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Kalis Teeth Bracelet

Discussion in 'Chastity Device Reviews' started by slavesimee, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Hi, I'm a newbie here

    Has anybody got/tried the Kalis Teeth Bracelet chastity device from Tickleberry?

    I would love to hear any reviews as to what it's like


  2. ...Perhaps I should buy one and post a review.

    It is designed for masturbation control. I love the idea, having the penis 'open for attention' but having the 'teeth' remind you that there is no cumming unless you can handle the pain!!

    Please people, check it out!!

    P.S I dont work for/promote tickleberry.

  3. I ordered another one from the malechastitynow website, they no longer offer the non hinged version, but you can now get the hinged for 100 and a ring for 25 so I had to order another one.

    I am currently locked in the jailhouse from extreme restraints, and have been since the 5th, I plan to keep it on until the KTB arrives, then switch to it for as long as I can.
  4. Don't worry about promoting Tickleberry, they are great, we've had very good encounters with them.

    I know we have a few KTB wearers here, wonder where they are all hiding!?
  5. I will be posting pictures once I get mine, but for some reason I can't upload to my gallery, so I will have to link to them from my flickr account.
  6. Here is what I am currently locked into, The Jailhouse. The KTB shipped on monday so it should be here soon.

    Jailhouse Chastity by scob89, on Flickr
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  7. Hi:
    I have about six chastity devices including two Kali's Teeth Bracelet (KTB) devices.
    1. Kali’s Teeth Bracelet from www.malechastitynow.com
    2. SxySadist Toothed Cock Ring from www.dungeondelights.com

    With all my non-KTB chastity devices I always find a way to circumvent the security of the chastity device and jack off to an orgasm. Sometimes it's difficult and time consuming but eventually I always succeed in cuming in non-KTB chastity devices.

    I consider the KTB to be in a league of its own because it is MUCH MORE THAN A CHASTITY DEVICE, the KTB is essentially a very effective ERECTION PUNISHMENT DEVICE. Once the KTB is locked on your cock YOU will do anything to keep your dick completely limp ...
    - NO jacking off
    - NO looking at porn
    - NO reading chastity forums (like this one!)
    - NO looking at cute people while walking down the street

    The KTB forces you to avoid all sexual thoughts so that your cock stays completely shriveled and soft.

    If you make the mistake of getting an erection, even a small one, while wearing the KTB the sharp spikes will teach you a lesson you will not forget. Once those spikes sink into your penis it really hurts and the only solution is to get your cock limp as soon as possible. The longer you have a hard-on the longer those spikes punish you. Wearing a KTB really trains you to fear and hate your erections.

    Also, despite the intense pain of those spikes, occasionally it's hard to quickly make your cock go limp. Sometimes if I feel my cock getting hard I will start adding up large numbers to distract myself.

    Also, sometimes I ask my boyfriend to spank me to eliminate an erection. Keep in mind that I'm not talking about a fun hand-spanking with a warm-up ... I'm talking about a hard bare-butt spanking with the wooden hairbrush. Of course if he agrees to give me a hairbrush spanking he insists that I don't get to decide when the spanking ends - he keeps spanking me long after my erection is gone! Essentially I get to trade the pain of the KTB for a very sore butt. But often the trade-off is worth it. :)

    The only thing I would add is that it is possible to slide the KTB off your cock if you can make your cock super limp and tiny. To ensure the KTB stays locked on you need to lock the KTB to a ring behind your balls.

    If you buy a KTB I wish you the best of luck keeping your cock completely limp!
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  8. I know, aren't they wonderful? Fortunately I find it quite easy to excite most males! <weg>


  9. I have one from malechastitynow.com and I have to say it is a really fun device. I haven't had a chance to wear it much due to being locked in my jailbird most of the time.

    How long do you wear yours without removing it?

    So far I have only worn mine for a couple of hours at a time. Honestly, I am afraid to wear it to bed. What is it like to get a nocturnal erection while wearing the KTB? I know that sometimes I can't get my nocturnals to go down for a long time and wonder if I could handle that while wearing the KTB.


