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Locking shock collars

Discussion in 'The Veterinary Center' started by scob89, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. I work a biweekly sechdule, I get a week off, then work a couple week, sometimes get 2 weeks off. It has not been uncommon for my owner to lock the collar on Friday and not remove it til the Sunday 9 days later. It has taken time to be able to wear it that long, but has been worth it for her and me. Sometimes the collar is waiting for me as I walk in the house after work and I spend the night in it.

    The training so far has been varied, at first it was basic (sit,stay,speak,come, roll over) but using only hand signals and the collar. With an anti bark receiver in the collar, I am quiet when chained outside at night. I have lately been getting weight pulling training so I can build up endurance and get in better shape. Heel, was a tough command to learn, instead of the shock collar, I am wearing the internally spiked one, blindfolded and gaged, I had to keep up with her and anticipate when she would turn as there is only a foot of slack on the leash and a sudden jerk is quite awakening. I am in the process of adding on to the invisible fence, with currently works great when I am wearing the horse hobbles. No running for me with those on so I don't even try to get through anymore.

    In the basement there is a short chain hanging from the rafters, if I have been very bad, I am brought down there at night and the chain is locked to which ever collar I am wearing. The chain is too short for me to sit on the floor so I have to stand awake all night. Very intense with the spiked collar I have found.
  2. Great to hear the progress on your invisible fence. How big is it now? It must be quite a feeling not to be able to leave the yard for fear of a shock. It sounds like you are building out the plans you described this summer. I would love to hear what plans you have next.
  3. We have talked about future plans and once I find a different metal worker, We plan to have another locking shock collar made, one that will enclose a Boarder Patrol TC-1, both the GPS receiver and the shocking receiver as well as a larger battery.

    With that collar, She would have both a pretty advanced remote training and GPS tracking collar, as well as a GPS invisible fence that is adjustible in size and can be used anywhere.

    With GPS there would be no need for the hobbles as I would be zapped at a preset level any time I am out of the safe zone.

    The stock battery claims 12 hours battery life, with the larger battery, we would plan on 3-5 days of power.

    She has a few remote places in mind on where I would be contained with just a tent for a couple days.

    Just having my collar locked on and her withvthe remote is a feeling all its own, and I love every minute of it.
  4. We have also wanted to get me an actual muzzle that could be worn for days or possibly weeks at a time, but the person the was making it turned out to be a scammer and I found out he lied to me multiple times so I won't go back to him. Supposably it has been done and ready to ship the last two months, but the guy won't respond anymore. So the search for another metal worker is on.
  5. So glad to hear that things are going well. The GPS enabled collar opens up so many possibilities for training and control from afar. A couple of days of training and containment in a remote site sounds really cool. I can't imagine having a muzzle locked on for days at a time. How would you eat? Will it be integrated into the collar as well?
  6. You can read about the muzle here.

    In short it was to be a head harness with a basket cage on front, just like a wire basket dog muzzle. For eating it was going to have a hole in the front big enough for a spoon/fork to fit through, There was going to be a lockable cover that closed the hole and a steel gag that turned the muzzle into a force feeder.

    As it progressed I found out that he just lied to me about how it was going and the progress on it, but he never intended to make it the way we had talked about. I agrred on having just the basket part made without any add ons, Last I heard a few months ago, it was 99% done, Then never heard back from him. Still been sending a message to him every few days, but no reply at all.Still just want to know what happened.

    The GPS system will be fun indeed, can't wait to get it set up, but first have to find a good metal worker and save up the rest of the money for it.
  7. Is the GPS model one that is commercially available? If so what is the range like? Are you planning a small zone of freedom or a large one? It is so fun to hear the experiences you have with this. Thanks for sharing.
  8. It is avalible, here is the website.

    2 mile training rangee
    The invisible fence can be set anywhere between 15 and 800 yard radius, so I can be contained to a small area up to about a round mile area.

