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    Knowing what you want is important when it comes to desires of any kind. Over the past few years Ive know that I wanted to submit and recently decided that I want to be a sissy but Ive never been able to put my finger on what I actually want never mind put my desires into words.

    Its only recently that Ive been able to understand what it is I need from the lifestyle that Master and I have chosen.

    I have decided that a self indulgent list of desires might help Master and even myself understand what it is that I need/want.

    My wants and desires.

    First and foremost to be feminized by Master
    Im rubbish at self motivation and could quite easily end up slobbed out watching mind numbing TV. I need Master to motivate me to keep my manly hair in check and work on my mannerisms, appearance and eventually voice.
    He's great with fashion so purchasing clothes on my behalf would be good.

    To be submissive 24/7
    Its the dream isnt it? To be a 24/7 sub to your dominant, I would love this to be a reality but I know this is the big one which will require the most work. The feeling I get when I submit and please Master is intense and is much more satisfying than anything Ive felt before, other that the love for my partner.

    To develop a hair trigger
    Master and I are already working on this, for me its an important part of establishing my feminine role in the relationship by making my sissy clit useless and reinforcing my role as the bottom.

    To play
    Play time is all important to me, its a reward it gives me a rush being tied up and tortured and I just love playing with sex toys. The only thing that stops play is time and energy.

    These are by no means demands but I felt that I needed to some how describe my desires so that Master could some how see where I was coming from.

    Feel free to comment or even add your own list of desires for you dom or future dom.
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