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    I have been wearing cages for 14 years, both custom made, all the popular mass produced ones and even the cheap ones on Amazon and other sites that are very heavy.

    I am 72 and lived most of my marriage sharing and submissive to my wife and her girlfriend. Our sex was always fetish sex as plain sex bores me. Maybe because I had too much of it but by the age of 19 I was a cuckold and a few years later I was cuckolding other men. I was a Dom and then a submissive. Done all the fetishes on fetlife, even the yucky ones. Let's say that I have bought a lot of sex toys and equipment over the last 53 years.

    I am mostly into BDSM with an emphasis on S&M and chastity. I have not had intercoures in about 25 years. None of us can remember the last time. Oral is once or twice a year on my birthday and anniversary like this weekend. Other than that I get to orgasm a few times a year and now supposedly not at all unless my wife changes her mind again. She does like to make me orgasm so who knows. Maybe this year she will actually not let me orgasm. She tends to give up after 6 months though. Time will tell.

    My point is that I have spent a lot of money on chastity cages and all sorts of sex devices, impact toys, bondage gear, masks, hoods, cock and ball torture devices and especially nipple clips. I am estimating that I bought about 15 or more chastity cages. My first one was leather as back in the olden days there were not mass produced chastity devices. Plus my cock is very small. So small that even though I ordered the Baby sized cage, it is still longer than my cock is. :) This is one reason why my two ladies stopped intercourse with me. Add ED and I am a perfect subject for chastity play.

    Back to my new cage the Kink3D. They sell the cages and rings separately so you need to know your ring size. I usually get my size and one a little larger for those times when I need it. It happens. The cage is smooth 3D printed. My last 3D printed cage was a few years ago and it was poorly made. You can see that it was rounded by cutting out deeper and deeper ridges making it rough on my skin. Stopped using it after a few days. This cage is both smooth and lightweight.

    Just two pieces, the cage in Baby, standard or large size although if I had a large cock my wife would not want it caged. :) Lightweight so I do not even feel it on me. Open in design so easy to clean after peeing. So far so good as I wear it everyday. Plus I ordered a device that allows me to use plastic numbered locks instead of those cheap cabinet locks most cages come with. I have had two locks fail to open and had to cut the cage to get out. They may be fine for occasional wear but not so good for 24/7 wear and wearing them even when I shower. I like plastic locks. We write down the serial number so that my wife will know if I had opened my cage and put a different lock on it. Just as effective for our purposes as I just do not try to cheat. Also good in an emergency. Ever have one ball slip out and your keyholder is far away with the keys or you cannot contact her at all? That is no fun at all and very painful at times.

    Not much else to say about the Kink3d. Google it and see for yourself. Kind of pricey for a plastic cage made by a 3D printer but it fits me great and is extremely lightweight. I also endorse the Holy Trainer. That is a very comfortable device and the only design where one of my balls never slipped out. I forget it is on but no way to use a plastic lock and I have had two locks either freeze up or rotate without moving the tip which locks it in place. I got so paranoid that I used to buy expensive locks and change them every two months.

    So take a look for yourself if you are in the market for a new cage. I will update my review after a few weeks. Sometimes what feels great at first ends up not being that great over time.
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