  10. Hi Atone4:

    I'm just like you - I've only worn it for a few hours at a time. Also, like you I've never slept in it because I'm scared of waking up in the middle with the pain of the KTB punishing my cock.

    The first time I locked the Kali's Teeth bracelet onto my dick I was so excited my dick started to get hard right away. Immediately the spikes attacked my cock without mercy and I was literally down my my knees gasping in agony! My cock continued to swell and I was absolutely freaking out because I had no idea where the key to the lock was. I was actually pretty scared that I might damage my cock. Because I could not find the key and there is absolutely no way to slide it off my only option was to take my penis punishment. I started doing push-ups and other strenuous exercise to tire myself out and hopefully loose my erection. My first 10 minutes wearing a KTB was a real learning experience!

    As I wrote above, I've tried lots of chastity devices and with every one I have been able to eventually jack off and have an orgasm EXCEPT FOR THE KTB. I have a huge amount of respect and fear of the KTB because I cannot circumvent defeat the dam thing - it wins!
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  11. Mistress Watchful asked where all the KTB wearers were, well I'm one! Normally wear a SxySadist all day Mon-Fri, so anything up to 16h at a time - some days can be quite hard, especially if I am! Would be interested to hear of other sub's experiences of other makes.
  12. Can't say i'm wearing it, but i do have one and it's been on for shorter periods. Now, i'm a grower so it can almost fall off on it's own while still being quite punishing enough. i wonder if it's not worse for a grower as you do manage to get quite a hardon going before pain is too much and then it takes longer to subside? the new one combined with a ball trap ring seems clever - it prevents the falling off - though the ring does not seem smooth enough (weld line).
  13. I have also been looking for reviews for this KTB. I plan to order one soon, I only wear my cb3000 when wife is away as she is not interested in locking me up. I figure that as I am only chaste for short periods I might make it quite intense. Also like the idea of it being able to recondition you to not think erotic thoughts , Would love to be brave enough to hand keys to a mistress.

  14. To be honest I thought I had already responded to this thread, but obviously not. I have posted re the KTB but in a coupl of other threads.I bought mine (the Intense - the middle one) about 2 years ago from malechastitynow. However for some reasonthe internal spikes/staples become rusted. The owner kindly sent me a replacement inner sleeve - unfortunately I didn't use the correct adhesive which meant the staples didn't remain vertical. So at some stage I plan to buy a brand new one, but not sure whether to go for the integral padlock or stand-alone. The benefit of the latter is that it can be used to be connected to an A-ring, plus incorporated with a wand.

    I should also say that whilst in place overnight - sometimes it had come off by itself during sleep. However at other times (where it's been located further down the shaft) when it hasn't come off - I have woken up early in the morning with an extremely painful hardon - relieved only after being able to pee!

    In terms of wearing length of time etc - I think the longest I wore mine for was approx 2 1/2 days. Although masturbation is impossible whilst encased in it - near orgasm or orgasm is not. Using an electric toothbrush - however usually ejaculation is prevented due to the restriction. I guess you have to be a bit of a pain slut - since the harder one gets the more pain you receive! I should say that I doubt this would be acheivable if locked into the 'Severe'! I would definitely recommend its use to any KeyHolder/Mistress or dominant wife - an excellent training tool. E.G.whilst giving oral - he would have to concentrate really hard & forget about his prick - otherwise Ms. Kali will surely punish it. So from a woman's point of view it's a win - win situation!

    I haven't got the 'SxySadist Toothed Cock Ring - however badboy doesn't
    say if he has the single row of spikes long/short or blunted?

  15. I can definitely second that recommendation!
  16. I have just ordered a ktb this evening . I hope it gets delivered in the next week

  17. > I haven't got the 'SxySadist Toothed Cock Ring - however
    > badboy doesn't say if he has the single row of spikes long/short or blunted?

