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Keeping him limp

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by MistressQS, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. I have been toying with this idea for my sub and was wondering if anyone might have some experience with this concept or some ideas of how to proceed.

    My poor sissy is continually locked in a CB-6000 and while obviously he can not achieve a full erection or pleasure himself, he still can become erect in the CB. It may be a bit uncomfortable but not totally unbearable.

    I was wondering if there would be a way to train the poor sissy not to become erect, so that on a routine basis he would always remain soft. After all there are many so called "normal" men who become impotent or loose their erection. Was wondering if some sort of bio-feedback mechanism is available, etc. I can not think of anything that would be more emasculating than that!

    I do not mind using a device to train him to stay soft but would eventually like this condition to remain without a device. Makes my heart tingle to think of parading around in front of him and his not being able to get it up.

    All thoughts or suggestions welcomed!

  2. What a good idea. Makes for an interesting discussion. Most people can be conditioned to do almost anything so I don't see what this is not possible.

    The basis for any condition is negative and positive reinforcement. If your sub had was programmed to think negative thoughts when he was erect then it could stop any future erections.

    Conditioning is all about training and repetition. Say for instance if the sub becomes erect the sub could be spanked or whipped and then told how bad he is for having an erection, or any other negative association that you think would work. If done enough times over a period of days then if may just work.

    When the condition starts to take effect you should be able to increase the length of time between each training session form once a day to once every three days and then once a week

    The good thing about conditions is that they are usually reversible and fade over time. If the training is not kept up the condition should fade and erection return.

    This only theoretical though but gives a good idea of the concept.

    Using this method I was trained to almost dread having an orgasm. Master hasn't used this training method for a while though.
  3. Yes, I understand the power of conditioning but obviously I can not watch his cock (if you call it that) 24 hours a day to provide appropriate punishment. So I guess need some sort of feedback mechanism, that is practical, where an erection is met with immediate punishment of some sort.
  4. MistressQS,
    i don't have any firsthand experience with it, but the thought of one of the spiked cock collars (similar to the clubfem MCD) sprung to mind, and i thought it may be of use.

    Perhaps anyone with firsthand experience could chime in on this device? But as far as i know, the spikes stay on all the time, and cause pain if you get an erection. i imagine that could be used for training. Has anyone here been trained with one in the manner to which MistressQS desires? Can they be worn inside of the device her slave is wearing? Anyone that can share experiences?

  5. The training can be done for a couple of hours a day. Or even just an hour of intense training each day could have some effect.
  6. My only question about such a device is the safety of it. Have read numerous postings on this device and believe at one point they stop making it because of issues. Any information on this line would be of interest, including how practical is long term wear?
  7. My personal problem with the KTB devices, or the POIs in the CBxxxx line is that, frankly, I'm a pain slut. The pain turns me on, and makes it even worse! lol. I just get harder and harder until I bleed.. and then STILL stay hard until I take the damn things off.

    Of course, for a non-pain slut, it might be effective. For me, not so much.

  8. richard

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    I would think conditioning is possible too.

    You can probably use a mixture of ideas. 1 wearing a KTB device instead of CB when you are present.
    Also maybe punching his balls while administering a firm command of DOWN or NO until his erection goes. Do this whenever it starts.
    Progress this to when he's wearing his CB and I'm sure enough time will lead his body knowing that erection=pain.
  9. i hear ya mikecb <winks>
  10. mike, I hate severe pain but have a strong reaction to CBT. Like you for some reason it tends to stimulate things. Makes for a real problem.
  11. I've experienced the same thing. I really don't like pain it is a punishment for me but CBT just makes me get harder. I think conditioning only works with physical and psychological negative reinforcement.
  12. You might also try hypnotism mixed with the conditioning. Maybe even make him an Mp3 file that he can listen to while he is away from you and becomes erect.
  13. I agree with mike there, any cbt or spankings/whippings would only make me harder and hornier, so it may be tricky to find something negative. We're still trying to find "punishment" for me lol
  14. This would be my suggestion: Tease and deny, tease and deny etc. Occasionally allow penetration but only after you are sure he will ejaculate prematurely. Humiliate him thoroughly over this premature ejaculation. Always be on top during these episodes and as soon as he explodes immediately slide up over his face so that he can swallow his own spunk. Make sure that you give him a superior look and a smirky smile. Twist his nipples mercilessly as he licks you clean. Make sure that he eats your pussy often and for long periods of time. Always praise his pussy licking (and ass licking) but never praise his cock, his fucking ability, or his masculinity. Always make him wear panties and never let him touch his penis. If he wants to masturbate, let him do it by playing with his nipples. Let him play with his nipples until he milks himself. Try to train him away from having orgasms by reminding him to stop playing with his nipples before he comes. If you need to, continue to tease and deny him by occasionally stroking his cocklette in order to condition him to connect the nipple manipulation with the cocklette's sensitivity. With time he will probably become completely impotent. Remind him that it will never be necessary for him to penetrate you anyway so whatever happens to his cocklette, his ability to have an erection or his ability to please a woman it doesn't matter anyway. Nocturnal erections are not controllable so don't worry about them- of course, you're the boss; if you want to humiliated him for it go ahead and do it. Just don't expect to actually prevent it because it's an autonomic response probably related to his physical health. I don't know whether this will work for him, but I can tell you that it sure worked on me.
  15. Hello Miss QS. There have been many good suggestions, and my opinion is to combine the many tools at your disposal toward the same end.

