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    Hi everybody she's like I've been gone forever even though it's only been since March.
    So after a few months of working on our relationship, the wife and I have come to a what I believe understanding. She understands that I have a cuckold fantasy and to desire to be cuckolded. I understand that she at the current moment doesn't want this to be any more than fantasy.
    She also understands that it's part of who I am. And I know that even though it won't come out of the realm of fantasy that it's okay to role play with her about it and she's good at role-playing along. She said she thinks it's weird but she sees how horny gets me so she's okay with it. I'm not pressuring her into it and I'm okay with it just being a fantasy. And while she does find me wanting to be a submissive odd she does play along. However there is some areas for her that are a no-go and I accept that these are stuff like wearing ladies underwear wearing ladies cloths using dildos for anal pleasure on myself, and anal on her.
    Now on to chastity she likes the idea of playing but not full time like on a Friday night in and out on Saturday thing. Since I was last on here we have bought two realistic dildos with larger than myself one being about 10 inches long and 6 in girth and the other one being about 8in long with 5in girth she uses them in her vagina only she thinks sucking on them and other acts are just weird and that's ok. Diaper wearing is also another no go and that's ok. I think these past couple of months especially during the mandatory quarantine we really learned about each other sex lives and what we both like and don't like found it we have quite a few things in common example she likes to spank me and be dominating but not all the time just fine because she likes me be dominating sometimes which I like doing but I found out she was okay with role-playing a cuckold fantasy. That's enough about this sex life

    We also connected on the emotional level to. She learnt that my anxieties and manic depression where confusing to her she understands now she knows that sometimes I have my bad days and that's okay cuz she's there for me I also told her how fustrated I was with not becoming pregnant At first she thought I was mad at her but then I said no I'm just mad at the situation we talked about it for what seems like hours and we came to the conclusion that maybe we're just not ready so she's going to go back on the pill. I also really connected with the wife in ways that I never thought possible. I feel like our relationship has better than ever she even came to one of my counselling sessions for support.
    Trust and support level has really ramped up.

    Also I started hitting the gym and exercising at home as well as dieting better after she started because she felt self-conscious because she thought I don't find her attractive and that's why I had all these fantasy explain to her that was not the case she understand however she wants to lose weight still and I told her we lose it together.

    Personally I went down from 250 to just under 240 took about 2 months but I'm on the right track never felt happier or more satisfied with my relationship I thought I'd never come back to this site as some people notice by my profile being private as well as all my pictures disappearing.

    I will come on here periodically to chat and to View and or post on the forums I understand this is quite the long post however I just felt as if I should explain my absence as well as how I'm doing I saw some of the messages on some of my posts and a lot of you were pulling for me so I thank you.

    Part of our new no secrets model that me and my wife have is well no secrets so if I do post pictures again it'll be because she said it was okay.

    Anyways going to be online for the next little while she's working the late shift so she won't be home till 10:30 or so if anyone wants to chat cool yes she knows that I'm on this
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