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Keyholder Jewelry

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by iambad, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. I bought a necklace for my darling wife from these guys on etsy.

    They are in California. Lovely stuff!
  2. Tiffany's has great keys as well. I bought her a simple silver one which made her cry of joy. That was the sign to give her the real deal which she wears all the time.

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  3. Thanks for the replies! I should have been a bit more clear. I like the “cock cage” charm filled jewels (I would buy some blue balls in it, no pun intended. A better key would easy to get, but the cage? Rather difficult I assume as it is handmade. Might need someone to make a mold.
  4. Love the idea, I'm looking for a jewelry like key on a necklace that my wife can wear in public.

    One that can also be used to lock my device.

    everything I've seen is either jewelry or a big old key
  5. I searched for the same. You have to compromise between a key that can be worn as jewelry and an ordinary key. Locks that come with the jewelry style basically open when you touch them. The more secure ones come with a key that looks like a key.

    What's your reasoning behind this question? A Tiffany's key raises at least as many questions as an ordinary key, right @TheKeyIsMine12@TheKeyIsMine12 ?
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  6. Right: a lot of people only eye the key and are afraid to ask. But some do ask me why I wear a key, and ask me whether it is the key to my heart. I always tel them that it is the key to my heart and to much more and leave them puzzled which I like. Sometimes I tell them that I like to lock happiness. Some frown...
  7. I like wearing a big old key! It makes the point far better than some blingy bit of jewellery
  8. This is the key I made from an antique key and my cage key.

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  9. Its all about taste right? I work in the financial sector and for me this is the elegant and sexy way to remind myself and my husband daily who's the boss. Also really nice to see myself on press photo's etc. showing the key. Point is really clear to him and me. Friends are fully aware that I wear the key to his cage and noticed that I started wearing it again so I told him I locked him up again.. for indefinite time.
  10. Personally: the fact that she wears the key is proof that we progressed from condemning to embracing our sexuality. I'm aware that it's not smart to be too open about sexual preferences, but her openness takes it even a step further. From shame to accepting me to being proud of me. That means a lot.
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    Well of course in the financial sector security needs to absolute maximum for sure. Though the key you are wearing wouldn't actually need to be the key to his cage: just needs to look like it is :):):).
    Any of your F friends seen him locked? Or are actual (or wannabe) KHs themselves?
  12. By the way, she was asked quite a bit about it when she first wore it. She answered that I made it for her and it was the key to my heart. Only one person asked about the small modern key part that is on the bottom and what it unlocks.

    I have another heart shaped old key that is stainless and planning on making another for the spare. Would look a little more obvious that it is a working key, but would not dull or require follow up polishing like the old steel one I already made does.
  13. If the situation would allow it, I'm afraid she might consider it (skinny dipping in the ocean as example). Dropping my pants in the living room is not gonna happen.

    We're very careful with whom we share private information and the sad truth is that most friends in their forties just don't have an active sexual life anymore. Without exception: all responses were positive, sometimes even a bit jealous and among her female friends the interest in her interracial adventures was at a different level than chastity.
  14. Very nice!!!
  15. F7E9A9E2-5B0A-4A44-ABEF-9FB49F9ECD71.jpeg 2F3E0A46-594B-4FC3-8FED-09E5AAFAF944.jpeg My husband ground the plastic head off my masterlock key and made this.
    The gem on the front is really just plastic, on the back is a little coin that says “liberty” Its a fake coin with what looks like gold plating.
  16. This is the first one I made for her, when I used the jailbird and padlock. Soldered a charm on the front and back of the key. It was on a longer necklace so not many actually saw it.

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  17. It is all a question of fashion sense. The single, large, representative key can look great. I wear one when I crossdress! ;) My KH has an actual key on a necklace and a representative one, as well. One can be totally unobtrusive, or totally "out and open." The choice is hers. When asked, my KH says it is "the key to (my) heart." Only she knows the lock on my cage is a heart (well, I guess you all know now too), so none is the wiser. Cheers!
  18. IMG_1268.jpg IMG_1269.jpg IMG_1270.jpg
    Here's some jewelry I made for my mistress. I bought her a charm bracelet and then made all the charms by hand. The charms from left to right are female mistress symbol, riding crop, corset with femdom symbol and the a hidden key charm that swings open. It has her initials and a flush set diamond on one side and florentine finish on the other side. The very bottom picture are some spanking paddle earrings I made her when I was screwing around at work.