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lockable heels

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by chastityslave, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. hi, just wondered of anyone can help out, im in search of some lockon high heels, not sure wheather to go for the sexy little shoes or boots, be it ankle, calf or thigh, and also looking to add to my collection of clothing and sexy outfits, anyone got any ideas or help?
  2. thanks, ill have to get myself a pair soon and upload the pics for all to see, also anyone have any ideas for any new outfits? and lockable dresses? corsets or anything else that serve as humiliation or punishment?
  3. Have you tried Google? It has this little box and you type in what you are looking for and it makes all sorts of suggestion....sorry for the sarcasm:tongue:
  4. i have tried google but couldnt really turn up anything, must be typing the wrong things in lol
  5. Locking heels

    Years ago Mistress L invented a locking system that will work on any shoe or boot. A leather belt or dog collar as we have been using. Our collar is 26" long and by starting under the shoe just ahead of the heel,come up over the shoe and around the back of the ankle and do up the belt to the buckle.Then all that is required is enlarging the nearest hole to accept a lock
  6. I have been searching for a few days for the ideal pair of lockable heels to answer to this thread. I remembered finding them sometime ago on line and lot the link. However today I found it.

    Ultimate Lockable Heels - Stainless Steel

    What you all think?

    Who would like to be locked into them? (I know I'd love to be locked into them)
  7. Any leather shoe with a strap can be made into a lockable shoe. Just make one of the buckle holes large enough to put a lock through.
  8. much cheeper way go to your local hardwear store get a lengh of lightchain & two padlocks small wraping the chain in a fig of 8 around sole of shoe and ankle, lock padlock in the centre of the 8 ,photo of this in my albums, hand keys to mistress or do this in the morning and chuck keys in to the garden/yard you get release when you find nerve to go out side in heels
    curtsy tvsue
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