    Mind conditioning is probably the most critical, because it is within his mind that the erection will first begin. The physical erection is a response to his mind being aroused, so if you can tap into that arousal, then it will give you more significant power in controlling his responses. You can use hypnotizing or repetitive words, images, and sounds to reinforce what you desire. Madam Rebecca has posted her training methods on her group about her techniques of feminization, behaviour modification, and cuckolding of her sissy slave. If you would like the group name, please let me know.

    In addition to controlling his mind, you may want to consider utilizing the KTB as has already been mentioned. Apologies, but i don't recall who posted the link to it, but thank you, as the KTB has been unavailable for the past 10 years or so. i'm glad to see someone is manufacturing them again. Miss, you do not need to be present when using the KTB, as it will dig into his penis whenever he gets an erection, thus reinforcing the preferred behaviour of remaining flaccid. Please be forewarned though, that it is suggested you slowly work him into a schedule, as it would be unnecessarily cruel to impose such a regimen on a continual basis right off the hop.

    i hope i've not rambled on too much. Please do share with us all how your training goes.

    Be well,
    brianna :)

  16. start giving him estrogen pills in his drinks
  17. Ms. QS,

    Surprised no one has mentioned the "points of intrigue". Not sure if it comes with the cb6000, but it comes with the 2000 and 3000. Put them in, and whenever your sub has an erection the points press into his flesh. From what i understand this does wonders for conditioning a sub not to have erections.

    The other alternative is simply to get a smaller cb. The 2000 is smaller than the 6000. Depending on his size he may not be able to get an erection in the 2000.

    Just some thoughts...

  18. In my experience I haven't found a way to make the CB3K tight enough that it would really prevent an erection completely. I would think that all the CB's would work the same way and this may be what Mistress is saying in her thread here.

    The A-ring, the ring that goes behind the balls up against your pelvis, just can't be made tight enough around me to keep from sliding down a bit when an erection occurs. I've put on the smallest ring and it causes too much pain to function in. It has the effect of cutting off the circulation and so I don't want anything falling off down there.

    So in my CB I get an erection yes, but of course I can't get to it to do anything so it still leaves me all flustered and dripping wet and incredibly horny, but I can achieve a partial erection just like MistressQS's pet.

    The CB3k does offer the POIs (I don't think the 6k does for some reason), I have worn them and that can cause PAIN, but an erection does occur still. And then of course I get all intoxicated by the pain (much like MikeCB) so just as I start to get a little limp, I bounce back into the pain again - fun for some, not for others! The POI's leave an imprint in my mind that isn't soon forgotten - so maybe over time I might actually be able to be conditioned my them, but it would be hell :balls: (and possibly physically damaging)!

    If I believed in hypnosis I might give it a try, but I'm not a believer - shunnnn the non-believer! I do think that behavior modification can work and you could try lots of different ways to see what works best for the two of you. Through trial and error you'll find a method that can modify his behavior some though it would take a huge amount of conditioning I think because the erection response is such a deep-rooted response in the male.

    So if you want the simplest answer: I would say it probably isn't possible to completely eliminate the erections "on command".

    (The only tweak is to get him off immediately before you parade him around because during the reflex (sp?) period he won't be as responsive.)
  19. WE are going to order the KTB so that he will equate an erection with pain on a regular basis. After a period of conditioning, the KTB will be removed, only in my presence, to see if this has worked. IF he becomes erect, it will go back on immediately.

    But thank you all for you comments and suggestions.
  20. MistressQS,

    You might also consider a combination of some of these suggestions, and one more.

    I think the KTB-type device is probably highly effective, as it will cause direct negative feedback (at least for most).

    Some hypnosis MP3's might also help in addition to the KTB. Check out http://warpmymind.com or http://adult.hypnoticwishes.com/ for some examples of what is available.

    Finally, if you truly want to make it fully effective, he might have to use an anti-androgen drug of some type to neutralize some or all of the testosterone in his system. Without testosterone, he should stay limp. Someone above suggested estrogen pills...that probably won't work, as it will not eliminate testosterone uptake. In fact, it could trigger his body to produce extra testosterone to combat the elevated estrogen levels. By eliminating testosterone uptake, he's body will quit producing it, and his sexual urges, including spontaneous erections, should decrease. This is used alongside estrogen and progesterone in M2F transsexuals. It allows the female hormones to take over and be effective. Research spironolactone, androcur, and/or Depo-Provera for more information. Several drugs for treating an enlarged prostate have an antiandrogenic side effect as well. You might also look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemical_castration for more detail.


    I would think, properly supervised, a combination of the three would probably do the trick, but that's just a guess.


    PS: The thought of this makes me so hot....and hearing you talk about it is amazingly arousing....I've often fantasized about being forced into chastity until I begged to be made impotent. Please keep us posted on your decisions and progress.
  21. I should probably do that, my mind fantasizes too much
  22. I dabbled with the stuff on warpmymind last year. I didn't have much luck, but I'd like to get back to it again. Wouldn't it be cool if you could achieve chastity play through hypnosis?!? No device required!
  23. Nice one holly... Perhaps Mistress could invite a few friends over so they can see how nice and soft sissy is too... Imagine the laughter...

    But I suspect the humiliation might just cause the reaction that is trying to be avoided... Would be a interesting test though...


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