Knightly Devotion

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    It is 9:45 on a Friday night and I find myself stripping for my Mistress. All my clothes are folded neatly and placed on the floor at the foot of my bed as instructed. Fifteen minutes ago I was rushing out of a club just when the place was starting to get hopping. I told my friends I would probably be back in an hour. I sit on the bed and wait for 9:58 before I walk to the “prayer” room, a barren room with the exception of 2 IP cameras on opposite corners of the room. The only thing I'm allowed to bring into this room is my ever-present chastity belt.

    I kneel down and bow my head in silent meditation. I think about my Mistress. I think about what she does for me. I think about how I’ve failed her. I think about meeting up with my friends in 45 minutes. I feel so emasculated doing this. I think about what she means to me.

    “The alarm is set for away. Beep. Beep.” The security system blurts out coldly.

    Fuck! I think to myself, I really wanted to go out! She can control my burglar alarm with her phone; I am now, for all intents and purposes, locked in this empty room. There’s a motion detector mounted just outside the door and the alarm will bring real police if I leave. Will she let me out after my worship session?

    I have to stop thinking about it and just accept I have no control over any aspect of my life. I feel that indescribable feeling in my gut, that mix of anger, angst, and surprisingly - lust. I definitely cannot let any of the anger show during my devotional time to her.

    I wait. Has it been 5 minutes? It’s hard for me to know because time seems to slow down so much when I’m here alone with myself. My knees already begin to hurt as they press into the hardwood floor. She says the 5 minutes of silent meditation helps me to connect with her.


    When I think it has been 5 minutes since I've kneeled down I raise my head to look up to the webcam mounted 5’ 7” inches in the corner pointing down at me and start my devotion:

    “My Mistress, who is my Goddess,

    Whose name I am unworthy to speak;

    Your will and your desire are my commands,

    To be carried out expediently, flawlessly and with a joyful attitude.

    Provider of my joy, my discipline, and my orgasms;

    Please be abundant with the discipline and sparse with my orgasms,

    So that I may be pleasing to you, which brings joy to me.

    My heart, my life, and my every thought, are yours to do with as you please.

    I am so very blessed that you have allowed me in your life.

    I shall honor and obey you with all my of heart and with all of my soul,

    until I am dismissed by you.”

    I must start my prayer to her with those exact words. I must think about each word I say and what it means to me.

    Behind me is another webcam to verify there is no clock or notes within eyesight, “…this is your time to worship and praise me, not to worry about the time. And reading your praises of me from a script is not acceptable.” It is also used to monitor me when she puts me in the corner.

    “It has been 37 days since you’ve granted me an orgasm and I am so very thankful for your benevolence in granting me release. In that time I have had the honor of sexually pleasing you 16 times and I am so very thankful you’ve allowed me the gift of bringing you to orgasm. I don’t know how many times you’ve been satisfied by others or yourself, nor is it my right to know. It is your right to be sexually satisfied and it is my privilege to satisfy you. It is your right to deny me sexually and it is my privilege to be denied by you. I know there is nothing I can do to earn my release, for it is only at your will that I am allowed to drain my seed. I do know however that if I displease you in any way you may extend the duration of my denial and remove the pleasure of my orgasm. This is how it should be and I am so deeply grateful you've shown me the way.”

    I then have to give the orgasm update. The only thing I’m allowed to change are the 2 numbers.

    “My Goddess, I could never put into words what you mean to me. You are so incredibly beautiful and intelligent. There is no woman in this world that could even come close to your beauty, your wit, and your charm. Your long tan legs are the focus of any man's desire that has ever had the fortune to see them. The time and effort you spend at the gym has given you the perfect body, and your legs are the focus of desire for any man so gifted as to gaze upon them. Your perfectly toned thighs and perfectly toned calves continuously drive me mad with desire. I am so very thankful every time you allow me to kneel before them and worship them. I could never put into words the feelings that well within me when I am allowed to massage them or place my lips against them. It is pure bliss when I am kneeling before you and your incredible calves, and your beautiful feet, are all of my visual existence. Whether you’re wearing shorts, a skirt, or jeans - whether encased in nylons or bare, your legs bring me to my knees. The closest I will ever be to heaven is when I am kneeling before you and your naked calves are resting on my naked back.”

