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Discussion in 'Chastity device reviews' started by Cape Cod Richie, Sep 14, 2008.

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    This review is excerpts from a thread on another forum that started with my purchase of the belt a while ago.

    Review by Cape Cod Richie

    Well after a bunch of extra work I ordered my Locked In Steel metal belt last night.

    I got the Drastic Curve, High Security Penis Tube, V split cable, and Slim Front (which appears to be standard now).

    Thanks to the wonderful Internet I have done LOTS of research about Locked In Steel and metal belts of all brands. Thanks to all who answered my questions on a forum or by PM.

    I am anxious to be able to get into chastity without worrying about trying to get a ring onto body parts that sometimes aren't there. Getting into a belt easily and quickly will mean more weekends and week long stay-at-home vacations in chastity.

    Because of my research and having a firm grasp on reality I will be very patient for the reward is worth it. It might be a process to get steel to properly fit a body (mush).

    The purchase process went well and Jillian replied to my sent measurements. Also a note to all; my credit card company called to ask about the odd large purchase. I expected this since this happened when I purchased a computer online. No problem I said and thanked them for their vigilance. My keyholder (Mrs.) was aware of the purchase since she helped me measure!

    I currently own a CB2000, CB3000 cage, and the Exobelt X1. If things work out in the future I will sell them.

    I'll update this thread as things happen. I always enjoy purchasing things and waiting for them to arrive. Anticipation is a fun thing as we know in the chastity hobby, hehe.

    I was a bit confused on sending in the measurements so ended up sending them in twice. Got a quick reply from Jillian and that's it so far. Patience is a virtue in this situation.

    Awaiting the card stock templates to try them for size. I have read one review that said they ripped. To me that's probably a good thing as that means it was tight enough. If the template doesn't rip then the steel will be too loose. I hope to avoid sending the finished product back. Not sure how the money goes on a re-size scenario.

    Well the fun continues. The template arrived today. It fits very well. Very snug. It looks like the tube will be in the right place. I also put it on and went into the bathroom and sat down to check the #2 situation. Looks like I got that measurement right. The only thing I couldn't check was how the split cables would fit. When I checked the belt, where they will attach was different spacing than when we measured to start. I called Karen and during our nice talk she mentioned that the cable(s) are the easiest thing to change so that did it for me. Then I put the template on and was going to see what happened when I lay on the bed but as soon as I sat down the cardboard belt broke. I retaped it but now I know it is indeed snug.

    Oops, that was quite a delay. When the cutout came there was supposed to be another measurement sheet in the box. I finally found this out on 3-29 (last weekend). Nothing seemed to be happening and my Account Status had not changed.

    I received the 2nd measurement sheet yesterday which has me measure some more using the cutouts of the belt and front shield which I have. Nifty. This seems like a good system and Jillian said that even though the 2nd sheet was a bit late (after I inquired) my build time is not affected. I really didn't care that much as long as I know we're moving forward speed is not an issue.

    The BELT has arrived. Of course I have to go out in 1/2 hour.

    Heart is athumping. Now to open the box. Report will follow later on tonight.

    I have to work tomorrow but at least I can take it for a test drive tonight.

    I'm in. Oh my god. I was soaked in sweat. It's very difficult when standing to squeeze the belt and shield together so the lock will go on. Next time I will lay on bed.

    It's tight. That's good. Bottom of the front shield has about 1" of space below my butt cheeks. The back of the waist belt sticks out a bit so I need to wear a T shirt to cover it. Am wearing just droopy shorts right now.

    I had no problem stuffing little mini me into the tube but had to keep rearranging scrotum so it wouldn't get pinched as I slid the penis tube down the slot in front.

    The feeling of tightness and security is intoxicating. I hope I can pee. I sat on the toilet and #2 looks like it can happen OK.

    I cannot shove the belt down and cannot touch my penis in any way. As I struggled to lock it on everything down there warmed up. I love the feel of warm steel even if it's coated.

    The instructions said that my body and the belt will adapt with use. I hesitate to bend anything till I'm 100% sure I won't mess up the fit.

    I noted the time as basically 6 pm so it's off to dinner for me and then the Testing will continue...........

    Sat down for dinner with everyone. We have bench style wood seats. When I sit down (carefully) the bottom of the shield pushed up on the belt a bit but no big deal.

    The waist is very snug and it feels like someone is constantly pushing in on my pubic area. I know I have a troublemaking penis down there but when I put my hand down there it's flat. Where did it go?

    Next I'll meander out to the garage and see how sitting in a car feels. Maybe a walk around the block if I feel daring.

    45 minutes of testing and all is good.

    I recently got a promotion at work so now I'm a boss. I have been a boss for 1 week and a side effect of this is that my mind races constantly and I can't stop thinking about work. It is good this belt came when it did cause now I'm focusing on something else. It's great how things work out sometimes.

    More to come as the Adventure continues........

    I'm back from more testing. I had my droopy shorts and T-shirt on. Went out to the garage and sat in the car. Getting in requires some care but driving and shifting gears should be no problem.

    Went for a walk around the block; 1/4 mile. Left side of front shield was rubbing a bit on inside of my thigh but nothing serious.

    I was somewhat self conscious of the waist band in back. I can put 4 fingers easily under it between my cheeks. The belt was supposed to be Drastic Curve but the paperwork said Slight Curve, aargh. After getting home I modeled for the Mrs and she said it was not noticeable. Then I put on underwear and my good fitting jeans. I modeled for the Mrs again and also sat down on coffee table with my back toward her. She said she could see nothing. Whew. That's good.

    Now I'm going upstairs and take off all clothes and put on good music and relax for a while in bed. I will enjoy my Chastity.

