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Long term chastity- "mental" or "psychic" changes ?

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Nomeduele, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. Hi everybody
    I want to ask real and expericenced users about mental changes of psyche in males, who are caged by a chastitiy device for long term, with no or rare orgasm, and without artificial suppression of testosteron.
    (There was a former thread about sth similar, but not specifically about psychic changes)

    My questions are:
    do you get calmer?
    Is your hornyness coming down?
    Is the testosteron level decreasing?
    Do you loose interest in other women, porn, bdsm or other brain-and penisstumulating activities?
    Are there any other behavioural changes, apart from the known fact of a more attentiv and caring behaviour towards your Mistress?

    In the beginning (first 4 weeks) , it was very hard for me to accept the device. No possibility to masturbate when horny.
    I hope very much, this subsides.

    I am new in this forum, but not a newbie in chastity. Since many years i try and experiment with different chastity devices, and now it seems, that my personal research by trial and error comes to a point:
    First I found my final keyholder mistress as my wife, which likes more and more to leave me caged, and second, i came to an end with searching for the best chastity device, which can be used for serious chastity in everyday life. I found this
    in the Penicap from Lustlock, but it's a special device which requires a PA piercing 5 G and circumcision.

    This makes it possible to go into real long term chastity, weeks, months or longer without orgasm.

    I am now about 3 months caged, now the last 4 weeks wiithout orgasm and interruption, except for cleaning, If my KH likes to have sex with my penis, she puts me in a condom with anesthetic cream, which makes it impossible to me to come.
  2. You are starting off on the assumption that chastity means you have a Mistress in a D/s or FLR relationship. I do not not have one. I have a keyholder that is my wife and who outside of the bedroom, is the submissive one in our marriage. There is a difference between chastity played as part of a FLR or D/s relationship and chastity played as just chastity.

    We just do just chastity, which for us is orgasm denial with some teasing each week. There is a little BDSM stuff left over from our former life, but that is not the result of chastity. I go without an orgasm for a few or a lot of months. I am locked up 24/7 95% of the time because I am semi retired and work from home. Makes it easy. At first we did all those things that were supposedly granted upon locking my penis up. It was fun sex play until the initial excitement wore off. Then we just went back to our normal life. I remain locked and my wife determines when and if we have sex or I get an orgasm.

    The only difference I have noticed in me physically, is that it takes a month of no orgasms to feel that familiar sexual arousal energy that I used to feel after just a few days of denial. We are not believers in carrying our sexual fetishes outside of the bedroom if we can help it. How we play our sex games has worked well for us over the last 40+ years and no sense in messing with success. I have no urge to do housework or be submissive to my wife outside of the bedroom nor does my wife want me to. The biggest difference has been in our sex life. My constant arousal makes for some fun stuff when my wife edges me. She enjoys how I react when her hand gets near my penis. Other than the change in our sex life, the other areas of our relationship have not changed.

    So that is how chastity is for us. I am sure it is different for others depending on their preferences.
  3. FLR means for me (or both of us), same as you say, no submission outside of sexual life (or sexual life without orgasms). My wife is the mistress only in the bedroom.

    so constant arousal is still kept up after daily routine of years in a cage?
  4. I am now 8 weeks in my cage without a break, means no orgasms. My mistress and wife is very strict and interested to keep me chaste. She uses me only in a way, that i can not come.

    In the first 2 weeks it was easy to tolerate the unability for masturbation or sex denial. In week 3 to 5 i got angry, was agressive and regret quite often my consent for this chastity agreement.
    Meanwhile after 6 weeks i don't think anymore so much about my enclosure. But I am still horny in my mind, still and think sexually stimulatin stuff like sm, bondage comix etc..

    I have not the experience if further changes will happen.
  5. I have spent more than 2 years in chastity, sustaining from any sexual activity, alone. During late evenings and nights experienced very intense overcomes of lust. While i think, it is worth to practice chastity alone, i came to conclusions, that either a Woman for relations is needed, either chastity device (if without Woman).
  6. @chasteman:
    the constellation you describe is quite clear: either have a women with sex, or no women with a CB.

    I have a woman who prefers me to be chaste- with a CB on.
    Of course she wants me from time to time- my sex happens then when she likes so.
    So my mean interval between orgasms with ejaculation is approx. every 4 weeks.
    These intervals keep me still aroused...
    For her penetration pleasures with my penis are more often, but without the possibility for me to come.