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Locked up loosens the tounge?

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by WifesInCharge, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. hi guys and girls

    New to this scene (see previous intro post!) - but a question I'm wanting to get people's views on:

    When locked up and left without sexual release for longer periods than you're used to, does it make you more likely to 'loosen your tongue' and tell your partner more of your darkest fantasies ?

    For example. Since being locked up, I've found I'm obviously extremely horny all the time, really needy for some love from the wife but also found myself spilling out my desire to see my wife take a black lover. I didn't intentionally tell her, it just came out bit by bit in a teasing session. She seems to be open to the idea or at least she went with the kinky talk while getting off.

    But not convinced I'd ever have told her that unless I was in the state of locked up and denied for so long

    Thoughts / experiences ?
  2. My "loose lips" while being caged have often got me in hot water! Having to think about what you say just adds to the control that She has over me, I think.
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  3. I thougt you mean something else then when you sayed use tongue. :)
  4. What many experience is that they are constantly reminded of chastity since they are wearing a cage but their wives/KH are not thinking about it much. That made me very chatty and talk about things like permanent orgasm denial, corporal punishment, wearing panties and bras, etc.. However, I have gotten used to chastity and I no longer annoy my wife with sex talk and chastity reminders.

    Just our nature to think of more extreme things when we go a long time without an orgasm. My wife thinks about my penis only when we have sex once a week. It is a non issue to her at all other times but to me, it is on my mind every day.
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  5. I would agree. More hornyness = talking about more fantasies.