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Long-term chastity & health questions

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Reizla, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. My wife is somewhat concerned about the (medical) side-effects of long-term chastity.

    She has read somewhere that a male chastity-device can cause prostate cancer due to fluids not being disposed off properly. The fluids that might stay behind in the prostate could cause cancer (and that's something we both don't want to happen).

    Personally I think this theory is a bit over the top. I mean, I can pee normally, and when I'm 'stimulated', there's enough fuilds coming from my prostate to lubricate my CB for the rest of the day :D

    Any thoughts about this issue?
  2. Does anyone ever worry about people who don't have sex/masturbate? No. In what way would adding a cb make any difference?
  3. i am lock in cb3000 right now its 4 months since my release i do get unlock about 3 times a year
    i do not have any health problems but then i get milk now an then also
  4. my PSA count from last week was 0.96 or normal to below normal. i've been involve with male chastity since 2002.
    Those of you that know my Wife/KH (MistressL) and i know i am limited in the number of orgasms.

    A PSA count of 0 to 4 ng/ml is considered below normal (and in some men, 1.0 or 2.0) is normal.

    The prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test is one of the best ways to screen for prostate cancer.
    This blood test measures a protein made by the prostate that normally is present in the blood.
    The amount of this protein in the blood will increase in men who have prostate cancer.

    Studies have not linked few ejaculations with prostate cancer.
    The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) does not link ejaculation frequency, a measure of sexual activity, with a higher risk for prostate cancer, a high ejaculation frequency may be linked to a decreased risk of prostate cancer.

    Please, don't believe me, research it yourself. And my Wife and i are very open to reading other medical studies on the subject.
    So if you find other studies with opposing conclusions please share them. There are many with opposing opinions, but not based on scientific methodology, that i have found.


    Ejaculation Frequency and Subsequent Risk of Prostate Cancer
    Michael F. Leitzmann, MD; Elizabeth A. Platz, ScD; Meir J. Stampfer, MD; Walter C. Willett, MD; Edward Giovannucci, MD
    JAMA. 2004;291(13):1578-1586. doi: 10.1001/jama.291.13.1578

    Related Articles

    Frequency of Ejaculation and Risk of Prostate Cancer
    Graham G. Giles, Gianluca Severi, Dallas R. English, John L. Hopper
    JAMA. 2004;292(3):329.

    Ejaculation Frequency and Subsequent Risk of Prostate Cancer
    Michael F. Leitzmann, Elizabeth A. Platz, Meir J. Stampfer, Walter C. Willett, Edward Giovannucci
    JAMA. 2004;291(13):1578-1586.
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  5. I work in Public Health, which includes sexual health and cancer, and also have personal experience of male chastity from a fetish / BDSM point of view. So maybe I can shed light on it...

    ...Currently, there is no actual medical evidence to suggest that long term abstinence / orgasm denial has any detrimental effect on the prostate gland. Excess seminal fluid can be drained during urination. Wet dreams is another way that the prostate can drain itself.

    In reality, the prostate is only partly responsible for semen volume; the bulk of semen is actually made by the seminal vesicles, of which we hear little about.

    ...Currently, there is no actual medical evidence to suggest that a lack of orgasms or frequent orgasms causes prostate cancer.

    ...Currently, Oncologists (cancer experts) do NOT know the cause or causes of prostate cancer. Too frequent orgasms or too few orgasms is not considered a cause of prostate cancer. However, there are known risk factors, such as age (the older one gets, the higher the risk of prostate cancer), family history and hireditary, maybe genes and genetics, a poor diet, etc. Orgasm or a lack of is NOT considered a risk factor.

    There were a few medical surveys done on men's frequency of orgasm and prostate cancer. However, these were just surveys and there is no medical evidence, no clinical evidence to suggest whether regular orgasms or too few orgasms have any cause in relation to prostate cancer or any preventative effect.
  6. yes seem to remeber you where quite the expert on long term lock ups
    what was again never having an orgasm locked for two years
    no mental health or physical health issue's
    well for me i get locked by Mistress 5 to 6 days at a time
    8 days 22 hours being my longest i find that a little hard to believe
    i have locked for a lot longer when self locking
    what is your longest lock up by a Mistress with no choice when to unlock ?
  7. Thanks for tthe info. I think I can show my wife this and hope she'll be more at ease.

