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Discussion in 'Female led relationships' started by key4lisa, Feb 6, 2010.

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    hi every one, sorry have'nt posted sooner its been a busy week, last sat nite was my works party locked4lisa was locked back up and made to wear his/her new panties, its was a good nite :happy0167: lots of drinking and dancing and having a good laugh but sorry to say nothing much else happend :sad0147: what we should of done was booked a room and arranged for a bull to meet up with us :bukkake: but hey we learn by are mistakes, there was a mini bus at the end of the nite to drop us back home as L4L and i were the only one's on it he asked the driver if he wanted to park in the car park and watch a show he declined and looked pretty shocked much to are amusement.. :anim_63: when we got home we were to drunk and tired to do anything so just went to sleep waking up on sunday with serious hang overs so stayed in bed which was fun as L4L could'nt and would'nt keep his hands off me and i lost count of how many times he made me cum :love0038: i also took some photos of him in his new panties they are in locked4lisa's profile so feel free to go and have a look, he's now been locked back up since the 3rd of feb and going well but we have'nt set a release date yet as we've had a few problems and only ever got to do 4 days so far so here's hoping for longer.. x
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