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Learning cum cleanup -- with a goal in mind

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Evgeny, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. I much enjoy the leather clothes of my girlfriend. We often have play sessions where I worship her leather clothes, like licking her boots or kissing her bottom while she is sitting on my face. There are plenty of videos out there of people cumming on boots or leather clad bottoms. In some of the videos you see the guy cleaning up with his tongue afterwards.

    So I want to cum on boots as well. We have some old riding boots which I did cum on a couple of times, I always cleaned up with a paper towel. For the hot leather boots I have suggested to her that the only way I would be allowed to cum on them is if I clean up with my tongue. This is so humiliating and also makes this something very special that I have to work for.

    After the orgasm I always notice a distinct drop in fascination for actually following through, like probably almost everybody has. Reading various things has told me that practicing before orgasm makes the difference. So yesterday was the first time she actually did it to me. Wearing leather gloves she has fed me my own precum. The taste was quite bearable at first. After a while it got thicker and also a bit sour. I did not quite like the taste, but projecting my wish of her expecting me to suck it off kept me going and made this whole thing so hot! After cumming, as expected, I lost interest in sucking off the white stuff from her glove, so I just cleaned up with a paper towel like usual.

    This is just roaring in my head right now. I just want her to tie me down to the bed and give this thing another go, perhaps being a little more pushy the next time. The first time she just held her glove in front of my mouth and I pushed out my tongue without being asked. Next time I would really like her to give me some encouraging whispers like “open up” or “you better show more initiative when you want to cum on my boots”.

    I really hope we find some time in the next days to continue on this exciting path!
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  2. Yesterday she took some time to further play this game, I was so excited! She already went brushing her teeth, so I undressed and put on the leather wrist cuffs and hooked one up to the bed frame. When she returned, she hooked the other one up, rendering me helpless. I already took the gloves out of the drawer, and I could not resist also getting the leather cap that I love her to wear. It gives her this really strict look that drives me wild.

    I was shaking with a mix of excitement and being cold. Perhaps it was also a little bit of fear because I am not certain where this whole game will take me. This part is probably exactly why it is so thrilling: Post orgasm I am opposed to having my cum in my mouth. Yet when I am horny I wish that she forced me to clean up the mess I made from her boots. Therefore I want her to push my boundaries gently.

    Compared to other things that we do, like facesitting with leather pants or me just licking her boots, this makes me somewhat uncomfortable because I know that she could easily give me more than I could take. I won't get tired licking her boots, and there is nothing remotely wrong with kissing her leather clad ass. Also the paddle that we have does not hurt, it just makes me super aroused. One time she took a long riding crop with a string end from her horse stuff and gave me a very soft hit on the behind. It was also very arousing. Then she did it just slightly harder and it already stung such that it was right between pleasure and painful. In this moment I realized that I never feared the paddle but always asked to get more hits. With that crop however, she can effortlessly move between pleasure and pain, so that is the first thing that actually instills respect in me and where I feel that I have to be very careful what I wish for.

    Same is here with the cum eating. The early precum tastes quite bearable, but it gets more salty and thick over time, taking some more effort to lick from her gloves. But I know that after orgasm she could just dip her finger into the puddle and feed me something of that. I trust her that she progresses the game at a pace that will just leave me near my comfort zone, though this game actually is slightly outside of this zone.

    The other fantasy that give me this exciting chill is serious chastity. So far I only had locked myself up for an evening and gave her the keys while she was out. I would always be unlocked on the same evening, so this was just a few hours of foreplay. But the thought of her actually embracing chastity and really take my orgasms away from me is really tough, I am not sure I could do this.

    Yesterday she sensed that I was nervous and stuck my head between her breasts to calm me down. The combination of this lovely caressing with the strict leather cap is a wonderful treat. She also started stroking my cock and for the first time I had the feeling to really let loose and go into this sub-space. After a while I could feel her thumb gathering precum and I knew that in a few seconds that finger was right in front of my mouth.

    I was a little bit disappointed that she did not force me a bit to lick it, on the other hand I felt humiliated by sticking out my tongue without being told. Perhaps this is the better approach because it fucks more with my mind?

    Over time I got more and more aroused, and every minute she stopped stroking to feed me more precum. Near the end it got sticky and salty, which she pointed out to me without having tasted it herself today. She has blown me a couple of times, so I have told her that it feels so suiting for me to have to go through this as well because she already did it. With a smile that drove me wild, she said that indeed this is only fair.

    Usually we kiss a lot when we do this one-sided play where she or I stroke myself and she just lies next to me. Her sex drive is a lot lower than mine, so this is a good compensation. But this time she did not kiss me, rather she only hinted at kissing me to only stop right before my mouth. When she is in the domme role, I am not allowed to kiss back but rather wait for her to go the full way. And she told me, in a matter-of-fact tone, that I could not kiss her because of that nasty stuff that I have in my mouth. Wow! I did not see that coming, and it felt so good in the situation. Then I told her that this is only fair because she is going through the trouble of training me just such that I could come on her boots. I thanked her again for doing this training, which I have the impression she actually enjoys a bit.

