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Keyholding Methods

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by dollyanne, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. My chastity is permanent and we use the security screw provided for the Jailbird. The tool isn't very useful as a necklace or anklet as is, but reading here I think I've figured out two things we'd like to do with it. Since there are two tools, we could do both. One we'd like to encase in clear polyester casting resin. Something coffee cup sized that would basically be a paperweight. Not certain this material is 100% impenetrable, but grinding it out would probably ruin it. The second method actually results in ruining the tool, but would make a nicer charm. Grinding off the special tip and gold-plating the remaining stub as a charm would also be perfect. Thanks for stirring my brain. :)
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  2. My Mistress use the keysafe to control me and its really a great idea as once locked there's no point in whinning your not getting to that key until the timer ends. Kitchen Safe.jpg
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  3. my Mistress uses the Master Lock resettable combination key safe.
  4. This is available on Amazon called the 'kitchen safe'
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  5. I keep the security screw tool to his Lori tube in a floor safe in our closet. Only I have the combination. This works for me. I have caught him in there once trying to guess the combination. What he doesn't know is that even if he guesed the combination and opened the safe, the key is in a plastic lock box with a number plastic lock on it. I would find out and we would have some serious issues. It would really break my trust with him.
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  6. If I may add some more tips to some advice using ice in the freezer.

    When my wife (Owner) kept me locked years ago, she kept one key on her at all times.

    The spare key was put in small tiny envelope and then my wife signed the envelope in several places. She then wrapped several pieces of scotch tape on the envelope. She then sealed the envelope in one of them vacuum sealers, the ones most people use to bag game such as deer & moose. You can cut the bags to different sizes. This small clear bag is sealed on all 4 sides. My wife would then put the sealed key in a large pitcher of water and freeze it. She just left the key in freezer.

    If I needed the key for some type of emergency, all I had to do was run it under HOT water and I'd have the key in about 5 minutes. I could never use the key because,
    #1. It was in a signed envelope, and
    #2. It takes 12 - 15 hours to freeze it again!
    You would get caught!

    Great ideas on this post! :)
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  7. Although I'm unlocked at the moment, I suggest laminating any "emergency" key in plastic. That way you would need scissors to cut the laminate to gain access to the key. When I was locked, I had a laminated key in my wallet. My wife knew I could always get to it if I really needed to.
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  8. TE="sonic chaste, post: 138205, member: 35391"]Although I'm unlocked at the moment, I suggest laminating any "emergency" key in plastic. That way you would need scissors to cut the laminate to gain access to the key. When I was locked, I had a laminated key in my wallet. My wife knew I could always get to it if I really needed to.[/QUOTE]

    That's a great idea.
  9. I had an idea of locking the keys in concrete. I know it sounds extreme but hear me out. I had a small plastic container about 5"x5"5". You put a little mixed concrete in the bottom and then put your keys in the middle wrapped tightly in plastic and then fill it in the rest of the way with the concrete. Once its cured you can still get the keys but it will obviously take some time to get them out. Just make sure you have a sledge hammer on hand lol. I think the key to these methods is that the time involved in getting the keys back is a deterrent. Would I really want to whack away at a piece of concrete for say 10 minutes for a quick rub? Would it be worth it? The keys in ice never worked for me because you can literally melt the ice in just a few minutes, not long enough or hard enough. And if you wanted even more of a deterrent you could then bury the concrete block in the dirt, but be prepared if you live in an area with winter, you could be screwed when the frost hits ha ha.
  10. I have used a piece of 1" PVC pipe, put the spare key in, and glued two end stops on the ends - seals quite rapidly and requires a bit of sawing to break in. The only problem is that my wife and KH has hidden it and won't tell me where it is.

    She has the other key of course :)
  11. @Snufflepig@Snufflepig, I would think some 1" blackpipe with some thread locker on the ends would be harder to break into? lol.
  12. My wife has a habit of misplacing things so we bought a Kitchen Safe and both keys are in there. You can lock it for up to 10 days. You can sett Day, Hour, Minutes. What we do is use the http://keptforher.com/roller.php dice game. You can configure it to roll various combinations and multiple rolls. Anyway, we set the timer for the outcome and drop the keys in. There's a 5 second window where you can back out, but once it's locked, there's no overrided. In an emergency you'd have to destroy the bucket by hack sawing through it. Nice thing about this it is enforced, so no sweet talking to get out early. We also use the dice to see how long I get to stay out before the next lockup.
  13. What I made once was I took about a 3" long piece if 3/4" copper tubing and flattened it almost closed. Thin enough that the key would just slide in. drilled a hole in one end that a padlock would fit through. the other end I crimped closed. makes a great little safe or just crimp both ends closed.
  14. Actually it was a piece of 1/2" tubing.
  15. My thought was to mail the key to myself, the kind of mail I have to sign at the post office to get.
  16. rent a po box in a town where you could mail it to then have to make the time to drive there and get in during business hours.
  17. My wife wears my key around her neck on the same necklace as her Queen of Spades charm.
  18. I just started chastity this week as a self key holder before I introduce chastity to my wife. As for the current method of storing the key, I lifted up the mattress on my wife's side and placed the key under it. As we go to bed, I can't help thinking that the only way I can get out of this chastity is to A) tell my wife now about my desire to give up control through chastity and the key lies beneath her or B) wait until she gets up so I can use that brief moment of getting the key.

    I have also thought of storing the key in her car knowing the only way I could get it is sneaking in her car before she leaves to go anywhere. Once she leaves I have no way of trying to get out of my chastity.
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  19. Straponme, what about mailing the key to yourself ? I did that several times.
  20. I use a small safe with a timer from www.sks-technik.de. It lets you enter up to 20 different programs specifying which days of the week and times the safe can be opened. It's a pretty sturdy little thing so once it's locked it'd take a fairly serious cutting tool to force it open :)

    Mine's currently set to only let me have the keys on Saturday morning :D
  21. i wud tell Her cos if She find a key that She don't know what it for She might throw it in the bin.
  22. that would suck but at the same time one hell of a ride. Chastity 24x7 until you are able to cut it off.
  23. Blarb, The little safe sounds like a good idea, but the link you provided is in German or some such language.
  24. Indeed it is @nikkel@nikkel, that's because they're a German company :D

    As a suggestion, Google translate is always useful if you need a translation ;)
  25. What are you going to do if your wife suddenly wants sex? How in the heck does she sleep with you and not know you have that on?
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