    I am drinking a fair amount of fluids first because I need to test #1 in the bathroom. Must be practical about this. #2 will have to be a couple of weeks (3) from now since I'm working the next 2 weekends.

    Just finished laying in bed testing.

    The tightness stops when laying down. It's a nice break though being a bondage enthusiast I don't mind the tightness. Part of this chastity game for me is hidden bondage.

    Laying down means my fingers can get behind the shield. I can check how the scrotum is doing. Its fine on each side of the penis tube. Also because of the warm metal it's now loose. I hit a homer on my measurements of the heighth and size of the penis tube. I cannot get my penis out. Even with the looseness of laying down the tube still sits exactly where my penis comes out of my body. I can get my fingers to the top of the tube but my penis will not come out. Of course the tube is custom sized for all 2 1/2" of length and 1 1/4" around of my compact tool. I also am uncut so there's plenty of skin there.

    While laying on my back I can get both hands under the front of the waist belt. I tried to push the belt down and escape but it wouldn't go over my hips. It's 37" around and I normally wear 38" waist pants. Even though the belt went down an inch or two since everything under the shield is just loose stuff that went down too. Since I spent $900 on this toy I wanted to make damn sure I couldn't escape or cheat. I can't. Thank goodness (I think) hehe......

    I didn't use any lube when installing the belt so when my penis heated up it basically stuck to the inside of the plastic coated tube. I cannot get out. Perfect.

    For some reason I received the ventilated tube instead of the High Security Tube I ordered. Could be my small size. I sent an e-mail. They owe me some money. Since it's ventilated I grabbed a Q tip to do some checking. I managed to get it into the farthest hole on the side of the tube on 1 side and there was my penis. I put the Q tip into the drainage slot where the pee comes out and it touched my penis tip about 1/2" in. I then got up and straddled the corner of the bed and humped for all I was worth. Then I put the Q tip in the drainage hole again. My penis was somewhat hard and I only had 1/4" of Q tip in the slot till it touched the tip of my little troublemaker. Now I knew that the tube was doing its job. I could barely get hard and if I did the tube stopped everything. I love custom stuff.

    I am not missing them stupid rings at all. I'm high and tight so ring devices have always been a Go or NoGo deal. Now I just fill the penis tube and lock up. I don't care if my scrotum is loose and droopy or cold and retreated. It's not an issue.

    I've been in the belt for 3 hours now and it's all good. I'm going till tomorrow morning. This way I can test morning wood and going to the bathroom.

    Here's the rest of my initial review.

    I wore the belt for 12 hours. 6 pm - 6 am.

    First thing I noticed was that it seemed to be stopping me from urinating. I'm compact and the downward angle of the little fellow my be hindering #1. I drank a lot of fluids early in the evening and finally went about 10 pm. I had to spread my legs and lean forward and out it came (the pee that is). I cleaned up as best I could but after I walked downstairs I noticed a drop on my droopy shorts. I went back upstairs and used a hair dryer on the shorts and then on the belt.

    I found that things get warm and sweaty down there so I twice used some powder to dry things.

    At 2:30 am I got the morning wood. Due to the custom size penis tube I swelled a bit and then hit the wall. Just a tight sensation. Went to the bathroom and all was good again. Much better than the ring devices where they wanted to tear my testicles off!

    Got up at 6 am for work. I found that one needs to separate the 2 keys to unlock the lock as there's not much room to turn it. Unlocked the belt while lying on my back which reduces the pressure on the connection point ( I'll do this from now on to install the belt also). I smelled the penis tube and the front shield and they were horrible. I washed the tube and the belt twice and they cleaned up nicely.

    I think that the whole belt needs to come off once a day for cleaning. I can coordinate this for the morning so I don't have to worry about going #2 and pooping up the belt even though I don't think it will be a problem since I tried to avoid it by super careful measuring.

    Previously I mentioned that due to a job promotion I was having trouble sleeping due to a racing mind that wouldn't stop at night. The Mrs says I slept like a rock last night. It seems when I'm Locked In Steel my brain (both of them) think of something else and I can shut off the job. This is an added benefit of top end chastity. I told the Mrs (Keyholder soon again after test drive over) that I will put on the belt every time I'm not working. It goes on quick and easy compared to those darn rings.

    After my shower tonight I will put it on again and for a test try a little AstroGlide for lubricant (water based OK according to directions).

    Oh, one little thing I noticed was a minor red spot at the rear of my crown (penis part up front) from the nub inside the tube which is coated end of the stud that slides down the slot of the front shield. The spot was gone in 1 or 2 hours; no pain or irratation. Maybe the lube will help. Not a major issue considering I broke all the rules by going 12 hours my first time.

    Okay to wrap this up:

    Pros: Easy to install,Hides well under clothing, Can't get erect or masturbate, easy to clean.

    Cons: Expensive, patience required till delivery, communication shaky at times.

    If anything else occurs worth mentioning concerning my continued test drive of this fantasy made into reality I will post on this thread; otherwise I'll probably post any adventure in the Chastity Section.

    Thanks for reading and I hope I've helped someone who's thinking of making the big jump to Full Metal Chastity. And a 2nd thanks to all who helped me get informed before I spent the $ to turn a fantasy into reality.
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    I recently purchased an LIS belt too, a little before CCR did. I agree with everything said above.

    I also can't stress too much that it needs to fit well to be comfortable and secure, which means it needs to be very snug. I was only peripherally aware of this when I confirmed my measurements. As a result, mine's in New Hampshire right now having a new belt put on it. With some lube I could probably have slid the entire belt down and stepped out of it.

    It should be comfortable and very effective when I get it back.
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    Back again.....That's pretty much the review. I have more on this experience which is part continued review and part blog which I'll post on my other threadThe Fun of Cape Cod Richie.
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