    Being a big topping-from-the-bottom offender, I sketched out how I imagine further training, like her giving me a ruined orgasm and then feeding some white cum to me while I was still horny. She quickly hushed me, and since in yesterday's situation I actually felt overpowered by her (in a good way of course), I did not talk about that again. She told me that she will progress the training at a pace of her choosing and that she will not do everything on a single day such that we can still progress.

    At the end she asked me whether I wanted to cum now or lick off another drop. Greedy as I am, I asked for another drop. She seemed a little bit disappointed that the precum was becoming easy to lick off for me. So I asked whether she liked that it made me uncomfortable but still do it because I am so horny. And apparently, she likes exactly that. I am so happy that she is amused by humiliating me this way, and I really hope to proceed to a point where I still dislike the taste of the white cum but lick it up on command just because it makes me feel so submissive.

    It will probably take a few weeks until I am able to lick off white cum after an orgasm. I will probably have to eat a full handfull of cum reliably from her gloves before I would be allowed to cum on her boots. I just love how my wish of making it a hard requirement that cum must be licked off boots is adopted and now there seems to be no way around. And I want to cum on the boots so badly, therefore I am very glad that she does that exciting training with me.

    And since she is training me so well in this regard, maybe I should eventually dare to suggest serious chastity again.
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  3. Yesterday we had another training session. This time I asked for not being able to put in suggestions during play; I only asked for her to push my boundaries a little further. I tied myself spread-eagle to the bed and she opened with: “Today we are playing a game: I will stroke you until you cum. If you need a break, just say so. You know what happens then.“

    It was challenging because whenever I got close to cumming, I thought about her feeding a drop to me. The humiliation made me more aroused, so I quickly needed to ask to that break. Since I now know the salty taste, and I still don't quite like it, I hesitated a bit. She hovered her finger over my mouth, but I did not open up right away. She then told me that I should keep stalling and that this would not extend my breaks. Eventually I started licking her thumb thoroughly, but again she told me that this will not get me longer breaks either.

    This morning I reflected on yesterday's session and I think that I did not really made progress, but that I am a bit too hesitant to accept the drops of precum. Since the goal is to clean the boots post-orgasm, this is still a long way. Therefore I think I will suggest to her to directly reward eagerness with some humiliating positive comment and that there should be some punishment. Perhaps that when such a training session did not make progress and if I did not eagerly swallow everything, the next I would like to play with leather would be another training session. If I want to have some other non-regular sex (like pegging, facesitting, pony play), I would have to behave well in training. This way we could always have vanilla sex in between, but I would eventually be inclined to behave well in training (deep down I want to please, but stalling a bit is also fun). What do you think of that?

    Then for some reason I really feel lovestuck (not sure if that is the correct word) this week. We are a couple for years, and there is this strong foundation of love. But now there is this intense rollercoaster feeling from the first weeks back again. This is exciting!
  4. I get where you are cumming from.../rimshot. But really, losing the interest to lick the cum after you have cum, been there. As far as the pre-cum goes...I LOVE it.

    For the cum itself, I have never been able to eat it when I was by myself...unless you count those days when I used to shoot directly into my mouth, then I could eat it. I did manage to eat my own cum once...it was off my girls tits. She never asked me, there just wasn't anything to clean it up with(kinda public environment) so I just liked it up off her tits. Didn't think about it(which is probably where everything goes wrong). So next time, don't think about it, just do it.
  5. I was into being force fed my own cum a very long time ago. As you stated, your desire goes away after your orgasm. The solution is simple. Cum into a condom a few times and then when it is time to play later on or in a few days, that is used while you are still sexually aroused. There are all sorts of things you can do. Cut a hole in the condom and drink it like milk from a bottle, or dumped it into your mouth all at once. It can be licked off of your partner's various body parts. Make your own creampie with used cum. Your imagination is the limit. I do not mind the taste of cum but I dislike the texture. In group sex you will be with a girl with semen inside of her so you get used to it, but when it is diluted in a vagina after the girl has at least gotten rid of the more less watery part, it is not bad when mixed with her lubrication.
  6. I have no problem eating my own cum and have been doing it for about as long as I have been masturbating. It started as a way to clean up afterwards. Now I look forward to eating my cum more than actually cumming if that makes sense.
    The last time my wife let me cum (may 29th) I just scooped some off my belly and ate it. She asked me what I was doing so I told her that she knows I love to eat it and continued. For some reason she does not like me eating my cum but she loves when I go down on her after I cum inside her and so do I. Unfortunately we almost never have PIV sex so it is a very rare treat for me.