    I enjoy talking about my time in the collar, feel free to ask any questions you like as I am very open about it. When I am not in the shock collar or spiked collar I am always wearing one of a few leather collars I own. With the exeption of when I am at work. I consider myself to be a dog, Shepard Lab mix, born in a human body.
  9. Thanks for being so open. What is it like to have a collar on all the time? The shock collar must especially take some time to get used to. I would imagine it is heavy and you must be constantly aware you could get a shock.
  10. Wearing a collar all the time feels normal to me anymore as I have been wearing one for 10 years now. At first it was difficult going out in public because I was just starting to open up as the dog I am and I was a shy dog. Now I look forward to people that stare at me in stores and such, I find it very entertaining to bark at them.

    There are a few that grab my ID tag and read it, then ask about it and are intriged about the whole thing. I normally get asked if I am up to date on my rabies shots, Which I am since I got bit at the shelter a few months ago.

    Then there are the few that clip a leash to my collar, that has only happened twice, first time turned out pretty fun. Second time the guy had me doing tricks.

    Then there are the people that are just flat out rude about it and tell me I am just out for attention. My only reply so far has been growls.

    The Shock collars was a whole different one to get used to. Yes, It is heavy at almost 5 pounds, but the collar strap is 2" wide which helps distribute the weight of it.

    It took a break in period of wearing it a few hours at a time, but we soon found out it could be locked on for an extended period and thanks to the design of it, The collar can remain locked on while the shocker is recharging.

    The weight helps in remembering that I have it on instead of my normal collars. With just the standard shock collar buckled on I would get used to the contact pad and forget I was wearing a shock collar, quite a wake up surprise when I got shocked. With this stainless steel one, No way I can forget I am wearing it.

    Knowing that I am wearing a shock collar really inproves my focus, With the remote controlled receiver installed, It is normally used as a pager, When I feel it vibrate, I must find my owner to see what she wants, If I am too slow to come, The shocks start and with a 1 mile range, good luck getting away from them as they get stronger.
  11. Took this picture while working in the shop today. They are the horse hobbles I use to prevent myself from running through the invisible fence. I modified them to be lockable.

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  12. thanks for sharing. Do you wear them much? It must be a rather inescapable feeling to have those on with your shock collar! How much do you wear a muzzle?
  13. They are pretty restrictly and only allow me to take 1ft long steps instead of my normal 3ft long strides. So it takes quite a bit longer to walk around the place. Thankfully the hobbles have a softer leather lining so they are comfortable to wear. We have been talking about getting some steel wrist shackles with a 2ft chain between them, they would add to the feeling of being controlled, but I would still be able to work in the shop.

    As for wearing a Muzzle. I wear one quite often without being told to. I have a couple that are very comfortable and the one in my avatar I normally wear to bed at night. I have one that I put a locking post on just like the hobbles so it can't come off if my owner decides it should stay on for awhile.
  14. Great idea about the steel wrist shackles. That would certainly add to the control. Have you ever thought of transfer shackles? Those include both ankle shackles, like your hobble, and wrist shackles- connected together. They also sometimes come with a chain belt, which further limits the range of motion of the arms.
    It would be cool if there were some connection to the remote monitoring and control through the GPS. I could imagine a system with an electromagnetic switch that would lock the wrists tightly together, not allowing any of the chain movement.
    I am also curious about how this all relates to your chastity devices. Do you always wear chastity when you are wearing collars and hobbles?
  15. I have a set similar to transfer shackles, except mine include an attached collar as well. Great for indoors, but doesn't allow for very good movement on all fours.

    I would love more electronic control, time release is a fave of mine. Currently making a time safe so I can lock on various gear and not get out until a set time. Going to have a digital timer in it so I can set it to unlock in a half hour wait 2 minuters, then lock for an hour, unlock 2 minutes, lock for 2 hours and so on.

    I wear chastity devices off and on, mainly a KTB with ring or a stainless ball trap style device. Currently saving up for a Carrara belt, will have the spikes in the penis tube and several sizes of rear locking dildos. Once that belt arrives, I will be in it 24/7 once my body adjusts to it.
  16. scob89 and Emmkyu, I followed your discussion about the remote controlled collar with rapidly growing interest and have become a member of this site because of it ;) Fantastic ideas. I have a dog shock collar (plastic) and a dreamlover 2000 Lite. Would you recommend the collar with the Dogtra as you ordered it? quite expensive but is it worth it?
    I bought the DL2000 but my Dom finds it a bit complicated, lots of programming. But the canine mode does work and it is tantalizing :D
  17. Welcome to the forum Donny, I would really love to put together a collar that advance. Would be so much fun and rewarding for me.

