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Keyholding Methods

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by dollyanne, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Of course, nothing beats having a responsible keyholder, and that is probably the preferred method, but there are other creative ways you might use alone or with a keyholder to keep your keys secure. This thread is for documenting some of them, including techniques local or remote keyholders might use.

    For example, here are some online keyholder sites that could perhaps be used with a lockbox like a realtor's combo lock box:

    [SoloChastityService pay site][http://www.lockmyself.com/Lock/Myself]
    [ShrLok Lock][http://www.amazon.com/Shurlok-Key-Storage-Lock-Box/dp/B000I6903Y/ref=dp_cp_ob_hi_title_2]
    [Master Lock 5400D][http://www.amazon.com/Master-Lock-5...0002YP1VC/ref=pd_cp_hi_0/180-4922152-1336228]
    [Master Lock 5401D Wall Mount][http://www.amazon.com/Master-Lock-5401D-Wall-Mounted-Set-Your-Own/dp/B0002YP1UI/ref=pd_cp_hi_0]
    [Master Lock 5406D Compact Key Safe][http://www.amazon.com/Master-Lock-5406D-Compact-Safe/dp/B0014EERGE/ref=pd_cp_hi_3]
    [KeySure Tamper Proof Box][http://www.selectlocks.com/2900101]

    Self-lock ideas:

    1: Put the only key in a safe deposit box at the bank. First of all you can’t even access it unless it’s during business hours and second, you have to spend time getting there. You can use any location; a small storage, hide at a park, anywhere that requires time to get your hand off your plastic cage and drive to get the key. By then the urge is gone.

    2: Give the key to a friend inside an envelope. Inside place the key and a letter confessing your sexual secret. Seal the envelope and write the date you want to release yourself. Tell your friend to not let you have the envelope before the date on the outside. If you ask for it before that date then your friend is allowed to open the envelope and read the note. You can tell him or her that you were given this as a surprise and told not to open until the date on the envelope. Make something up. Imagine how embarrassing it would be if you asked for the key before the date and your friend opened the letter to reveal your dirty little cock stroking addiction.
  2. I've come across this program on some self-bondage forums that seems to be an in-spirit successor to TimeLock (which is no longer available): http://picturelokit.sourceforge.net/
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  3. Thanks. That does look a lot like Timelock. Wonder if it's the successor?
  4. Nope, completely new author from what I can tell.
  5. I guess that I'm really, really lucky to have a lover who wears my key on her ankle.
  6. I love to wear my man's key around my neck. :D I get to caress it during the day and smile thinking about him at his job all locked up....
  7. i noticed ur mood is set to horny, must be nice to fix that problem any time you want miss chiannaa
  8. Yes, 2inch....it certainly is. ;)
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  9. Very nice to see a Lady happy in her work Chiannaa
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  10. i find i like it quite alot too
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  11. I'm glad you enjoy it my love....and thank you for this morning. ;)
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  12. Get a room, you two! ;) Just saying... nice to see the obvious love you have for each other. Thanks for sharing your journey.
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  13. Thanks for a great resource list! :-D
  14. I also know people that keep their keys in a PO box... less "invasive" personally then what you have to go through to get a safety deposit box. :)
  15. Leaving it in your desk at work is another simple way I like. Most of us do not have our strongest desires while working, so once you leave for the day you will be nice and safe. Temptation will be gone till the next day, at the least. Plus just think how many long weekends there are every year...... :)
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  16. When I am locked my Mistress keeps one key, the other is kept free and visible on her side of the headboard. Before I can use it I have to call or text herto request permission...... For some I guess it's easier to fight the urges and to follow the rules...

    If I was single and self locking I'd definately look into some other way to "protect" myself from failure...
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  17. well...maybe i will use this method if i can find my mistress or lover
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  18. I am frequently locked while Mistress travels for work. I made this "Key Safe" that we use. numbered tag can be checked via text pic and the key is available if there is some sort of emergency or she wants me unlocked for some sort of "task" she comes up with. View attachment 3730
  19. keysafe3sm.jpg

    Sorry attachment above didn't seem to work
  20. lockedin panties,what did you make that holder out of?and is that a numbered tag,if so where did you get them.i love that setup.
  21. Tiemeupalso, It is actually a small tube that a Toro sprinkler head came in from Home Depot. I drilled a hole in top and bottom and slide a lynch pin (pre drilled also from the Depot) and put the plastic lock through.

    They are numbered and are often verified by Mistress via text pic. That one in the picture is an old one I had from a previous job. We use standard ones and get them from the same place we got my 6000s - Shellystoybox.com

    link - http://www.shellystoybox.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=735

    Next time its open I'll take more pics that show the individual parts it that would help
  22. Here is a pic of our key safe apart for you tiemeupalso P6040099.jpg
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  23. two thoughts, 1 is that someone suggested (if you are self locked) to freeze your key into a block of ice, that way, by the time the ice has melted you have lost the urge. My other point is that I wear my key round my neck on a necklace. We do however, have an 'emergency' key that is in a key lock which is hidden in his bedroom, in case or dire medical emergency. Thank fully he has not had the need or desire to try to ask to use it yet
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    This thread is a great one - I'm sure there'll be updates too.....

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