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Legit Medical/Anatomical Question - Edema/Swelling?

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by quietsev, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. Hey y'all. I found another thread on here about edema, but it's been quiet for a few years, so I thought I'd start something new. Feel free to link me to the answer if you've seen it elsewhere.

    After wearing my cage (CB6000) overnight, I find my penis a little swolen - and not in a "fun" way. It doesn't hurt or cause discomfort, but it's puffy with, like retained fluid? I think the medical term is edema, and I know that it's a side effect of vascular problems - diabetes, etc. In this case, it can't be that, but I can't figure out how dangerous it is. Until I do, I don't want to wear my cage long-term, which is too bad, because I want to try it out.

    Does anyone have experience with this? Is it that the cage is too small? What has been your solution?
  2. I've experienced edema to varying degrees in nearly every device I've tried. Even the device I wear now - custom made, perfect fit - causes edema some mornings if Ive had a particularly hard night of erections. But with a little adjusting it settles itself out in a couple hours.

    If the edema doesn't go away (without removing the device), it is so bad that the skin is taught and firm, then you've got to try another device or different size rings etc. if it goes away withtin a reasonable time frame and doesn't get very firm, then you can usually wait it out.

    NOT A DOCTOR (disclaimer)
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  3. Not a major concern if alleviated promptly as Thatguy pointed out, but can lead to major complications if left unchecked. Penis pumpers actually aim to achieve this effect...

    Be careful and listen to your body. :)

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