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Ladies, have you found...

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by RexVa, Aug 2, 2017.


Does highest chastity device security make a better submissive?

Poll closed Sep 1, 2017.
  1. Yes

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  2. Not necessarily

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  1. ...in your own experience if having our slaves pierced (more secure) in chastity makes a difference in their attitude, submission, etc? I'm more and more inclined to demand mine use the most secure devices available. Thoughts?
  2. I prefer him to understand fully that the device cannot actually be removed unless I agree to or decide to remove it.
    I think it makes for a different dynamic if he is aware that he cannot unlock or slip out.
  3. Scary thought yikes!
  4. I can't say if she thinks it makes me a better sub, but I can comment on her reaction.

    When we started, she was asking me about cleanliness. I told her I just slip out the back and wash it and put it back while in the shower. She had a very disappointed look on her face and asked "you can just slip out of it?". I told her I still couldn't remove the device totally but yes I can slip it out.

    I have since been pierced and have a cage for it. In the last 8 months since, she has not once asked me to put in my jewelry and wear the old cage that I could slip out of. Even though she likes the feel of the pa ring and would be more convenient.

    So it must mean something to her.
  5. In my opinion, a good submissive should not need extra security. The cage should be symbolic. Anyone locked up for any length of time knows that you can masturbate in any device so security does not contribute to chastity at all. This same issue came up in my BDSM play. Whether to lock up the sub for his whipping or train him to take it without restraints. I like that I have to exercise willpower in chastity. For me it is especially testing since I have a very alpha personality which returns once the sex is over. I often have to go against what my body/brain wants to do.

    Some guys are more into the being locked up part more than the chastity part it seems. More interested in Houdini than chastity. :)
  6. This thread isn't about guys and their interests Vinny.
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  7. In fact. I really wish sometimes that when a post is directly addressed to female members, that guys could display a shred of respect and button their keyboards.

  8. I think the mind works in funny ways when it to all this.

    @Vinny@Vinny you mentioned bdsm and restraints. Funny thing is that I seem to feel the opposite. Unless I'm tied up or restrained it doesn't seem real. I know I could turn around, take the paddle away from her. Maybe it's the same with with devices. Just knowing you can't take it out.
  9. Actually, perhaps this thread could act as a showcase for those males who have absolutely no respect for female members.
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  10. Feeling bored Amanda? Surely there must be more interesting windmills to charge than this one.:p
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  11. Ha ha Nico, very funny
    I merely observed the title of the thread and the responses it elicited.
    It's (for want of another expression) a "no brainer"
  12. I'm bored too:)
  13. Thank you, dear Amanda. This is clearly addressed for us Lady keyholders and our interests, not theirs.

    Could chastity be affecting their brain in more ways than one?
  14. Agree. That dynamic of him having to mentally deal with his actual inability to slip out or remove the device without pleasing me to decide to do so is what I'm looking for. I think it will make them as submissive (much more so than usual or what would otherwise be) as I'd like them.
    I'm wondering if that's in fact the case with others who have had their males locked in more secure or piercing devices...
  15. I don't know about you other ladies, but my locked boy would likely pull out after about two weeks if I didn't have a secure PA cage on him. He is very headstrong and not naturally submissive in the least, so he always presents a challenge for me especially since we started out with me submissive and him Dominant - so the tables have turned and we are both learning through trial and error how to navigate our newfound, switched up dynamic. He likes to try my patience during lockups - and will act Dominant: grabbing my butt, saying certain things that he knows pushes my buttons like "I just want to grab your hair and fu#$ the hell out of your face". Usually it ends up with a whipping, which I have come to find I enjoy administering to him or a rough pegging which will quickly put him in his place. I have also come to enjoy putting nipple clamps on what I like to call his "slut buttons" since those are the most sensitive part of his body besides his little locked toy. If he did not have a secure cage, then this would just be a game to us and nothing else; however, he IS in a secure cage with no hopes of being let out unless I say so. He's locked 24/7 unless I use him for PIV, then he's locked right back up after. I have never understood the point of some cages such as the CB-6k and Holy Trainer as those are the easiest to defeat by far. I know it is supposed to be a "symbol" reminding the chaste male that he is owned and that a good slave would NEVER try to defeat it, but I challenge you ladies to keep an actual, honest-to-god, Dominant male in a non-pierced cage and see what happens. Go ahead, I'm waiting to hear the results of that! @Thatguyontheinternet@Thatguyontheinternet, I am enjoying our dynamic and everything that comes with it, and I think it is awesome that you got pierced just for me so we can ensure that the cage is more than just a symbol of your devotion to me, but an actual secure representation.
  16. Thank, you
    Thank you, dear @Thatgirl@Thatgirl for that insightful feedback. Have you noticed any measurable improvement in submission, obedience or deference in @Thatguyontheinternet@Thatguyontheinternet as a result of him being securely locked 24/7 until you decide you need him? I suppose the rough pegging helps put him in his place --I administer those regularly, demanding gestures of appreciation for those during and after, and they work for me as well. Also, hard punishments are necessary in some cases. But in the supposed absence of such administrations that do help us enhance their obedience and service to us, are highly secure devices with piercings more effective than the toy-like ones in getting more attention and the real acts of submission that you/I need?
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  17. Those weak and easy-to-defeat devices are truly a joke --I certainly concur there's no point in them at all.

    And the idea of them being a "symbol", a "reminder" and such nonsense smacks of total male BS --they WILL get out of them and cheat us anytime they want. It's just a fact, isn't it?
  18. You're welcome. And actually, I have to be more consistent for him to stay subby. If I slack, he starts going back to his "man" ways, lol. I would say that the highly secure device, with lack of punishments, etc are more effective than non-piercing devices in maintaining subbiness in the fact that after a week or so the horny starts to get to him and he becomes more doting. In a non-piercing device, he would've just pulled out and taken care of himself and then stuffed himself back in, with me none the wiser i would imagine.
  19. YES! I agree 100%! Nice to see someone who sees the cage as more than just a symbol (no offense to those that do of course!)
  20. I can personally attest that males will just do what they want, defeat them anytime they please, and in the process lie and disrespect their Mistresses and Ladies with no remorse whatsoever... As I said, a joke.
  21. Speeking as a man that is Locked almost all the time. Yes if we can we will. I have pulled out the back and Masturbated it's not the most comfortable with the cage still on your testicals but it can be done. A Symbol in my Opinion doesn't totally work. The strongest Device their is is his mind. If he wants to submit to you and not "cheat " than he won't. Getting him to want to submit totally to you is a little more difficult, we need some kind of hope and stimulation.
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  22. That's a huge important thing " Respect "
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  23. Not all males but Most
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  24. I wonder if any male would dare contradict us on this point?