    Hi. I believe that my "SxySadist" is:
    - Size of spikes=long
    - Shackle Size=can't remember
    - Number of spikes=36
    - Sharpness of Spikes=sharp

    Chastitydan, I hope you enjoy it. Just keep your mind off sex and the KTB will be very comfortable for you to wear. :)

    I suggest you try it in different locations - right down at the bottom of your cock; just below the head; locked on your cock head. I cannot wear it in the middle of my dick because it hurts too much if I get hard.

    Sometimes as a special torture I will make a commitment to myself that no matter how many days it takes my next orgasm will by via jacking off HOWEVER I will not be allowed to touch my cock with my hand - the ONLY thing which will touch my cock is the "SxySadist" which is locked on my cock head. So, each evening I will lock the "SxySadist" on my cock head and then slowly wiggle the "SxySadist" up and down to stimulate my penis. This is an INCREDIBLE trip because once those nails sink into your cock head it hurts like CRAZY. You want to keep jacking, so you can cum, but it is really hard to keep wiggling the "SxySadist" because as your cock grows bigger it hurts more and more. Essentially you need to cause pain to experience the ultimate pleasure of orgasm. Often for 4-5 days I will start jacking but then as those nails punish my cock-head I will just decide "screw this, it hurts too much, I don't want to cum that badly!" and I'll let my cock go soft. But usually after about a week I'm just so incredibly horny that I keep wiggling the "SxySadist" until I cum, even though it hurts like crazy. When I finally squirt my cum it is a strong combination of intense pleasure and pain at the same time. I'm practically crying from the pain. Also, right after I cum the pleasure of the orgasm quickly fades but then I must deal with the pure pain of those nails still dug into my cock head for a few minutes. This definitely makes orgasm a bitter-sweet experience! :)
  18. I have tonight locked myself in my cb3000 with the long poi fitted in an attempt to acclimatise for the KTB . God it is painfull when erect. I only hope I am man enough when the KTB arrives

  19. Well its here and im wearing it . Severe is an understatement . Will post better review later . in the meantime heres a pic

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  20. Nice pic, it looks a perfect fit.


  21. Rita

    It is a great fit . it came with a cock ring which i feel is too tight , i am unlikely to ever wear it . The KTB is such a cruel device . My second lock up was about 10hrs , when i remoed the device i was horrified , my cock was covered in lots of small cuts , and about 20 tiny blisters . It has been far too sore to wear it for any more than a few hours at a time. When flacid it is very comfey , itonly gets brutal when erect. The mental conditioning that people talk about when wearing a KTB has already kicked in . I will do anything not to get erect when wearing it . It is with out doubt the most secure device , escape and orgasm are impossible.

    Nice pic, it looks a perfect fit.

  22. chastitydan

    I've never really thought of them as cruel, merely an ejoyable tool to help teach a male to control himself. For me a large part of the fun comes from removing the KTB and soothing all those little scratches and skin punctures with antiseptic cream.


  23. I like your way of thinking Rita. so far it has taken 4 days for the cock to repair its self . still too tender to refit the device for any more than an hpur or so . I did fit it one night and try to sleep in it , by 2am i had to unlock it . most of the scaring is going only realy the blister scabs causing discomfort

    I've never really thought of them as cruel, merely an ejoyable tool to help teach a male to control himself. For me a large part of the fun comes from removing the KTB and soothing all those little scratches and skin punctures with antiseptic cream.

  24. I hope you have applied some antiseptic to help prevent infection and can soon enjoy wearing your KTB for longer than 1 hour,

    Btw what version have you chosen?


  25. Rita

    Yes I have kept it well looked after , Today it is almost completely heald , Looking forward to trying for a bit longer this weekend. I have the KTB from Tickleberry . It only comes in one size ,
    I hope you have applied some antiseptic to help prevent infection and can soon enjoy wearing your KTB for longer than 1 hour,

    Btw what version have you chosen?


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