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    It's time She said, looking up at the clock high on the wall. Lockdown starts in 6 hours and you'll need to be home by then. Go and get yourself ready and wait for me. You have 5 minutes.

    He quickly made his way to the spare room, undressed and neatly placed all his clothing i the bottom of the wardrobe. From his bag he took the corset and with difficulty clasped it around his waist. Hooking the laces over the wooden bedpost he slowly walked forward until they would tighten no more. Carefully he held them while working the ends into a bow behind his back and double knotting it to ensure it didn't slacken.

    The increased pressure on his body forced his cock to strain and bulge against the unyielding bars of the chastity cage - the one item he had no way to remove. He sat on the bed and carefully pulled the stockings up each leg, attaching the suspenders fro his corset to hold them in place. The pvc maid's uniform came next, black, tight and very short it scarcely concealed his buttocks when standing, never mind when bent over.

    The heels were high, black and locked tightly round his ankles, throwing his balance off as he tried to stand. With difficulty he struggled to his feet, pulled the hood tight over his head and snapped the cuffs closed behind his back just as the door started to open.

    Wordlessly She entered the room, inspecting him like an insect on a specimen tray at the museum. Satisfied, She turned him round to face the bed and kicked his legs wide apart. She fastened a spreader between his ankles, then chained each one tightly the the corners of the bed locking his legs in place so he couldn't move them.

    A quick shove and he fell forward, the high mattress allowing him to bend at the hips. The corset ensured his waist and back remained absolutely straight and forcing him into a head down, ass up position. quickly She secured a rope from the cuffs to the far side of the bed, pulling his arms up and forcing him to keep his head down on the bed, immobile.

    Without a word She slid Her strapon deep into he exposed ass, ignoring his muffled moans as She set about Her work. Thrust after thrust drove deep into him. driving precum immediately from his prostate. As the thrusting intensified precum became cum, oozing out of his caged cock and onto the plate She'd placed below him. The pegging continued until no more cum could be extracted then stopped as abruptly as it started.

    He felt himself being untied & helped to his feet. the hood was removed and he saw the plate covered in his hot, sticky juices. She held it to his face. 'Lick.' He knew at once it wasn't a request and, gagging with each mouthful, licked his cum from the plate and swallowed it. Finally the plate was clear. His cuffs were undone and he stood, still spread wide, before Her.

    'Now, I need to make sure you are truly empty.' His hands were cuffed to his thighs and electrodes attached to his perineum and his cage. A large, inflatable gag was buckled into his mouth and completely inflated. 'This will hurt' She said with an evil smile as She turned the power on. Instantly his muscles clenched, then released and clenched again as each agonizing pulse ripped through them. He felt his balls squeezing and could only watch as the very last drops of semen were forced from his cock. Finally, there was no more and She turned off the machine.

    His bindings were released and She helped him stand. Moving close She unzipped the dress and let it fall to the floor. She kissed him deeply and reached into his bag for the keysafe. Slowly, she dialed in the combination. Taking the key She removed the chastity device. Handing him a wipe She ordered him to clean up as She watched. When he finished She slipped a tight, elastic ring over his cock & balls, then took him into Her mouth. He couldn't help but get rock hard, the ring trapping the blood in his cock and Her skillful tongue teased and tormented him.

    She lay on the bed, opened Her legs and issued Her orders.'Fuck me. Fuck me till I can't stand to cum any more, then fuck me harder. You can't get soft, and you can't cum...now, pleasure me!'

    The next hour passed in what seemed like minutes, filled with sweating bodies, grunts, moans and the sounds of ecstasy. When it was over, both lay spent in each other's arms. She looked up as the alarm chimed..10.30....'time to go'

    She helped him remove what was left of his clothing. The corset was rolled up and put away, along with the heels. The stockings were shredded and fit only for the bin. So they both stood, naked. He held the chastity device out to Her but She shook Her head. 'No.' She opened the drawer of the bedside cabinet and produced a brand new belt, not a cage, which She fastened around His waist. It was very tight and completely covered his cock and balls.He knew at once there would be no escape from this belt.

    'This one has two keys. One stays with you , sealed in it's plastic, tamper proof bag. The other stays with me. Use the key you have for any reason other than a medical emergency and you'll never, ever see me again. You're only getting the key because of the situation we're in...don't abuse My trust!...'

    She smiled, watching him dress, knowing that for the next 12 weeks he was truly helpless...and wondering just how long it would take for him to discover the key was a fake.....
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