    Considering my age (42 next month) I might start to check my PSA-levels, or at least ask my doctor if I should start doing that already. As far as I know there's no prostate cancer in my family that I know of, but I'm not in contact with my father (and his family) for good reasons (he's just a plain ASSHOLE). From my mothers side of the family, not one male has had prostate cancer that I know of, so there is hope ;)

    @Lokcit - Not sure if you asked the time locked question to me or to dclann / Chaste777. Y own record is a bit over a month, with a daily unlock of about 5 minutes to clean the CB3000. Earlier this week I found out how to clean the CB without unlocking (flushbottles) and yesterday I recieved them. Now I'll be finally 100% locked up :D
  8. One of the strongest connections with prostate cancer turns out to be insulin, so if you worry about it then cut carbohydrates out of your food.
  9. Hi sorry for the confusion it was late when i posted ,
    my post was a more of a reply to chaste777 who was the mansion when i first started out with chastity
    the days when a 3 day lock up was a goal .
    reading his many post's about being locked for years and no orgasm made me almost give up
    how could you tell your KH you could not cope for 5 days when she was reading his posts
    how it is not true chastity unless you stay locked and denied 100%
    when i was self locking as was he was i could go for longer peroids with the odd 5 minutes unlocked to clean and apply cream for dry skin
    however when i was locked by Mistress and my keys became her keys i had a real struggle
    Mistress has been fantastic and brought me on at a pace i can cope with .
    i look forward to longer lock ups as Mistress smoothly raises the bar
    my question was for chaste777 how long he locked for when he was locked by a Mistress and had no keys or choice ?????
    just so us mortals have a clue what would should aim for
    this would help couples just starting out not to try too much too fast
    or try to compete with someones fantasy
  10. The longest period of orgasm denial has been over 100 days, without any ill effects.

    (A lot of what one reads on fetish and BDSM and chastity web sites about the prostate gland is absolute misinformed nonsense! I hope my earlier posting has been informative, from a medical standpoint.)
  11. good answer chaste777 shame its not to the question i asked
  12. I answered your question as honestly as I could, but I'll elaborate further...

    Since becoming sexually active, the longest I have been without orgasm was 100 days (and this was between Autum 2009 to Spring 2010). I had no ill effects whatsoever.

    I have never been locked up by a mistress or anyone else longer than that. The period of 100 plus days was very much self imposed. We all need a hobby! LOL!!!

    I hope that answers your question.

    Methinks you take chastity, fetishism and BDSM a little too seriously. So what about things I have said or did in the past!? We all change our opinions, lifestyles, hobbies, interests, etc, every once in a while. What I said and did in 2009/2010 was then and this is now. Today, I wear a Spiral CB by Tickleberry for fetishistic reasons and as a piece of provocative body jewellery. For personal reasons, I have no interest in having a keyholder at this time; although a play partner in the mid Kent area would be nice. Besides, my new device is secured using a non-standard security screw rather than a key.

    (BTW, since July 2010, I have also been dealing with recurring depression and anxiety, which my clinician thinks is Aspergers and is currently arranging a more formal diagnosis for me. Chastity and keyholding suddenly was no longer on my list of priorities. Sorting out my head became my major priority. So I bowed out of kinksville and went to sort out my head. I am now sorting out my head with assistance from the NHS.)

    As I say, a lot of what one reads about male anatomy and the prostate gland on fetish and BDSM and chastity web sites is misinformed nonsense! Working in Public Health, including sexual health promotion, I am in a better position than most with regards to information on sexual health, cancer, so on and so forth. So I do like to contribute to debates such as this, to help demystify the myths and give medical facts rather than ill-informed opinion. (I had to correct a gentleman in his 30s, who had no idea how male orgasm works, and had no idea that the testicles only contain sperm and not semen! It surprises me just how many men are ignorant of their own bodies!)
  13. I think you will find, Chaste, that lockit is asking how long you remained locked whilst I was your keyholder?

    To which the answer was, not very long.

    I think self locking is very different to having someone as a KH.
  14. I might have missed something amongst the technical jargon, but going back to the original question, there was a statement about prostrate fluids being in urine, I do not think that was properly adressed.
  15. *changes subject a bit*

    I've never heard of depressions due to Asperger's syndrome. I have been diagnosed only recently with Asperger's (as well as ADD and HSP), and my pysch told me that most people having Asperger's are not really depressed. Being depressed is mostly a side-effect with AD(H)D, for feeling not understood why your thought race from one to an other and stuff like that.

    But I can understand that being depressed changes your feelings toward lots of things. I'm there myself quite often, and a lot of interests change for me when I'm in (longer) period of depression. Luckily, my chastity and BDSM haven't changed (yet?)..

    Anyway, best of luck for you in the coming period. Suspecting you have Asperger and knowing you have it are two different things, and it might hit you harder than you think now *hugs*
  16. *bounces in with a smile on her face!*

    Firstly... chill. :)

    Let's stick with the facts, from peer reviewed, medical journals. No-one is 100% sure yet, as knightservant says there are other factors to be considered as well as ejaculation.

    As for this "who can go the longest" idea. Ditch it. I'm perfectly happy for a sub to want to push their boundaries and would help with that. I'm also happy to keep a sub locked up for as long as *I* want. Not longer than anyone else. Not longer than makes me or him happy. As long as it's fun, torturous, pleasurable, frustrating... you know how it is.

    I see no benefit from keeping my subs locked up for excessively long periods. Two weeks does enough for pet (after which he starts to become introvert and fed up) and also enough for me because I need close intimate contact with him to keep our relationship healthy.

