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Locked back up after a decade away from the hobby..

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by denied_joey, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Wow. Until recently I had not been on Chastity Mansion in a long time. Back in the day, I played with the cb-x series of devices, having owned 3 of them. My cb-2000 broke. I also had two 3000s, clear and black. One day, my clear one popped apart at the seam while I had a straining erection. It grabbed, pinched ... and long story short, after much crying, cursing and far too long fumbling to get my key, I swore that I would never again click a lock.

    For quite a while, I did okay. I wasn’t masturbating too often and I behaved myself. Lately though, I have noticed that I have been jerking off too much. So the idea began to swirl in my head...

    Yesterday, I went to the local adult bookstore. I had nothing special in mind, just wanted to get myself something for my birthday, which is today. Lo & behold, I found a reasonably priced silicone device with a stainless steel ring. From the second that I saw it, I knew that it was a sign.

    So here I sit, locked up for the first time in about a decade. Meanwhile, it’s my 42nd birthday and for the first since I began jerking off as a teenager, I am not going to orgasm on my birthday.
  2. Happy Birthday :confused: I guess. Also welcome back to CM.
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