for wearing it at night. She wont care, not at first anyways. If I could give you one piece of advice, that is if you have someone to explore this with, do it. When I started I hid the trial period from my wife and she was pretty upset about that. She wanted to be a part of the beginning fun. Sure there will be setbacks but its more fun doing it with someone than alone, trust me.
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  15. Like when she ask if these jeans make her look fat. o_O
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  16. "I think you'd look better without them, come back to bed"
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  17. Bring the conversation up while locked or not?
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  18. NOOOOOooooooooo! LMAO Thats when you trip and hit your nose on the table and start bleeding profusely to skip out of the question :p
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  19. Im sure you can judge that one. I think either way is fine.
  20. I like the idea of bringing the conversation up during sex but I'm not sure how friendly you are with her. Horney girls don't say no so maybe after fore play and before things get serious. Then after she's had a few orgasms get the cage out and let her see it, lock it on without getting off, and hand her the keys. Easy peasy! =P
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  21. That's incredibly sexy but nerve wracking! I like how you think
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  22. You could also get her interested in teasing and edging first. If that's already something you are really into. Starting with that is another winning option. Then chastity is an easy step away and you'll already her equipped with the basic tools for some intense orgasm denial.
  23. I like this way, educate her on what pleasures me and get her used to the concept. We have talked about edging because she couldn't understand how I lasted so long the first time we had sex. I explained it was do to practicing edging and enjoying the pleasure of sex over the final orgasm. This would be an easier transition I believe.
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  24. I was able to spend the full night in chastity, perfect way to end my weekend in chastity. I was woken up at 7 but I had to get up shortly after that anyway. Part of me wants to keep it on but I think my skin needs a break.

    Next weekend I’ll be locked straight through the nights as well.
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  25. Just because I’m out of my cage doesn’t mean I am going to orgasm today though :p
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