    The third part of my prayer to her must be complimenting her. I am to start with generalities, and then focus in on one aspect of her. She never wants to hear the same thing twice. Usually when I praise her I become aroused as vivid images of her fill my thoughts the appendage between my legs strains against the cold hard steel of the chastity tube, leaving me feeling impotent and weak.


    “I have failed you Mistress. I did not clean your bathroom to your standards; I remembered after I left your house I forgot to clean under the sink. I'm so sorry I was not able to fix your car, but I am so happy I was able to bring it to a real man who could take care of it Ma'am.“

    I am then required to let her know how I've failed her, and if it was with a normally masculine task I have to add in the fact that a real men had to take care of her.

    “Thank you Goddess for locking me in your cage last Saturday. As badly as I wanted to be in your presence, to see you and to worship you, it is more important that I feel you power over me. From the moment you grabbed my leash and started walking to a destination only you knew, to the way you coldly said “Pee”, to the way you stood there, towering over me, staring at me while I sat there trying to pee, the leash in your hand and your hands at your hip, to the moment when I had to kneel before you, to the moment you unclipped the leash, to the awkward crawl into the cage, to the feeling of your boot on my naked flesh as you pushed me in the cage, to the loud bang of the cage as it closed, to the careless way you ran the heavy lock through the hasp and locked it, to watching your incredibly sexy body as it faded from my view, to the sudden darkness, to the long cold wait for your return. I felt powerless, well as a desperate, craving desire for your return. Thank you so very much for showing me in no uncertain terms who has the power in this relationship.”

    I must then thank her for a recent dominant event. The act of describing the event forces me to relive it, bringing back to the surface the fear, pain, desire, humiliation, and imagery.

    “I don’t think I will ever get over the humiliation I feel when I kneel before you with my dog bowl waiting for you to scrape your table scraps into it. I would be remiss if I didn't add that when you spit on top of my scraps it adds to the humiliation tenfold. I really feel emasculated, if not dehumanized, eating your cold table scraps from a dog bowl on the floor. I want nothing more than to be the macho guy in your life, staring into your eyes while we talk about the day's events over dinner and wine. To savor the succulent taste of freshly cooked lamb or steak, and how it pairs with Cabernet or Merlot while you stare at me with desire. Instead my face looks pathetic covered in vinaigrette and bits of food as I bury my face into the bowl, each bite takes in the cold rubbery meat (If I'm lucky enough that you haven't eaten all the meat) mixed with bits of cold pilaf and wilted salad. I don't even know if you notice me, and if you did I know you're looking at me with disdain. I would rank this as one of the most debasing things I do. I enjoyed it the first couple of times when it felt like play, now I truly hate eating out of a dog bowl.”

    I must then give her insight into how what she does to me affects me psychologically, how they make me feel and whether or not I enjoy the action.

    “I read where a submissive was placed in pantyhose, given a cold shower, and then whipped with a thin crop. The submissive said the cold wet pantyhose added an amazing amount of pain and discomfort to the whipping.”

    I must then give her a new way to torture, humiliate, degrade, objectify, or use me.

    “It would such a joy for me if you allowed me to take you to dinner at Akai's and the Yanni concert on April 12th. It would also be such a joy for me if you allowed me to purchase dinner at Akai's and the concert tickets for you and a guest. If you do decide to take someone else, it would be a joy for me if you used me in some capacity while you are out enjoying yourself.”

    I must then ask her out on a date and tell her where I would take her. I then have to offer to pay for the date if she would prefer to go with someone else and offer my services to her while she's out. She has taken me up on both offers at various times.

