Letter to my cuckold hubby

Discussion in 'Member fiction' started by dollyanne, Mar 10, 2009.

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    To my cuckold hubby

    Honey, I know you read this forum from my computer while Im not around, and I know you probably have seen the stories about the times people thought I was cheating on you. You and I both know the truth now though, dont we? How you orchestrated the whole thing to keep me from straying. How you enlisted your friends to keep me satisfied, so you could focus on your work and keep me from finding some stranger. Well, it worked didnt it? You made the money and I had a great sex life. And I have to say that Im no longer angry about it, and Im glad the way things have turned out.

    Since everything is now in the open between us, you know you dont have to worry anymore about me cheating behind your back. You can watch me twirl and lift my skirt while flirting and dancing in high heels with my lovers when we go out and they seduce me with chatting, caressing, and plying me with drink. And later, when I take them home, you get to hear me moan as you watch them take charge of me, strip me naked, and fuck me. That turns you on doesnt it honey?

    And if you cant be there, you know Ill call you and give you some tantalizing descriptions of which lover Im with, where were at, and what we are doing. And Ill tell you as you lick me that night, or the morning after, how he felt, what he was like, what a wonderful lover he was. I know you like those kinky details, dont you baby?

    But I do think its only fair that I let you know that Ive met some wonderful guys lately, honeyeven husband material. And yes, I have developed feelings for some of them. So, am I going to leave you? No, of course not. But you need to know that it wouldnt be hard for me to fall in love with one or more of these hunks. I could see it happen and I think you should know that. I dont want you to worry, and I dont want you to think that I would ever leave you for another man, even if he was a superior lover. (Sorry, but theres no contest really, honey. You know that. I did tell everyone here how inadequate you were. I hope you dont mind, but it IS the truth.)

    So dont fret, honey. I wont leave you, not now anyway. Not as long as you are dedicated, devoted, and attentive to my needs inside and outside the bedroom. I dont think it would hurt though, for you to improve your oral skillsdoing it more often and more lovingly. And honey, I love your foot and body massages soooo much. Its just thatwell, it might be a good idea to do them more often just nowdaily would be nice. (And sweetie, its great when you wear your pink sissy panties while doing it. I love the little tent and the big gooey wet spot you make in them! Its so cute!)

    Yes, it does make my pussy ache deep inside for one of my lovers big hard cocks, but you know thats what the thick black dildo and the vibrators are for, honey. You can use them on me and pretend that you are one of my lovers. You know that kinky game we playour little secret. If you do it really wellwho knowsmaybe I wont need the real thing so often. (UmmmmIm so wet and Johns nice big real thing sounds soooo good right now...but I digress.)

    Honey, I shouldnt have to remind you of your chores around here. Now, I know you are busy, but you shouldnt neglect your dutiesnot now. The house needs a thorough dusting and vacuuming. The commodes and showers need scrubbing. You need to keep the pool clean and the water level up. And I saw a lot of weeds growing in our back yard. My car could use a good washing, waxing, and cleaning too. It wouldnt hurt if you did some grocery shopping also and cooked a little more using that pretty pink lace apron I got you. Serving me in bed with a tray would be nice too. And Hon, the garage, do I really need to mention the garage? You said you would clean it, didnt you? Well?

    Of course, now is not the timeand, as we have agreed, it is never the timefor you to complain, criticize, or argue with me. Especially not now, when I am surrounded by these delicious new lovers. (Hon, there are even cuckold wannabes here who I think would really want a woman like menot that I would be interested in that right now.) I would be extra courteous and polite if I were you: open doors, listen to me when Im talking, look into my eyes with attention and devotion. Now is NOT the time for me to see you looking at another woman either. You know not to ever do that honey. Not ever. Do you hear me?

    Oh, and I think its time for you to get me some new lingerie, dont you think so, baby? Something special for my lovers that they havent seen me in before. Something sexy and daring. Something that would turn you on and make you hot too if you were my lover. You know the kind of sheer silk, satin, and lace that they and I like. Pink or lavender or wedding-white would be nice. And if you want to get yourself a new baby-doll nightie too, its OK sweetie. You deserve it for taking care of me so well, and I like it more and more when you are my little sissy. (I told the people here about your sissy tendencies too, honey. I knew you wouldnt mind.)

    Something in red or hot pink would be nice to go with your panties. I think it would look good in a photo too if I decided to post one of you here. (Not that Im going to do that, honeyits just a thought, so dont be alarmed. Its just something to think about.)

    I know you want me to control your sexuality with a chastity device, honey, and I plan to do that soon. I know Im over planning, but my research is just about completed on it, and I will probably post your chastity rules here for comment. You might keep an eye out for it. It will also give you a chance to re-consider if its more than youve bargained for. Just keep in mind that once we get started, you won't be able to back out, honey. It could be forever.

    Your loving wife,

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