    The collar that I have is simple and easy to use. I love it and really enjoy going out for training sessions with it.

    Dogtra is Top Notch. I use that brand solely for training dogs at the local dog shelter. Been going there for years, I still have some old Dogtra systems that function perfectly to this day, even an old 500 model. Can not beat the quality and reliability of them.

    If I had it to do all over again, I would start with the Boarder Patrol system and a custom collar to lock it in place.

    I would not go with the maker of my collar "Bondsofsteel" on Etsy. Not going into too much detail, but basically a scam artist and a liar. Almost lost $600 to him.

    Instead I would go with Dungeon Delights. Prepare for a wait time, The custom items are made after the regular orders are done, However I found Rick to be very honest and upfront with everything. I just had a custom collar with integrated lock made by him. Looks great.

    If you have one made, Make sure the collar strap is at least 1.5" wide, The collar will be heavy and anything less will dig into your neck sooner then later. 1.5" wide will not hinder your neck movement very much, Have it made out of Stainless or have it power coated for longer life. Titanium would be best, but crazy expensive. A comfort contact pad is a must for sure if you plan on wearing it longer then a couple hours.

    My entire package with stainless collar, Dogtra Invisible fence, Dogtra 3500NCP came to around $1200, Worth it, yes, but for the same money I could of had the Boarder Patrol and had a more flexible system.

    If you(or anyone really) want to talk in more detail, I will gladly send you my phone number so we can text or talk. I have unlimited everything within the US and I think international as well. Have to check my phone plan on that.

    Just remember, I already have an owner and proudly display that I do.
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  18. Thank you for the very useful information. I would first have to buy the Dogtra or Border Patrol to know the right size of the collar i presume. I have a Canicom 200, the device is good but simple, only 9 levels, warning beep possible, and flash and continuous. But if you can reach the collar it is possible to stretch it so that the pulse is not delivered. That is why i am looking for a steel collar ;)
  19. I've had a Canicom 200, think it's still in the closet too, I didn't care much for it.

    A steel collar with multicontact pad is the way to go for sure. There is cuff24.com that makes 2 versions of aluminum shock collars. Always planned on getting the R2 version, but not yet.
  20. Sorry I havn't been around much. Went through some hard times and no longer have a girl freind or owner. I had ordered this collar to surprise her with, but I broke ip with her before I could.

    To make something good out of it, I got a different ID tag to let everyone know that I am a stray. The other tag is a expired Ravies tag I got from the local vet place. The collar has an integrated lock and doesn't look like a lock.

    I did all my Christmas shopping with it on and got lots of looks, even a couple people asking about it. Didn't get that much with my normal leather dog collars. NewCollarStrayDog.jpg
  21. Nice collar... and indeed a bit more prominent than a leather dog collar ;) my dominant still uses the Canicom200 when i clean at his home. He calls me with it as the signal goes though walls and ceilings and punishes me with it. of course it can be tampered but then i would be having serious problems as he also has me on financial domination...
  22. That would be quite easy to make a locking collar for, problem is if I remember right, it has to be paired with you phone the whole time. Would be too easy to avoid the shocks by just turning off the phone.

    If a locking box,belt could be made for the phone so GPS signal couls still get through, it would make a good invisible fence.
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  23. I took a pet safe large dog shocking collar and put it onto a small leather strap that can lock on. This can go on behind the a ring of my cb6000s and used this way. I also made a couple of adapters that will let the shock be sent elsewhere. Both can fit in the cb, one is a flat disk that sends the spark to the very tip of the penis and the other just slips into the opening. Both will get your attention.
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  24. I once modified a butt plug harness to hold a DT Systems EDT 100, Attsched one lead to a solid metal butt plug, and the other to a 1" wide ring that went snuggly around the shaft of jr., That was quite a feeling when turned up and 1/2 mile range was impressively controlling.