    It’s an incredibly amazing feeling for a man to get ready for an evening with the woman he so desperately craves (of course all the reservations are in her name). A man stands a little taller, a lot prouder, when he arrives at her house at the appointed time in a suit and tie with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of expensive wine. And then the moment finally comes when she opens the door looking so fucking hot in that sexy black dress, black stockings, and the black pumps with the strap around the ankles, that she quite literally takes your breath away. She quickly brings you back to earth when she coldly states, “Change my sheets, tidy up my room and bathroom, and clean the grout in the shower. After you're done with all that you're dismissed. Oh, and go get some dark chocolate, cheese and crackers, and present the wine with two glasses. Be out of here by ten bitch. Oh's Friday, you have to be reverently worshiping me at 10 anyways.” She says laughing as she takes the wine leaving you standing there with the bouquet; there’s not much more that a woman can do to emasculate a man.

    After which you hand her the tickets, thank her, and drop to your knees and kiss the leather top of her pump until she walks out the door, not saying another word to you.

    “It would such a joy if would allow me the pleasure of detailing your car. I would wash and polish the exterior, buff out any scratches, Armor-all the tires, buff your rims, shampoo your carpets and upholstery, and clean and treat all other interior surfaces including your trunk.”

    I must then ask her if I can do something for her outside of my normal chores. If she doesn't think the task difficult enough to be worthy as a gift for her she will add a week to my chastity, and the task will be added to my weekly chores. She doesn't always take me up on the offer thank goodness or I would be toiling away constantly. She has on occasion given my offered service to her as a gift to friends, both women and men.

    “You are my everything, and without you I would be nothing. You are all that I desire, you are all that I cherish, and you are all that I am. I will do anything for you, suffer any amount of pain and indignity, and give all I have to you. I cherish the time I am with you, and dream of you when I'm not in your presence. My goal in life is to one day be your full time, live in slave; to labor and toil endlessly for you, my Goddess, so that your life can be completely free from all of the drudgery of life. You deserve uncompromising devotion and total obedience. I gladly accept anything you graciously give me. You deserve so much more than I have to offer, and I am so thankful you allow me to be in your presence.

    And finally my closing prayer, again memorized and unchanging...except by her of course.

    I must then bow my head and meditate for another 5 minutes before bowing down and kissing a spot on the floor she spits on whenever she stops by.

    She knows without a doubt that I have spent at least ½ an hour in mental and physical devotion to her. I have no idea whether she has heard my prayers or if she’ll answer any of them. She knows exactly where I am at 10 PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I don't know if she's home watching me or out at a bar enjoying herself totally oblivious to my existence.

    The only acceptable excuses for missing my devotions to her are work, a serious emergency, or I'm with her - any other excuses for missing or being late for my devotion will be punishable by dismissal. The only contact with her I would be allowed after that would be a single check worth $5,000 mailed to her no sooner than 3 months after my dismissal, after which she would mail me the key to my belt no sooner than 3 months after she received the check.

    The devotion must last at least a half hour. I am not required to speak the entire time, but I am required to meditate on her and what I can do to please her. I definitely feel a connectedness I've never felt with anyone else during, and for quite a while after, my devotional time with her.

    She told me she once creamed her panties when she was slow dancing with a hot muscle bound stud, looked at her watch and came to the sudden realization that I was kneeling on a hardwood floor worshiping her. She has told me that she has only watched an entire worship session once. She said she will generally only watch a few minutes of my devotion as she has better things to do with her time, or she'll have it on while she's doing something else. Sometimes she'll just check at 10:00 to see if I'm on time, or at 10:29 to see if I'm still in devotion to her.

    After my time in devotion to her I sat on the cold, hard floor with my back against the wall. Eventually I will lay down, pace, and sit alone in this barren room. Is she watching, laughing, does she even know I’m here?

    I don't know how long I sat naked in the cold, barren room before my Mistress's voice startled me from my semi-consciousness over the IP camera speaker, “Get your ass down to the theater chauffeur boy and wait for us outside.”

    “The alarm is off.” blurts out the alarm coldly.

    I jump to my feet and get dressed as quickly as I can...
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