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Locking shock collars

Discussion in 'The Veterinary Center' started by scob89, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. Found a few on ebay that where nicely made(for twice what you can make it yourself) but it gives a good idea of how to make a secure one.

    This one can't be removed or turned off without the key to the collar. On ebay for $800, can make it yourself for less then $400 (Strict Leather premium locking collar$40, Dogtra 1900NCP $250ish, And a couple SS Acorn nuts)
    One made from a petsafe little dog trainer.
    And the Big Dog version, Both of these can easily be turned off with a push of the button. No fun there!
  2. oh, crap.... that is all...
  3. Very interesting. How do they wear these collars? Around the neck? Or arond genitals? They seem to large for the latter.
  4. I sometimes wear one around the cock so the probes are at the balls. Lots of fin. made it using a leather cock strap and the small dog shock trainer. I used the short probes. Lots of fun!
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    That's where the one in my avatar goes...LOL! Obedience guaranteed!
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  6. Ormond, thanks. My Mistress and i considered such device but i thought that training collar for small dogs will be not powerful enough for a man. So you dispelled my doubts, thanks a lot.

  7. These where made to go around the neck. I plan on making my own version within a couple years, using the Boarder Patrol TC-1 because of it's added features. 2 mile range, GPS tracking, GPS Invisible Fence, 50 Shock levels or Vibration. I'm hoping the next model will have an anti bark feature built in.

    I am more onto pup play so I only put one around the neck. Have put a Dogtra 280NCP down below before, pain or pleasure with shock or vibration.
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  8. We have one I wear around my balls, but I've always been told not to do electricity above the waist. The chance of nerve damage, while small, is not worth taking. I've also heard there is a chance it can cause a heart errythiama, or abnormal heart rate.
  9. Great, that is what i wanted to know. May i ask you some questions:
    1. Do you use collar for small dogs?
    2. Do you lock it? If yes, how is it done?
    3. Do you use it for torture sessions or for some other purposes like chastity?
  10. Cardiac arrythmia's I wonder..jd21029...you might be right. I wonder if I could find a cardiologist to discuss it with me...lol.
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  11. Kir S: Its the shock unit for a small dog that has a remote and seven levels of shock. There is no on/off on the unit. You turn it on and off by holding remote against the device. Lady Sue likes that featur. I took off the collar it came with, as it was pleather and inflexible. I swapped it for a nylon webbed dog collar with sliding D ring closures. It does not lock, but then I know better than to take it off.

    We primarily use it on occasion for play. She might have me wear it to a party, or when we play so she can mix up the sensations she is giving me. Would love for her to use it when she is using her strapon, but so far that has not happened.
  12. Posting an update to this thread.

    After thinking about making one, I realized that the Dogtra one pictured above could still be turned off since leather is flexable. Only other option is to go to plastic or metal.

    The cuff24 website has a couple nice aluminum ones, I saw they had a display/used one listed on the serious bondage site for $1500, so I would guess the new one is $2000+ and it has to be custom made and is not adjustable.

    I made a few inquiries online at a few steel shops and it turns out that a fully custom one is in my future afterall.

    I haven't got an exact quote yet, but it will cost $600 or less and it will be adjustable to fit most(16" to 20", secure, locking, able to be worn 24/7, can switched from being a remote trainer to a no bark or invisible fence collar buy just switching out recievers.

    It will take a while to be made as I have to send the shop a few parts and wait for a few parts to arrive. I also have to submit a drawing so they have a better idea of what I want.

    Aside from the features listed above, is there any other features I should consider?
  13. never tried electric toys before. Sounds like it would hurt alot
  14. It can if the remote holder wants it too. Did some finalizing with the metal shop and the total cost will be $675. I added a better remote trainer with 3/4 mile range and fully water proof collar and remote. The collar will be all stainless steel as well.

    With the design I drew up, once the collar is turned on and locked on, Training wll be in progress wether the wearer wants to or not. Obey will be a keyword for sure. Plus the remote trainer has a 40-50 hour run time and a quick 2 hour recharge time.
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  15. Update on this, I got a little carried away and ordered 2 different collars, One is the locking shock collar, the other is more of a "Medieval" one.

    Everything has been finalized, I got a few parts for them mailed out and they are currently being made. Should be shipped out sometime next week. Hoping to have them between next Wednesday and Friday. Will post pics when they come.
  16. Yes, please post some pictures so that everyone can get another view regarding your approach.

  17. Sorry for the long wait, there where delays of sorts, LOL.

    Anyway, first off these are not my pictures, these where emailed to me for final approval before shipment, The "Punishment" collar is done, it is made with steel, the spikes are adjustable with a allen wrench, but you can't adjust them with your fingers. You can see why in the pictures.

    The shock collar is done in all Stainless Steel, the only things lift to do to it are replace the philips screws with Torx security ones, and add a D ring for leash/tieout attachment.

    The "Punishment" collar was pretty much ordered spur of the moment type deal, I am very sure I will regret that decision when I find an owner that put's it on me and "Adjusts" it to the correct tightness.

    Link to the pics!
    http://s1366.photobucket.com/user/scob89/library/Locking Shock Collar

    The guest password is "PuppyZap"

    Let me know what you think.

    Anyone know where to get a shock collar that has GPS built in and can be controlled over cell phone networks?
  18. Omg that looks very serious. Be very careful with shocks to your neck. Myself and Mistress Deborah looked at one before but estim say don't use anything like this above the height of your nipples.
    slave baby Phil
  19. No need to worry about using one above the nipples, just don't have it right on the front of your neck and it will be fine. The e stim warning is because they don't want you to have one contact below the chest and one above so the current passes through the heart, I know a few that have done that and where fine but never would do it myself.

    I wanted the collar to be serious, even bought a high output model.

    The contact pad is made for 24/7 wear so no worries about removing it every few hours.
  20. i hopes they got your neck size right.
  21. The shock collar is adjustable between 17" and 20", my neck is 18.5, Shock collars have to fit correctly and at a certain tightness. Otherwise they rub and irritate the neck and don't give stimulus very well.

    It was a key feature of this one to be adjustable so I could still use it for years to come.

    The punishment collar I hope he got the size right. Could be very interesting if it was too small.
  22. ooh you have got a big neck.
  23. That is my downfall really, many of the adult locking collars and posture collars are just barely big enough for me. The first ones posted in this thread only go up to 19" so they would barely fit.

    Planning on getting a custom steel posture collar made sometime in the future as well.
  24. @scob89scob89 cud you please tell me what that big thingy is in front of your face in your avatar please.
  25. That is a muzzle sized for a large german sheperd, fits vety well. I have many (15+) muzzles similar to it. plus around 30 or so collars. These are older pictures, I have aquired more since they where taken. gallery_17603_wm_69426457.jpeg pic_main.jpeg