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Locking shock collars

Discussion in 'The Veterinary Center' started by scob89, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. I finally remembered the third adapter that I made for it. Used a rubber o ring from a old gates of hell and made two short leather straps that riveted to the end in a crossed fashion and then put one of the long points that came with the trainer in the middle facing in. Ran a wire from one point contact to the center point and a insulated the connection on the unit. You have to test it to see what connection gives the zap. This way the trainer can still be locked on and used when the cb is not in use. One time one of the adapters was in use with the cb and the remote control was locked in a fanny pack laying on the car seat. I do not remember what else was in with it, but when I went over a bump in the road while driving I got zapped. Thank goodness it was not on a high setting.

  2. Hi scob89,

    I just joined and tried to view your pics, but get a wrong password error. Are the pics still up, and if so can you check the password?


  3. DC voltage. Only causes pain between the contacts will noy travel like AC CURRENT