    Chastity is not a "one size fits all" in many respects.

    Now... can someone answer JJR's question about fluids in urine please. :) Ta muchly.
  17. What if you don't want to cum to remain submissive, it's not always about "who can go the longest" [​IMG]

    I think the confusing comes from the very fact that there are posts that ask about prostate milking for health reasons which leads people to assume regular release is necessary on health grounds. I know that Master is concerned still about leaving it too long. Although I personally would prefer denial with the knowledge that Master doesn't want me to cum under an circumstances, that way is makes denial easier knowing it is enforced and something that is desired by your dom also.

    I'm not too worried about supposed health concerns as some people have said there are many other factors that dictate potential risks of prostate cancer.
  18. I can add a little precise information about chastity, milking and PSA levels from personal experience, although I cannot help in the discussion about risk of prostate cancer itself.

    I have been in chastity on and off (mostly on) for the past 4 years or so. During that time, I have acquired some self prostate milking skills which I exercise on a fairly regular basis when in chastity. I do not milk myself for health reasons to prevent prostate cancer. Instead, originally, I milked myself as a method of enforcing not having any orgasms between intercourse with my wife. Since then, my wife has redefined orgasm to include prostate milking (she does not see the difference even though I tell her there is a great deal of difference) and now, after milking so many times, I seem to be conditioned to want a prostate milking instead of any version of orgasm (masturbation or sex).

    I am 59 (just turned, OMG!) so I have been getting PSA blood tests for almost 10 years now. I had read that prostate milking could cause a spike in a PSA reading but stupidly did not stop milking in the days/weeks before my last physical (which includes a PSA test). My PSA test came back at 4.6, which is a cause for concern. My Dr. wanted to proceed directly to a biopsy looking for prostate cancer but I convinced him to wait and give me another PSA test first. This time, I abstained from any prostate massage/milking for about 3 weeks and had the blood test and the result was 3.2 (my PSA # the prior year was 2.7) which is probably simply a result of aging and an enlarged prostate, not prostate cancer itself.

    So - a lesson for anyone who is older than 50, has annual PSA tests, and massages/milks their prostate (or are lucky to have someone else milk them) - make sure to refrain from that for a few weeks or more before your PSA blood test so that you can get an accurate reading!
  19. I've unfortunately have had a a high PSA for several years as the result of a prostate infection and BPH (an enlarged prostate). I've had several prostate biopsies to confirm that I did not have cancer. I would confirm jennifer3d's advice that you refrain from milking your prostate (or ejaculating, or even riding a bike) before a PSA test. However, my urologist recommends refraining for at least 3 days before the test.

    He also recommends ejaculating or prostate milking at least every week or two to "flush out" the prostate as a preventative measure against infection and cancer, although he admitted that the medical evidence on the preventative effects against cancer are unproven.

    I guess my question is about erections. My cage (a cb6000s) does a good job of stopping my erections in their tracks. And that happens several times a day/night. I wonder if anyone has heard about the possibility of injury as a result of wearing a cage? I've done a bit of google searching but haven't found any medical papers or even anecdotal reports. Has anyone any information or experiences?
  20. I'm chaste for 130 days now, with much teasing and no orgasm or milking. And still very healty ;)
    the only sideeffect is that I'm totally horny and submissive, but body is the same.
  21. Can chastity make your errections not as strong.I am just achieved my 3rd day with no release.I am a newby and i dont want to spoil my manhood for the odd time when i am in charge and make love.I just dont want to be unlocked now.x
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  22. Hi, well that is a good question :) Mistress Deborah teases me regularly while in chastity and I think that adds to all of it. The longest I went was 21 days with no orgasm, I was milked but Mistress told me that my cock seemed bigger, harder, and thicker after chastity than normal. The best piece of advice I would give you is the device. If its too tight or cause pain and discomfort then your desire to be locked is not worth it.

    I am out currently as I ended up getting severly cut by my device. A trip to the doctor to get antibiotics and to be asked what happened and trying to lie is not fun and then a second cut again but worse....

    So my advice is be careful what you want and wish for as its not the not coming to worry about its the physical damage that the wrong device can do to your cock.
  23. Nice to see that there are some actual studies on the topic of cancer/ejaculation frequency.

    I like prostate milking as an alternative method of cleaning out the pipes, personally. It is soooo dehumanizing and hot to see all that fluid pouring out the tip of a chastity device. :)
  24. It appears that the information regarding the medical research may be a bit off or old. There does appear to be a direct corllation between number of times a person ejaculates, and the risk or prostate cancer.




    My wife recently introduced our relationship, to chastity (only a week so far) not but we did a bit of research. It's not a concern in our case, but wanted to share some of the research we did.

  25. the only problem with some of this data is that I'm pretty sure its self reported, it kinda has to be. So there is always the potential that people may lie for some reason or another about how many ejaculations they had.

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