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Keyholding Methods

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by dollyanne, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Noooooooooooo ty, that's a bit extreme even for my kinky doings.

    Right now I'm out of my cock cage and enjoying the relaxing feelings of freedom. Fortunately no skin problems or rashes. However as soon as I removed the ring my ball sack shrunk down to the size of a prune and is very, very wrinkled. I'm going to wait a little longer than planned to lock it up again.

    The cage was a royal mess! When I go out I always spray some Summers Eve antiperspirant/deodorant down there (regular underarm deodorant STINGS!), in the fold of my gut and in the cups of my bra. I'm sure that spray is the bulk of what was on the ring and underside of the tube. Soaking in hot water with some dish detergent for an hourish and all the parts cleaned up very well. Everything is all squeaky clean, dried and polished ready for another month of confinement.

    As soon as my balls drop down again, hopefully late this afternoon or early evening I'll relock the chastity tube on my dick assuming the chastity gods give me the fortitude to go through with the lockup.

    Film at eleven.
  2. An additional step we added...
    My Wife keeps the key on a necklace that also has two other charms of a Heart Lock & Key - only somewhat camouflages the key but also accentuates what it represents :)

    My Wife is very diligent about wearing the key/necklace for work and when going out but would hang up the necklace on Her wall hook rack with other jeweler; while home it would be possible for me to briefly grab the key, unlock, put the key back and go on my merry way...
    Now granted I asked to be caged and love being controlled but don't like the ability of being able to sneak the key; not that I would, it's more of a psychological thing.

    We've added a Simplex style hide-a-key lock box to the equation.
    When my Wife takes off Her necklace/key while home she'll lock it in the box - it does add an additional psychological aspect that's fun...:D

    I had also considered adding a finger print scanner / lock to Her closet cabinet just make it a very simple process of locking and I thought it would be a very much a cool factor... my Wife didn't care for the finger print scanner and since we already had the key box we went that route - She says it's no big deal entering four numbers every time.
  3. It's so important that even the methods be submitted to the female of the relationship.
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  4. thats an excellent idea!
  5. I'd just have to mess with that at every possible opportunity .. Only 4 numbers... even with ten. I would not want to take the key out just to be able to open the box.
    But then I would not feel that I was being fully controlled which is something I really appreciate.
    I've no idea how much trouble or what kind I'd have got into with any of my past partners if I had opened that key box but the curiosity and challenge would be irresistable.
  6. I agree, there are only 24 permutations for four digits.
    i agree with filltee, there are only 24 permutations for four digits. The only thing working against me would be my lack of patience.
  7. What do you do about an emergency key or do you just hope nothing happens?
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  9. My emergency key was, and it still is, in a clear see through perspex or hard acrylic box I got online and has to be broken to access the key.